Legacy of the Maelstrom: Shining Light, Hidden Power

By CyberDragonEX

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Author's Notes: Okay, a new story for ya'll to enjoy. Also, I could use a few translations for this story. They are:

Village hidden in the Dusk

Dusk Shadow (It's a Kage)

Founders of Darkness

"Human/Tsuki Speech"

'Human/Tsuki thought'

"Human/Tsuki thought speech"

"Demon/God Speech"

'Demon/God Thought/Inner Sakura'

"Demon/God thought speech"

Chapter 1




It was a dark day in Konoha. Kyubi, the nine-tailed fox, was attacking, and those who were lucky died quickly and painlessly (we hope). The worst wound that the Kyubi had suffered was a five-foot scratch which had healed seconds later.

All hope seemed lost, until in a massive burst of smoke, the 4th Hokage appeared atop the boss toad, Gamabunta.

With the 4th

"Kyubi, I don't know what has done this to you, but I will not allow you to destroy my home. Prepare to fall. Reaper Death Seal." with those words, the god of death appeared behind the 4th, and using him as a conduit, sealed the Kyubi within the child that the 4th held in his arms.

"Arashi, I may be the God of Death, but I am a generous being. I will allow a few final moments with your son." "Thank you. Naruto, I have asked that you be seen as a Hero, but I know that they will not be able to see past their hate. I ask that you do not hold it against them and I hope that you can forgive me for what I have done to you."

"Lord Death God, I'm ready." said the 4th. Taking one last look at Naruto, he saw a sight that made his blood run cold. There, sitting in his arms, was Naruto staring at him not with his cerulean blue eyes, but with blood red eyes that held slits for pupils. 'Oh god, what have I done?' was Arashi's last thought as his soul was taken.


Konoha Academy-12 years later

It had been 12 years since the fall of the Kyubi, and on this day, its vessel, Naruto, prepared to take the final ninja exam for his third year in a row.

"Alright class" yelled out the teacher, Iruka "Today is the final exam. When I call you, come into the back room. Shino Aburame, you're first."

As Naruto watched Shino walk down, he thought to himself 'it will be a while until I'm called. I wonder what Tsuki is doing?' with this thought in mind, he laid his head down and closed his eyes.

To most, he seemed to be asleep, however, to two in the room, one who specialized in mind Jutsu and the other who knew about trances from his years of laziness, Naruto had entered into a very deep trance. 'Naruto can meditate? Tch, troublesome' thought the two at once, the second part coming from the lazier of the two.


Naruto's mindscape

As Naruto appeared in his mind, he looked around. Instead of the dank sewer that had once been, there was now a cross between a cozy house and a noble mansion (AKA it is a mansion, but it has a cozy feeling to it, like all are welcomed, while still looking like it belonged to a noble family my kinda place, know what I mean?).

Walking through a door to the left, he entered a small sitting room. The room had mahogany colored walls and a warm chestnut colored carpet. Across from the door was a fireplace which was alive. In the center of the room was a circular table with four comfortable armchairs sitting around it. Finally, along each of the side walls (to the left and right of the door) was a soft, relaxing couch.

Hearing soft snores to his left, he turned and saw the person he had been looking for laying on one of the couches. It was a little girl, the same age as him. She wore a snow white Kimono with cherry blossoms blowing across it. The child had fiery red hair which fell to her shoulders. However, she had three distinguishing features. She had whisker marks like Naruto, but thinner and more feminine, along with fox ears and nine fox tails, which were red with white tips.

'Aw, she's so cute. Could I really disturb her?' Naruto asked himself, before holding out his hand, summoning a bucket of Ice water to hit, smirking, and dumping it onto the girl, while thinking 'yes, I can.'

"AHHH" shrieked the girl as she leapt off the couch, wide awake. Looking at Naruto, she let loose a feral growl at the smirk on his face. "DADDY!" she growled out, leaking more killing intent than Orochimaru after being woken during his beauty sleep. "Good to see you awake, Tsuki." chuckled Naruto. "While I take the exam, I want you to go to the library and study."

With that, he vanished, leaving Tsuki to unleash a blast of chakra which annihilated the room and blew the door off his hinges. "Oh, fix this room up first, okay?" rang Naruto's voice in her head. "DAAADDYYYY" screeched out the girl in pure fury.



"Naruto Uzumaki." called out Iruka after Naruto awoke. Walking down the stairs, he entered the back room, joining Iruka, Mizuki, and a Jonin who was hiding with a Genjutsu. 'Iruka doesn't notice the Jonin. Must be the guy's own agenda.' thought Naruto.

"Alright Naruto," began Iruka, "Create three clones two pass." 'Three clones, easy.' thought Naruto as he prepared to make five times as many. However, just as he prepared to use the technique, the hidden Jonin use a Jutsu to disrupt it, turning his fifteen perfect clones into one mutilated one.

"You fail!" roared out Iruka, sadness at Naruto's failure visible in his eyes. "You know, Iruka, he did perform the jutsu, and it's his third time taking the exam, which means he really wants to pass. Maybe we could make an exception." said Mizuki.

At this, Naruto looked surprised, though he was actually intrigued by the man's true intentions. The Jonin smirked, knowing that Mizuki was just getting the demon's hopes up before crushing them even more. Iruka, well… he just looked sad. "We can't do that, Mizuki. Everyone else could make at least five clones, but he couldn't even make one. We can't pass him." Although he understood, he made himself look sad on the outside.


Later-Outside the academy

Sitting on the swing in front of the academy, Naruto watched as those who graduated met up with their parents. Looking around, he overheard two women talking about him.

