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A.N. This fic, Connections, will be a set of oneshots with various pairings. Basically, these stories are some of my ideas that aren't quite complex enough to turn into fics on their own. The stories will be completely unrelated, and will run the whole gamut of topics, from fluffy nonsense to angst. The lengths of the oneshots will vary. This fic is rated T for now, but I'll be sure to let you all know if that changes. I hope you enjoy!

Oneshot number one, pairing BB/Rae, is entitled "Tabloids are Pointless"

"What is that?" Raven asked Beast Boy. The changeling was very slowly flipping through a magazine at the breakfast table. Starfire and Cyborg had already left the table, leaving Beast Boy, Raven, and Robin alone to finish their breakfasts in the Tower's large kitchen.

Beast Boy, apparently oblivious to the world, kept on eying his mysterious magazine, and if he heard Raven, he gave no physical indication of it. Beast Boy glanced across one of the magazine's glossy pages, and his eyes went wide as he smirked at what saw.

"Beast Boy," Robin loudly snapped, and Beast Boy visibly jumped in his seat, almost causing his chair to flip over.

"What?" Beast Boy whined, shutting his magazine unhappily and regarding his leader in annoyance.

"What are you reading?" Robin asked the changeling, obviously irked that the same question had to be asked twice.

"Oh, this?" Beast Boy said innocently, holding up the magazine he had just been reading like he was seeing it for the first time. "A tabloid," he answered casually.

"You know we have a policy on tabloids in the Tower, Beast Boy," Robin said incredulously, holding his empty coffee mug in his hands and peering into it wistfully as he spoke.

"Oh yeah," Beast Boy responded lamely, as if just remembering the long time rule. "Well, I bought it with my own money," he defended.

"Still, those things are a pointless waste of time, and they're filled with lies," Robin shot back. He stuck out a gloved hand, palm up. Sighing, Beast Boy handed over the forbidden tabloid. Robin scanned the front cover of the JC Insider Post with disdain. It consisted of a fuzzy picture of himself, the Boy Wonder, with his arm around Cyborg's shoulder. Bold red text on the upper left of the picture dramatically proclaimed, "Teen superheroes' gay love scandal revealed." Robin read this title out loud and growled in disgust. "You see? It's nothing but ridiculous lies."

Beast Boy was busy desperately fighting to suppress a laugh, and Raven rolled her eyes at them both. Robin sighed and rose from the table. He angrily slapped the magazine back into Beast Boy's hand and went to pour himself another cup of coffee. As he left the room with the steaming beverage, he turned and said in aggravation, "I want that thing out of the Tower, Beast Boy, and don't buy any others."

"Yes master," Beast Boy acquiesced with an exaggerated bow. Robin left the room with a scowl.

As soon as the door shut, Beast Boy refocused his attention to the table. "Can you believe him, Rae? He's getting so worked up about this stupid thing."

"He's right, you know," Raven said, stirring her mug of tea thoughtfully. "Nothing good ever comes from tabloids."

"Oh come on, Raven!" Beast Boy exclaimed. "Aren't you ever curious what they say about the Titans?"

"No," Raven replied firmly.

"I know you are," Beast Boy shot back. "Just a little bit?"

Raven considered him carefully. "I've got better things to spend my time on," she finally answered, shaking her head.

Beast Boy scowled. He opened the JC Insider Post, laid it down on the counter, and began to skim it again. Every few moments, he would laugh at some little article or picture that struck his fancy, which made it very difficult for Raven to concentrate on the paperback novel she was attempting to read.

Raven sighed silently to herself. Maybe she was just a little bit curious about what the tabloid said. After all, she had never read one through, and rarely even glanced at their covers as she passed by newsstands in the city. She gathered that they were rather poorly crafted, filled with mostly Titan centric rumors and scandals, based on lying "witnesses" and crudely photo-shopped pictures. It never ceased to amaze her that people could actually buy these things and believe what they had to say. But still, it was slightly tempting to learn what ridiculous accusations the tabloids came up with, even if it was sickening that some greedy people were willing to create those lies at the Titans' expense.

Beast Boy giggled suddenly, drawing Raven from her thoughts abruptly.

"Rae, look at this!" he said, still laughing crazily. He shoved a page in her face, which dramatically proclaimed, "Aqualad pregnant with Robin's lovechild." The picture that the magazine supplied as evidence was a very pixilated picture of Robin supporting a quite pregnant, dark haired woman as she crossed a street. The young woman's face was hidden by her long hair, and she was just slightly taller than Robin. Anyone who knew Aqualad would easily be able to tell that it wasn't him in the picture.

Raven was shocked. "No wonder Robin despises tabloids," she said with amusement.

"Yeah, I guess the editor really hates him for some reason," Beast Boy agreed. "These things always have a lot of stuff about Robin."

"How often do you read this nonsense?" Raven asked uneasily.

"The Post is published weekly, and I know a guy at one of the newsstands that lets me have them cheap. I got this one today for a quarter," Beast Boy beamed, obviously proud of his accomplishment.

