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By Cassandra's Destiny


Nothing if not… beatific


"Kurama…" She didn't look up as she addressed him. "What do you think about angels?"


"Uh-huh. You know, the ones with wings and a shiny halo."

"Shiny halo?" He lifted up one flap of her book for the title. Chuckling to himself, he let it fall back. "The angel of death is reading about angels."

"These angels are different." Botan quibbled, half in irritation, half in amusement. "They have wings and little children pray to them for guidance and protection."

"Wings, guidance and protection." Kurama echoed her words. He held the pages of his book between his fingers, glancing casually at its contents. "Humans recognize their need to affiliate themselves with a higher being."

She looked at him finally. "What?"

"Angels. Children pray to angels because they believe there are beings higher than them who give them guidance and protection."

"I see." Keeping her index finger in between the pages of her book, she let it rest on her side. "But what do you think about angels?"

His reply was delayed. "I think they are beatific."


He slowly nodded, still not taking his eyes away from what he was reading.

"Did you just make up that word?"


"Did you get that word off a bumper sticker?"


"Did you learn that word from your book?"


"Are you intentionally using big words to confuse me?"


"Are you just saying no out of impulse?"


"Do you like me?"

Kurama parted his lips to speak, "Yes." Placing his book on the table beside him, his warm hands rested on the sides of her face. "I do."

At a torturously slow pace, which a bubbly and hyperactive Botan cannot seem to get over, Kurama brought her face forward and kissed her eyelashes: such an act she deemed impossible before today. His lips were feathers settling almost weightlessly on her skin. Thoughts of wings and shiny halos slowly faded.

"Blissful… of heavenly happiness." He murmured, fingers gently running through her hair.


"But beatific is the word to describe this moment."