Legacy of the Maelstrom: Shining Light, Hidden Power

By CyberDragonEX

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"Human/Tsuki Speech"

'Human/Tsuki thought'

"Human/Tsuki thought speech"

"Demon/God Speech"

'Demon/God Thought/Inner Sakura'

"Demon/God thought speech"

Chapter 2



Hokage's Office-Naruto, Iruka, and Sarutobi

Naruto stood watching a shocked Sarutobi while Iruka watched from behind. "Okay," sighed Naruto, "The silence is killing me, so could you snap back to reality and stop drooling on yourself?" Naruto asked a stunned Sarutobi.

"Sorry. First off, what happened?" "I'll answer in a minute, but there is something I need to do." with that, Sarutobi and Iruka watched in awe as Naruto bit his thumb and formed hand seals. Slamming his hand onto the floor, there was a poof of smoke and there laid Tsuki, once again asleep. Spotting her fox appendages, Iruka and Sarutobi could only gape.

"Alright, what the hell is going on!?" asked Iruka and the Old Man simultaneously. "Where to start?" pondered Naruto to himself after laying Tsuki on a couch and putting a blanket over her. "Okay. Well, as you know, the Kyubi attacked 12 years ago. What you don't know is the full story. The Kyubi was actually a kind and gentle being. However, your old student, Orochimaru, placed her under a Genjutsu for an entire year. During that year, she was forced to relive her worst memories while all of her good ones were sealed away. Once she was released, all the built up anger, fury, and sadness led her to attack the nearest Target, which thanks to the snake, was Konoha. You know what happened next." explained Naruto, giving the two time to absorb the Information.

"So what did those things you said to me and Mizuki mean?" asked a confused Iruka. "Well, some things happened during Kyubi's sealing. The first is that the charge of Kyubi's Chakra fully matured my mind." noticing their blank looks, Naruto decided to explain in depth. "Think of it Like this, A child can't concentrate, their minds are constantly moving. An adult is focused and can concentrate on one thing or on multiple things at once. I basically became an adult in a newborn's body, although I was almost brain-dead."

Smirking at their shocked faces, Naruto continued. "The second thing to happen was that Kyubi was reborn. The sealing and her emotionally destroyed state caused her to revert in mind, body, and soul to the human equivalent of a 12 year old. Before you ask, demons age and mature slower than humans, meaning that she is older than twelve, but she acts like she is. Finally, all of Kyubi's memories were transferred out of her and into me, giving me her knowledge, experience, and her skills with her abilities, though I didn't have the abilities or her Chakra myself."

"So, these years of being and idiot prankster were all an act?" asked a shocked Iruka. "Yes and No. I was never an idiot, I just acted like one so that the villagers wouldn't get suspicious. Truth be told, I would've passed three years ago if it hadn't been for the Jonin who hides in the room and interrupts my clone Jutsu each year. As for being a prankster, I have the memories and touches of the personality of the Kyubi, a FOX demon. Foxes are notorious pranksters, so I used my prankster abilities to hide my true self."

"Well then Naruto, I have one last question." began the old man. "Shoot." "That girl, is she Kyubi's reincarnation?" "Yep, that is my Daughter, Tsuki." "That explains what you said to Iruka. Well, as a reward for stopping Mizuki, and for your True level of skill, I am making you an official Ninja."

"Thank you. Well then, we will be going, but first," forming hand seals, a bucket of Ice water appeared before him, "Wakey, Wakey." whispered Naruto as he dumped the water on Tsuki. As they watched, Sarutobi could only smirk, while Iruka burst out Laughing at his students behavior.


Council Room-The Village Council

"The Demon is too strong. He MUST be eliminated before he can grow any stronger!" demanded Hiashi Hyuga. "I agree. The demon must be eradicated." concurred Homura while Koharu nodded in agreement.

"I think we should leave the kid be." sighed Shikaku Nara as he sipped some sake. "Are you mad!" screeched Koharu "He stoll the forbidden scroll and killed a chunin. He is a threat to the Village."

"I agree with Shikaku. The kid was tricked into the theft and he eliminated the traitor before healing a fellow leaf nin and returning the scroll." Roared Chouza Akamichi. "Agreed, my friend." called out Inoichi Yamanaka.

"What do you think, Danzo?" asked the stoic Shibi Aburame. At this, the entire council turned to look at the leader of the Root. "I think we should leave the boy alone. If he is the Kyubi, the ninja we send would be slaughtered, while if he isn't, we could turn him into a powerful weapon. We should wait till we know more before we act."

All of the Council nodded at this, agreeing with the decision for one reason or another.


One hour Later-Danzo's Office

Danzo sat at his desk relaxing. "Those fools. HA. They have no idea what is going on."

"Danzo" came the voice of Sai as he walked in, "The master is here." with that said, the door opened and in walked Naruto. "So how did it go?" asked a smirking Naruto. Smirking as well, Danzo turned into pure Chakra and was absorbed into Naruto. "Sai, prepare the Teleportation seal." ordered Naruto as he sat in the Chair Danzo had occupied. "Very well, my lord." replied sai as he left.


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