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- This takes place two years after Izzies internship finishes.

-She is now a obstetrician and has two gorgeous kids called Bindi and Orchid

Chapter 1

Izzie entered the Seattle Grace hospital with her three year old daughter Bindi by her side and a baby bag slug over her shoulder. She had, had no choice but to bring her into work this morning, on account that Bindi's babysitter Georgia had called 15 minutes before she was going to leave telling her that she was just wait to sick to look after her favourite little girl today.

"Mummy" muttered Bindi as they entered through the hospital door.

"Yes, Darling, what's up" answered her mother looking at her dearly.

"Is daddy already at work?" she asked sweetly

"Yes, we are going up to his office now" said Izzie as they waited for the people coming out of the elevator to finish before entering herself.

There was only one person left in the elevator now. It was a rare occurrence but Miranda Bailey was standing there smiling as Izzie approached with Bindi.

"Hi Bindi, what are you doing here today?" she asked in a strained voice, glancing sideways at Izzie.

"Georgie can't come today so I get to come to work with mummy and daddy!" said Bindi in a very excited voice.

"Wow you must be excited" she replied to Bindi, she turned to Izzie, "Keep her under control Stevens! I don't need children running around in this hospital; I have enough to deal with today."

"Yes, Dr Bailey" replied Izzie sighing.

'Ding' the elevator doors opened to reveal a buzzing hospital with people running this way and that.

"Come on, Bindi, daddy's office is just a few minutes away" said Izzie

On their way to Mark Sloan's office they ran into Meredith and Derrick Shepard.

"Meredith! Derrick!" Shrieked Izzie, Running to give her friends a hug, she had not seen Meredith in a whole week, because Meredith had just now got back from her honeymoon, after getting married to Derrick Shepard.

"Auntie Mer!" exclaimed Bindi bounding over to hug her, when she noticed that her mum was no longer by her side.

"Bindi" said Meredith taking Bindi into a strong, warm embrace, "I missed you sweetie! What do you say you come stay at Auntie Meredith and Uncle Derrick's place tonight that is if it's ok with mummy?" She said glancing at Izzie who was nodding her head in agreement. She had been wanting some alone time with Mark for a very long time and with Bindi with Mer and Derrick and Orchid sleeping at her best friend's place Chantal she would finally have it. She couldn't wait to tell Mark he would be ecstatic.

Meanwhile Mark Sloan sat in his office going over a patients file making sure he was sure that he would be able to do this operation, when in walks his gorgeous wife, her hair flowing freely on her shoulders and to his great surprise his daughter who was a mirror image of her mother.

"Daddy" Shouted Bindi racing over into his outstretched arms.

"Hi beautiful" he says kissing her on the forehead.

"Hi beautiful" he repeats kissing his wife on the lips with some force; she returned the kiss with equal force then hugged him.

"Hey love, we have some great news, you tell him Bindi"

"I'm sleeping at Auntie Mer's today" stated Bindi happily.

Mark raised his eyebrows knowing perfectly well what that meant considering he was the one who had organised Orchid's sleepover for her.

He gave his wife a sly grin which she returned with a great big smile, they had both wanted this for a very long time.

"I have a surgery in 30 minutes I need to go prep Mr Johnson and explain the procedure, I'll page you when I am out we can go grab some lunch." explained Mark.

Izzie nodded as Mark passed her by and left to go prep his patient.

"Okay sweetie, mummy needs to go work and see patients so lets go find uncle Derrick and see if he can take care of you while mummy does a bit of work then we will go get daddy and have some lunch" Said Izzie to a slightly disappointed Bindi who apparently wanted to spend the day trailing her mum.

"Allllrite" said Bindi dragging it out.

They walked out of Mark's office and straight into Derrick, throwing free all the patient files he was holding, Bindi found this hilarious and Izzie could still here her laughing as she walked of to find Bailey and begin rounds, leaving Bindi with a very happy Derrick who just loved taking care of her.

Izzie walked back to Mark's office to find nobody there. She walked to the cafeteria wondering what mischief Derrick and Bindi had got up to together and just chuckled.

Just as she suspected, Derrick was there with Bindi, working there way through two chocolate ice-creams. She laughed because just as she approached Bindi got so excited she dropped her ice-cream on Derricks face. Derrick got up laughing and at the same time shivering even though it was 30 degrees outside.

"Mummy I see you" shouted Bindi with a smirk on her face and ran to give her a hug. Izzie just laughed her daughter was going through a very funny stage in her life and almost everything she said kept her and Mark in fits of laughter. Just now Mark approached and scared them both from behind, he had been late to lunch because he had been putting the finishing touches on their perfect evening that he had been planing for the last two hours.

