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By Cassandra's Destiny


Nothing if not… patient


"Shizuru got pretty violent with Kuwabara yesterday."

With two glasses of ice water in hand, Kurama slid into the restaurant booth. "Oh? What for?"

Resting her chin on her hand, she tried to recall what it was that ticked the older girl off this time. "Kuwabara was slacking off again in school, I think, and Shizuru did not like it one bit."

"I doubt she would."

"The funny thing about it, though, was how affected Kuwabara was when Shizuru used the Yukina card."

"The Yukina card?"

"You know, the whole 'What would Yukina say if she found out you were doing so poorly in school because of spending so much time with her and thinking about her?'" She explained, imitating the tone Shizuru uses when reprimanding her younger brother. "The look on Kuwabara's face was priceless!"

"I can imagine," he said a little distractedly, slowly moving his hand to take his glass of water. What was taking their order so long?

"Sometimes I find myself worrying…"

His response was delayed. "About Kuwabara?"

"No," she shook her head. "About Yukina. Kuwabara can be a handful, you know?"

"That's true, although I worry for Kuwabara more." He emptied his glass in a single gulp, the remaining ice cubes creating a soft rattling noise from hitting each other.

"How come?"

"The way things are now, Kuwabara has two people he can never get off his back."

She detected a hint of amusement in his tone, and her eyes shone with interest. "What do you mean?"

"His sister, for one," he began, raising his head to see if any of the servers were coming their way. "And as long as Kuwabara's pursuing Yukina, Hiei will never leave him alone."

At this, she giggled nervously, perhaps replaying in her head what Kurama heard from Yusuke as Hiei's threat if either he or Botan ever slipped to anyone about his relationship with Yukina.

"That's true. Don't you find it interesting how things turned out for Hiei, though? I mean, he has quite a temper, and having to watch Kuwabara be near Yukina all the time – and with him not being able to do much about it – it must be aggravating!"

Amusing as Hiei's situation was, he could not bring himself to feel more than indifference to anything she said, especially when he has already seen someone from the kitchen with just what they ordered.

"I wonder how long Hiei will last without coming close to slitting Kuwabara's throat or cutting off his limbs! Kuwabara's very strong feelings for Yukina will surely be a test of patience for Hiei!"

He shrugged, already having had shifted his attention to the server.

Muttering his thanks, he then took the dish off the tray and–

"Don't eat it yet!" She said, swatting his hand away from the food.

Her reprimand came a little too suddenly, not to mention a little too loudly, that Kurama almost dropped his spoon. He was never one to be impatient, especially not with food, but the hot weather was enough to have him laying the groundwork for a full-on protest. "Why not?"

Brows furrowed, she replied: "Because."

Five, six seconds had passed, and when she did not continue with her explanation, he found himself growing more and more impatient. "Because?"

This time, he did not even get a single word out of her.

Kurama sighed, but despite the dramatics evident in his action (to get Botan's attention, no doubt), she only continued staring at the long, narrow dish between them. He then watched her as she used her spoon to scoop out the nuts and place them on the sides.

"You don't eat nuts?"

"I do."

Now she was scooping out the strawberries. "Botan–"

"I do."


"I eat strawberries too."

Kurama wasn't too sure what was going on, but a few moments later, much of the grated chocolate has been scooped out as well. "What about–"

"I do."

Apparently, she eats chocolates too. "Even the–"

"I do." (Whipped cream.)

"And the–"

"I do." (Chocolate ice cream.)

If she does, then what was going on? For the nth time that afternoon, Kurama found himself growing more and more impatient. "This banana split is for eating, Botan. I don't think dissecting it, of all things, is hardly your idea of a hot summer afternoon."

At the very subtle bite in his tone, her head snapped up. A small smile was playing on her lips. "Lose it, why don't you?"

She was happy… a little too happy. Kurama may not be too sure what was going on, but he was certain something about this was not going in his favor.

"It's just a banana cut in half and topped with more ice cream than necessary, Kurama." She clicked her tongue, as if reprimanding him for being such an impatient child. "No need to lose your patience. Who would have thought you were worse than Hiei? And over an order of banana split too!"

When she saw him draw his lips apart, she was sure he was going to defend himself ("It's too hot a summer's day, he'll say."), but when it looked as if he decided against it, Botan took it as a cue for her to continue teasing him.

"You know, Kurama," she began, even wagging her finger at him for good measure. But before she could say anything, Kurama had already taken the one cherry on their banana split and put it in his mouth.


No answer.

"How could you?"

Still nothing.

"You know I love cherries!" She narrowed her eyes at him, wishing that she can telepathically relay to him her annoyance.

But she only heard him click his tongue.

"No need to lose your patience, Botan. It's just a cherry."

A/N: It has been four years, really? Well, cheesy as it sounds, Yu Yu Hakusho has been in our hearts for far longer. Anyway, a big thank you to everyone who has still kept their love for Kurama and Botan, especially Smexy Kitten, who seemed to have never missed an update!