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Date Started: May 16th, 2007

When Sex is the Question...

Introduction: Straight But Not Really

My name's Axel.


Write it down, stick it somewhere safe; you're gonna hear about me quite a bit.

Let's see...ever seen those annoying commercials on the TV lately? Y'know, the ones about using drugs and sitting on some guy's couch for eleven hours?

Hm...ah! What about that show, what's it called? Yeah, Intervention. Ever heard of it?

I promise I'm getting somewhere with this. It's not like I'm blabbing on about what's hot and what's not on the television lately.

See, I've got somewhat of a problem...ok, maybe a big problem.

Started around three years ago.

The thing is, I've got an addiction. It's a different kind of addiction.

Ha, didn't expect to hear that, did you? Yeah, I didn't believe it when I confessed to myself that I had this 'obsession' I guess you could call it.

But before you start dialing the phone for the doctor and calling all your friends over, lemme just tell you that it's not gonna do any good.

Trust me.

It's a new drug; one that you've probably never heard of.

And the addiction can't really be treated.

When you've got an addiction, you usually head over to some rehab place, but that's if you wanna end the whole thing before you kill yourself.

Other people don't care. Like that guy that sat on his friend's couch for eleven hours after using Meth.

Then there're people like me. Flat out, don't wanna end it.

Yeah, I'm pretty stupid for thinking that, huh? Nope, wrong.

It's not stupid to hold on to something you need, right?

There. Now I've got some heads cocking to one side. What're you thinking?

Hm...let's see. I think I've got a picture here somewhere...ah, here it is. Take a look.

Now I've got you.

Pretty obvious why it's so hard to forget. Just by looking at it I go crazy.

Anyone would do that...I mean, if they're that kind of people.

It's hard, y'know? Having to be so attached to it even when it's literally out of my reach.

That's what messes up my brain every flippin' day.

Still, I can't abandon it. It's like it's a part of me.

And I've got this feeling that it's gonna stay that way for a long time.

Oh, about that photo, gonna need it back.

Heh, cute, isn't it?

There's really nothing that'll stop me from loving it.

Don't wanna sound sentimental or nothing but, hey, you're the one that decided to stop and talk to me.

It's like, once you love something, there's not much of a chance of breaking away from it, even when you try to force yourself into hating it.

That's why I just go on loving it.

Anyway, that's that. I can't say that I'm entirely fond of complaining; except when it comes to him, then I have every human right too. Yeah, that 'it' is a 'him' and that 'him' is a 'Roxas', the only one at that. At least...I don't think there's another Roxas out there. It's not a common name. You take one look at him and you could melt. He's just that innocent; that human.

You're probably wondering why I talk about him and why I say that I actually love him. This really isn't something I've told the whole world so you should feel special. People call it 'staying in the closet'.

I haven't even told her yet. Now who's her? Larxene. I met her, totally not from my desire, on this one day back in high school when she mysteriously 'bumped into me' and 'dropped' her card in my hand. Ever since then, she's thought of me as hers. In other words, in her eyes, I'm straight. In my eyes, sure, I'm straight...but not really.

Keep that a secret between you and me. She doesn't know that I often think about Roxas. She just thinks he's an old friend from back home, in Twilight Town. Larxene said I had a lot of guts to just dump everything behind in that town. Now look; here I am some years from there, surrounded by tall buildings and pollution. Trust me, you'd give everything up to leave here for Twilight Town instead of vice versa. Radiant Garden isn't worth the ten hour train ride.

I promised myself I'd head back to Twilight Town one of these days. I even promised to arrange a time to meet Roxas again. I sort of feel stupid saying that I made promises now since I lost one of the rings that we both promised on. It's confusing, I know. But maybe if you magically could read our past, you'd understand.

Sorry, gotta go. Larxene's probably been waiting for me at that one place for hours now. She's calling this a date. After shopping, she's hoping to stop by our new condo before we move in. All her plans; not mine. After all, I'm just straight, right?

If you see a kid about a head shorter than me, spiky, dirty blonde hair, you tip him off, got it? Tell him that Axel's looking for him. Oh, and, don't forget to tell him to stop by at night. If Larxene catches him at all, no, lemme rephrase that. If Roxas catches her, it's a broken promise.

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