You'd never seen snow before he took you to New York. It was your second wedding anniversary. You'd never flown before either and as you sat waiting for take off he held onto your hand, gently reassuring you that he would let nothing happen to you and that you would be okay.

Stepping off the plan in New York, you didn't realise how cold it was, and so you drew your shawl closer around your shoulders, trying not to shiver as an icy winter wind swept past you as you made your way down the steps onto the run way. But he notices, he notices everything and he wraps his arm around you shoulder, drawing you closer to him, sharing his warmth with you and rubbing some feeling into your already numb shoulders.

He grins down at you as you let out a sigh of relief at having survived your first plane journey.

You turn your head as fast as you can, taking in all the falling snow. The sensation is weird and delightful at the same time, the flakes clinging to your hair as you stand there and look at it all. There are people everywhere around you, all of them wrapped up warmly and protecting themselves from the falling snow. You cannot believe that you are actually there.

In the cab, you can see him almost laughing at you, at your fascination, but he just draws you closer to him, pointing out the different sights around you, telling you about the city and you can hear the longing in his voice, the memories that he has.

He'd never really told you anything about his family and childhood, everything that you had learnt about it, you had learnt from your brother and sister in law.

At the hotel, you just stand and watch the snow falling outside. To you, it is beautiful, but he's seen it all before and to him, the most beautiful thing he has ever seen is you.

He stands behind you, hands around your waist, just holding you.

"What are you think about snow now?" he asked quietly. You just smile.

"I love it, but not as much as you." He smiles as well, softly kissing you. He's chuckling as well, a loving chuckle as he strokes your hair.

"I could never love anyone as much as you Mrs. Caine."

"Same here Horatio, same here." You both stand and watch the snow fall, content and happy.