I've done a oneshot (well should I rather say drabble?) of SasoSaku cos plot-bunnies are attacking me HARD.

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This fic is only dedicated to EnvyInColor, Selena of course and those who're madly looking for SasoSaku fics and totally tired of seeing too many SasuSaku fics like I do.

In this fic, Sasori fully admitted himself that he does have emotions.

It also include some spoilers as well as adult material.

Like I mentioned before, quantity does matter more than quality when talking about SasoSaku fic.

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Red and Pink -SasoSaku AU one-shot

" Ahhhh...Kami-sama… Sasori.. "

A pant echoed in the room Sasori and Sakura were sharing.

His one and only living doll.. He was sure that he would never get bored of this new found doll...

Oh, how he enjoyed bending her and manipulating her to do whatever he wanted.

' Screw Sasuke '

Sakura was only his and nothing or no one could get on their way. This adorable little flower from Hidden Leaves was eternally trapped inside of a labyrinth the S-class criminal had created just for her.

Sasori had been very patiently scheming to get his ultimate prize.

He purposely made Sakura heal him so that she would never forget about him as her worst enemy. The humiliation and regret made her obsessed with him, made sure that he would never be forgotten in her mind.

By making her wholly despise him, gradually Sasori had removed all feeling and memory she had once possessed for her first love, that precious Uchiha.

Everything went perfectly as the puppet master had planned. He was a genius after all..

Sakura came to Akatsuki hideout to get her vengeance but instead she was caught in his deadly scorpion's tail.

Oh, how Sasori loved it when he observed Kakashi who was in his Anbu uniform, standing on the edge of despair because of the fact that he couldn't save not only Sasuke but also Sakura. Sasori had loved the face of despair and self loathing he had seen on the copy-nins face.

The battle with Sakura and his own grandmother brought him two greatest things in his life. one was herself, his everlasting beautiful other-half and other was a ultimate victory against the son of the person who had taken away his peaceful, loving childhood...

Even though he didn't have a real tongue to taste, Sasori felt an undoubtedly nectarous essence in his mouth when he witnessed the fully devastated face of a son of White Fang.

' A revenge is a dish best served cold, eh? '

A dark smile appeared in Sasori's face when the unforgettable memory came to his mind.

" S.. Sasori... "

With a raspy sweet whisper, Sakura's wet, slick slit had squeezed his bulge tightly and…

He admitted it. Deidara was right. Sasori now knew what Deidara had meant when he said that Art could be a blast. But he--- wanted this mind blowing explosion to last as long as possible... It just felt so damn good …

Smirking at Sakura who was on the verge of ecstasy, Sasori placed his lips on her flawless, now slightly pink tinted forehead while releasing his desire and passion deep inside of her.