"Boo! There's my two of my beautiful girls" said Mark slightly nudging Izzie so that she would turn her head and receive the kiss he had been longing to give her since he had left.

"Oh My God Mark you scared me!" said Izzie shocked.

"Come on lets get a table and something to eat, Derrick, your welcome to join us and page Mer if you want." Said Mark

"Ok, I'll do just that thanks, I'll be back just going to page Meredith" said Derrick as he walked of to the nearest nurses' station to page Mer.

They had just sat down with what they had chosen to eat and a vegemite sandwich for Bindi when Mer and Derrick approached with their lunch.

"Are you sure you don't mind us joining you, we don't want to intrude" Meredith said carefully.

"Of course not don't be silly sit down please" Izzie stated with an amused face pointing to the two empty chairs opposite her.

They had a great lunch; even the cafeteria food wasn't so bad today.

So it was agreed that Bindi would go straight home with Meredith and Derrick from the hospital. Which would leave Izzie and Mark to go and do as they please and not have to worry because they new that she was in very good hands with them; they loved her as if she was their own.

Mark and Izzie walked out of the hospital doors hand in hand and got into their very kinky new seven seater SVU.

"So where we heading Mark?" asked Izzie, knowing very well that her husband would have planned something special.

"It's a surprise you will just have to wait and see" said Mark as her reached into the back and pulled out a beautiful bunch of red long steamed roses.

Izzie Gasped. "Oh Mark their gorgeous, thank-you" she said as she leaned over and kissed him.

After a short drive filled with small talk about their day, they arrived at a smashing hotel, with so many floors Izzie thought it would take her hours to count them all. She just stared and her mouth dropped, she did not know what to say.

They checked into the hotel they had a little cosy room with one King size bed and very decorated bathroom with a sea design and a reasonable size working desk. After checking out their room they proceeded to have a look what restaurants this dazzling hotel had. They settled for a little Italian Restaurant and shared and very large dish of Spaghetti marinara. Before continuing up on their next stop to the bed room.

They slept deep into the morning and arose at 11am Saturday morning. They checked out of the hotel and left to go first collect Bindi from Meredith's who was not very happy to let her go, she loved spend time with Izzie's kids so much. Then Orchid from Chantal's place who had a great time and way too much sugar. Soon after Mark was paged with a 911 with Mr Johnson at the hospital and left in a hurry. Izzie was left with the kids and decided to have a fun filled mother daughter day. They played games all day long and watched lots of movies, eat plenty of chocolate and really bonded.

A couple of weeks later Izzie entered the hospital after just dropping of the kids in various places for her very hectic day ahead. She was in for a double shift with Mer. They would have a great time gossiping, that is if Bailey would get of their backs. She was always shouting for one reason or another.

She found Mer at the nurse's desk gathering a few patient files. Izzie followed suite and grabbed her most resent patient Sarah's file. She muttered a quick Hello and goodbye to her friend and left to go to room 604B where Sarah was quietly resting.

"Hey Sarah, how are you feeling this morning" asked Izzie, as Addison Montgomery walked in.

"I'm alright, thanks Izzie" replied Sarah in the middle of a yawn.

"Need a hand Dr?" inquired Addie.

"Sure, why not" said Izzie, "This is Sarah Herald, was brought into emergency early yesterday afternoon after fainting unexpectedly, 38 weeks pregnant and 16 years old" continued Izzie smiling supportively at Sarah.

"Ok, any idea why she fainted?" asked Addie

"Still waiting for pathology to get bloods back to us, let's do an ultrasound and have a look what's going on inside" answered Izzie.

Addison left and came back with all the necessary equipment to do the ultrasound.

"Do you know the sex of the baby yet, Sarah?" asked Izzie

"Yep, it's a little boy" she answered as she leaned over to the bedside table and picked up her bag. She opened it and took out a small ultrasound photo and showed it around.

"Ok, let's do this then" said the red head, Addie.

Once all the equipment was set up Izzie squirted some gel on Sarah's abdomen and switched on the monitor, moving the scanner around, spreading the gel. On the lower left section of her abdomen then found a very large problem. There was a tear in her womb and a lot of blood. They would need to operate as soon as possible the longer the baby stayed the less chance of survival it had, from the looks of the tear it had been there since the beginning of the pregnancy and how her GP did not pick it up she did not know she would have to have a word with them. The only thing she did not know is how to tell Sarah.

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