Hyuuga Neji, I AM NOT A FANGIRL!

Info: "Hyuuga Neji, I AM NOT A FANGIRL!" Neji is accusing Tenten of being a fangirl. And wait, does she have a fanboy?

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"Hyuuga Neji, I AM NOT A FANGIRL!"

"Hn." Said Hyuuga spoke calmly with a smirk on his stoic face.

"Ju- Just because I'm red, it doesn't mean anything, it's just really hot right now." Stuttered the brown-haired weapons mistress.

At her stuttering statement, the Hyuuga prodigy smirked even more.

All of a sudden, she yelled at him again, "And no, I don't think that you're hot, I-I just mean that it's really hot out here today." He smirked again as he watched his female teammate lose her cool.

Now, you might be wondering how their argument, or rather yell and smirk fest, came to be. That's a rather interesting story actually, it all started with their usual daily spar. You see, halfway through their two-hour early morning spar, it began to rain, however, being the dedicated ninjas they were, they continued to spar.

Tenten had jumped into the air to throw a barrage of weapons at Mr. "I'm a jerk face cold stoic prodigy." Neji naturally deflected her weapons with his hakkesho kaiten. And just as Tenten was about to land on the ground, she slipped on the wet mud.

About to hit the wet and mucky surface with her back, she was caught by non other than Hyuuga Neji, his hands grasping her waist. Being only inches from each other she began to blush lightly, returning us to the current argument scene they were (are) having.

"Neji, I AM NOT A FANGIRL!" The weapons kunoichi yelled out of frustration as she slid out of his strong grasp.


"Neji, I'm serious, I am not a fangirl. If I was, I would've been all over you instead of training."

"Hn," The white-eyed shinobi smirked, "what was that just now?" he questioned in a monotonous tone, though his unreadable expressions, which only Tenten can read by the way, said otherwise.

"Ugh!" she fumed, "well, I bet that I can prove that you are the fanboy."

"Hn. How so?"

"Like this." she spoke, as she walked closer to him again. Her hair fallen out of its usual bunned hairstyle, her loose baggy clothes dripping wet from the rain. Closer and closer she inched toward him as if time had slowed down, droplets of sweat that were now forming on the prodigy's forehead were hidden by the falling rain.

Her tan face still continued to draw closer to his pale one. He shut his eyes, she shut hers. He could feel the warmth of her breath on his face because of their closeness. Just as he assumed that her lips were going to hit his, he heard a loud laugh. He opened his eyes and saw that the soaked kunoichi in front of him had once again distanced herself. From a few feet away, he could hear her laughter and her saying "You should have seen your face." She was right, there The Hyuuga Neji stood, completely out of character, soaking wet, with a gaping look on his face that was followed by a frustrated expression. He stared at her.

"Now, who's the fan? Hyuuga Neji, you are SUCH a fanboy!" she managed to say between fits of giggles as she turned around and began walking away, but of course, not before sending him a wink and another smirk.

Hyuuga Neji stood there staring at her back for a few seconds, then when he knew that no one else was around, he said "Yeah, I guess I am," then, he smirked and began walking back to the Hyuuga compound.

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