"Hey, isn't that…" "Shhh… you know we're not supposed to talk about that." "Could you imagine what would happen if HE became a ninja?" at this, Naruto could only sigh.

"Dad, are you all right?" "Don't worry, Tsuki. I'm fine. Just sick of that stupid Jonin messing me up each year and preventing me from becoming a Ninja." "Dad, I sense someone coming." "I know, don't worry."

Suddenly, Mizuki appeared behind Naruto. "Hey Naruto." Putting on his stupid act, Naruto quickly replied "Oh, hi Mizuki-sensei." "You know, Iruka doesn't mean to be mean. He's harsh like that because he wants you to be strong." "I know, but I really wanted to pass this time." "Really? Well then, I guess I'll have to tell you, but it's a secret, so don't tell anybody." "Huh? Tell me what? What secret?" asked Naruto. "A secret way to pass." was Mizuki's reply.


That night-shack in the woods

Naruto stood in the center of the clearing, looking at the scroll he stole. "That man was a fool. Like we would ACTUALLY fall for that." "You're right Tsuki, but it is a great way to get two birds with one stone." "Huh?" "We can catch Mizuki for treason, while create a copy of the Forbidden scroll for later. Now head to the library, I'm creating the copy." Charging chakra to his eyes, they suddenly began to glow. He then took a good look at the scroll, before opening it up and looking over it's from beginning to end.


Naruto's Mindscape-The Library

Tsuki stood within a massive Library. Within it were scrolls from the basics of Chakra, to advanced Strategy, training, and history, along with hundreds of Nin-, Gen-, Tai-, Ken-, Fuin-, and Medical Jutsu. In short, a Ninja Paradise, although it did have other sections, such as cooking, formal customs, stories, and a section she was forbidden from entering (It's in a separate room, and she can't open the door), with only the image of Hatake Kakashi reading his orange book while using his free hand to halt her (It's that halt hand sign that guard's always do when they say "HALT! This area is strictly off limits.").

"Here it comes" she said as a pedestal appeared in the center of the main area of the library. Suddenly, a large scroll appeared on the pedestal. "Wow, that is a BIG scroll." picking it up, she opened it up and watched as its blank paper was filled with the most secret Jutsu's in the leaf.

"Homework time. Learn the first Jutsu on that scroll. You have till noon tomorrow." came the voice of Naruto. Even though she was in Naruto's mind, Tsuki's scream of fury could be heard in the land of wind.


Back outside

Smirking at Tsuki's newest predicament, Naruto sensed someone coming. Quickly making himself look like he had been working hard, he waited for the person to arrive.

"Naruto!" came the roar of Iruka. "Oh, hi Iruka sensei." "Naruto, why did you steal the Forbidden Scroll?" "If I learn a Jutsu from this scroll, I become a ninja, right?" "Huh? Who gave you that idea." "Mizuki-sensei." was Naruto's reply. Before he could think, Iruka pushed Naruto out of the way of a barrage of Kunai.

Turning to look at the source of the Kunai, Naruto saw Mizuki standing in a tree. "Naruto, bring me the Scroll." shouted out Mizuki. "No, Naruto, don't do it. Mizuki is just using you to get the scroll." "Naruto, do you want to know why the village hates you?" at this, Naruto stared at Mizuki with Curiosity, mixed with fear, though in truth, he already knew. "No Mizuki, it's forbidden." yelled Iruka to no avail.

"Twelve years ago, The Kyubi attacked our village, and the 4th beat it. But here's the secret, he couldn't kill it, so he sealed it within a new born child, YOU! You are the Kyubi. Now die, demon!" yelled Mizuki as he threw a giant Shuriken at Naruto, who had his head down. "NARUTO!" screamed Iruka as he urged the boy to move. What happened next shocked everyone who was watching, as Naruto knocked the Shuriken away with his bare hand, sending it into a tree, and without even lifting his head.

"Fool. Is that all, I've known THAT tidbit since the day of my birth." growled out Naruto, Lifting his head to reveal the eyes of the Kyubi. "However, I do believe there is a law about telling me, punishable by death, now die. DEMON FIRE STYLE: HELL'S JUDGMENT." roared out Naruto. Suddenly, the earth beneath Mizuki began to crack and a pillar of hellish white fire burst from the ground, incinerating him almost instantly, with him experiencing unparalleled pain in the eternity of a split second between him being hit and him being incinerated.

"Fool." sighed Naruto as he turned to looked at a shocked Iruka. As Naruto walked towards him, Iruka began to fear the meaning behind Naruto's words, but that fear vanished as Naruto removed the Kunai and healed him. "Naruto, what is going on?" asked a stunned Iruka. "You could say that I am the Kyubi and that she is my daughter." said Naruto to an even more confused Iruka. "Don't worry, I'll explain when we reach lord Hokage." said Naruto as he looked out into space. "I have a feeling he would like to know as well." finished Naruto as he grabbed Iruka and they vanished into thin air.


With the Hokage

The Hokage had seen what had happened with Mizuki and was utterly mystified by Naruto's Declaration. What happened next, however, shocked him even more.

"You could say that I am the Kyubi and that she is my daughter." said Naruto Iruka. "Don't worry, I'll explain when we reach lord Hokage." said Naruto as he looked out into space, which from the Hokage's position made it look like Naruto was staring straight at him. "I have a feeling he would like to know as well."

Grabbing Iruka, the two of them began disappearing and reappearing in the Hokage's office at the same time.

"Looks like I have some explaining to do, Eh old man?" smirked Naruto at a completely shocked Sarutobi.


What did you think of Ch. 1? This is my second story, but man is it a doosy. As for Hell's Judgment, I got the idea from heaven passing judgment and smiting sinners, so I figured, if heaven can do it, why not hell.

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