Title: Strange Love

Author: Jasmine Starlight (emospicy)

Word Count: 405

Universe: Tennis No Ohjisama

Disclaimer: What, bitch?

Warnings: yaoi. No real spoilers, auish

Pairings: Kirihara/Hiyoshi

Rating: PG-13

Time Started: 12:11 PM 5/20/07

Time Completed: 12:46 PM 5/20/07

A/N: Hiyoshi's musings followed by Kirhara's. I think I instinctively skip tenses.

Although he doesn't show it, there are some nights when Hiyoshi is kept awake by his self-imagined inadequacies. Even though he would never admit it aloud, Kirihara is the better tennis player of the two. The better people person of the two, the more popular of two, the better—basically anything.

He wonders what Kirihara sees in him, he's surly, antisocial, and taciturn.

His tennis isn't flashy or vicious or spectacular in any special way. He supposes his Enbu sets him apart somewhat but not that much.

He isn't extraordinary, he doesn't have a rare disease, or an ability to copy tennis moves after seeing them once, and he isn't a tensai.

Hiyoshi Wakashi doesn't have model looks or mannerisms, his style is low key and inconspicuous. And he keeps waiting for Kirihara to wake up and realize how plain and nondescript he is. Keeps waiting for his heart to be broken.

Akaya, who is sleeping beside him, shifts closer as if he can tell Hiyoshi is in one of his self-deprecating moods. He's nestled against Wakashi's neck, with his arms around the other boy's middle. Akaya murmurs something in his sleep and breathes deeply.

Hiyoshi looks down at the vicious demon snuggling into his side and tries to go back to sleep.

in the end

Kirihara realizes that Hiyoshi is incredibly insecure, but he would never bring it up in conversation. He does have some tact, after all.

But Kirihara also realizes the way the Hiyoshi bites his lip when he's faced with a particularly difficult math problem, the way he resolutely pushes his bangs off his forehead during a match, the special half-grin that he saves for Kirihara.

Most of all he notices everything about Hiyoshi, his bad habits and his best qualities.

Sometimes he thinks that Wakashi's got it all wrong. That Wakashi is the better person and Kirihara should be worried about being left.

This makes them the perfect couple. They're both so paranoid of being left that they would never stray or cheat.

But Kirihara thinks that Hiyoshi is a functioning mess. A beautiful functioning mess. Kirihara's beautiful functioning mess.