"I see," Raven replied. She swallowed the dregs of her tea with a final sip and went back to reading her novel, but again found it very difficult to concentrate. Raven kept glancing over her book every few moments to look at Beast Boy, grinning stupidly as he read his magazine. She smirked. Some people are so easily amused, Raven thought to herself, shaking her head.

Minutes passed. Raven frowned. Curiosity was slowly getting the best of her, or at least it was keeping her from focusing on her book at all, but her pride was to great to break down and read the forbidden magazine. She shut her book with a snap and a thin, black tendril of energy placed her empty tea mug in the kitchen sink.

As she prepared to leave, therefore removing herself from the temptation of the tabloid, Raven glanced at Beast Boy once more. She was surprised to see that the grin on his face had quickly turned into an oddly contemplative stare, and he was blushing lightly, studying a page inquisitively.

"What are you reading about?" Raven questioned him, sitting down again on her chair across from him at the table. She squinted at the tabloid, trying to read the page heading upside down.

"Huh?" Beast Boy started, suddenly startled by her presence. "Oh, uhm, nothing," he assured her, and turned the page. His blush grew as he tried to focus on the next article, but he could distinctly feel Raven's incredulous stare on his face.

"You're blushing," Raven said with mild amusement, which only made the changeling blush more furiously.

Beast Boy gave no comment, pretending not to hear the empath.

"Let me see that," Raven commanded.

"What?" Beast Boy said, his voice cracking, "No, you're right, this stuff is nonsense," he quickly agreed, and shut the magazine, rolling it up in his hands.

"Give it to me," Raven said authoritatively.

"Uh, no," Beast Boy replied with unease, looking away and pulling on his collar.

Raven sighed. Black energy suddenly enveloped the magazine and it began to slide from Beast Boy's tight grasp. He yelped with surprise and jumped up from his chair, fighting to hold on to the rolled paper, which Raven found quite humorous. But, alas, Beast Boy's grip was slipping, and the magazine soon moved through the air and into Raven's waiting hand.

She set the magazine on the table, smoothed it out, and sent Beast Boy a glare, daring him to even attempt taking it back. Raven casually flipped through the pages, trying to find the one she had caught a glimpse of that made Beast Boy blush so fiercely.

Beast Boy still stood near his chair, staring awkwardly down at his suddenly very interesting shoes.

She knew that the background had been mostly black or dark blue… ah, this must be the one. Page 38. Raven scanned the page, and the breath caught in her throat as she realized what it was about. The picture offered had to be the only clear one in the whole damn magazine; there was no doubt that the people in the high quality shot were Beast Boy and her. The caption under the picture read, "Beast Boy and Raven of the Teen Titans desecrate Jump City church during wild night of passion."

Raven felt a blush creeping into her cheeks despite herself. The whole-page picture did, much to her horror, look quite incriminating.

Raven recalled when that picture must have been taken. The Titans had fought Plasmus near that church a few days ago. It had been a long fight, and near the end of it she had felt so exhausted that she didn't have the time or energy to dodge Plasmus' fist as it connected with her side, knocking the air out of her and sending her spiraling to the ground from three stories up. Raven remembered that Beast Boy was nearby and had seen her falling. He had leapt to catch her soon before she hit the stone ground, heroically twisting their bodies in the air as they fell so that he took the force of the fall with his back.

Apparently, Beast Boy had his hand placed on Raven's lower back as they landed, Raven on top of Beast Boy, and her cloak was partially covering them. Their hair was heavily mussed by Plasmus' goo and both teens looked incredibly disheveled. Raven remembered that they had quickly stood up and she had nodded her gratitude to Beast Boy, but neither of them had given the save a second thought as they continued to fight to subdue Plasmus.

However, some lucky paparazzi apparently had taken a picture at just the right time before the teens got up.

If Raven hadn't actually been there and knew what really happened, even she would have believed that the scandalous picture was bona fide. And now the entirety of Jump City might have this picture, and it was such an irrefutably well taken shot that it would probably soon begin popping up online and maybe even on television…

She continued to stare at the page, a look of pure horror on her face as she skimmed the article that went with the cruel picture. It was nothing but lies, of course, but it detailed the steamy "love affair" between the two Titans with almost gruesome detail.

Beast Boy coughed, and this time it was Raven who jumped in her seat. Her eyes snapped up to meet Beast Boy's. The teens wore identical worried expressions.

"Uhm, there isn't usually anything so… convincing in these things," Beast Boy offered awkwardly.

Raven shut the tabloid forcefully. Black energy then took the dastardly object from her hand and shredded it in midair, moving the mutilated magazine to its rightful place in the trash bin.

"Robin was right," Raven said at last, her usual monotone strained, "Tabloids are pointless."

Suddenly, Cyborg's muffled, but still quite loud guffawing rang from another room in the Tower. "Hey BB!" he yelled, "You gotta see what I found on the front page of the Titans' fan site!"

Beast Boy and Raven shared a look of utter mortification. Something told them that this picture was going to haunt them for quite some time.

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