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"Hi, you must be Meita?" Izzie asked as a petite and plump woman approached the door with a smile on her face.

"Yes, I am, please come inside, Liana mention you wanted to speak to us all. My husband is at work but you are welcome to speak to me, come, let's have some tea. Izzie smiled and followed Meita into her very cosy, but beautiful house. Izzie could not get over how nice Meita seemed, and was over joyed that Liana had such a beautiful home and caring guardian.

"Please take a seat; I will just go put on the kettle. Liana, please entertain our guest in the mean time, maybe even offer our guest some cakes." Meita winked at them and left. Izzie was now left alone with her daughter and had no idea what to say, so she tried to make some small talk. Unfortunately Liana beat her to it and began asking questions.

"So, what do you do, if you don't mind me asking?" asked Liana, with a puzzled look on her face.

"Not at all, I'm a doctor at the Seattle Grace Hospital." Izzie replied.

"Mmmhm, Interesting…" Liana's mind was obviously on something else, Izzie could see that she was just trying to be polite. Luckily then, Meita walked in breaking the awkward silence between the two.

"Here you go... I don't think I know your name" said Meita setting a cup of tea with a few biscuits on the side, in front of Izzie and one before herself.

"My name is Isobel Stevens" the room was suddenly silent and still. Liana who was reaching for a cake quickly pulled back her arm and plopped down on the futon behind her. Her jaw dropped and she just stared.

"You're Isobel Stevens? Well I should have known, from the moment I saw you! Liana is a mirror image of you!" Once again it was Meita who had broken the silence. "Well, what can I do for you Isobel" continued Meita.

"Please call me Izzie. I wanted to get to know my daughter, maybe even introduce her to her half sisters." This had caught Liana's attention. God knows she had wanted to find out about her birth mother since the day she had found out she was adopted. Not that she didn't love her adoptive parents. She did. With all her heart. She had just always had a soft spot for the one who had carried her around for nine months.

"I don't know" Meita's cheerful face suddenly looked apprehensive.

"I won't take your daughter away, if that's what you're worried about, I just want to get to know her a little"

"I'm still not sure, she is my little girl and I am very protective of her" no matter what Izzie said Meita still protested.

Izzie slumped over. She didn't know what to do. She couldn't claim that Liana was also hers because by legal rights Meita was her guardian for another 2 years. Liana couldn't just sit back and watch her dreams slip away.

"I'm not your little girl." Liana whispered fiercely to Meita.

Meita immediately tensed up. You could see sadness spreading all over her face.

"No, I mean I am your daughter by legal rights, but I am not a little girl anymore! I am 16 years old and I want to get to know my mother!" Meita seemed to relax at this, it had just dawned on her that, Liana really wasn't a little girl anymore and she would have to let go sometime, Izzie really wanted to get to know Liana and it seemed that Liana wanted to know Izzie to. What could she do? She had to let go and let Liana live a little. Now would be the perfect time. Meita continued to sit in silence and think for a few moments longer, On the other hand if I don't let her go, Meita thought, knowing how determined Liana is, she would probably leave and go herself. No. It would be better to allow her to go it so I know she is safe. I will always worry but, I guess that is a mothers job so what can I do?

"Well if Liana feels this strongly about it, I support her. I'll leave you two alone to talk things over. I will be in the kitchen if you need me" and with that Meita left.

"I have sisters?!" said Liana with a shocked voice.

"Yep two and another one on the way" said Izzie looking down at her stomach. "Speaking of that, I do need to go pick up the girls, you can come if you wish, maybe spend the afternoon with us. Just go check with your mother first. I will also completely understand if you don't want to go."

"Can I? You really want to know me?" whispered Liana, she was still so shocked that her birth mother had finally come.

"I always did, I was just worried you wouldn't" Izzie replied.

"So why now? What changed? What made you come, I always thought that either something happened to you or you didn't want me"

"Oh Liana, I wanted you, I did so much you can't even imagine" Izzie felt like she was about to burst into tears. "To tell you the truth, it was a patient of mine that made me come. A girl about your age, same as I was when I gave birth to you. She had to have an operation and she can never have children again. I just had to find you so I went to the hospital where I gave birth and did everything I could to locate you" Izzie concluded, this was very emotional for her and she could feel her throat closing up.

"So then you did want me? You just couldn't keep me?"

"Of course I wanted you, you are my daughter and even though I never got to know you, I always have and always will love you with all my heart. Even if you don't want me in your life" Izzie was on the verge of tears.

Liana said nothing more; she just ran and hugged Izzie. Meita who had been watching and listening smiled as a stray tear ran down her face; it was then she knew she had made the right decision.

"Could I please come with you, I do want to? Not forever I mean, just for, maybe, the weekend?

"I would really like that" said Izzie hugging Liana again and getting up.

"Do you want to go get your mum, so that we can talk about this?

"No need" said Meita, entering the room. "I don't mind you getting to know Liana, but first I would like to get to know you. How would you like to come for dinner tomorrow night and meet my husband? Or even better bring your family so we can all get to know each other."

"I think that's a wonderful idea, what time?" Izzie replied.

"Is 6 alright"

"Yes that should be fine, see you then"

"Bye Izzie" Meita said sweetly.

"Bye mom"

All the heads in the room turned to face Liana.

"Sorry, I won't call you that if it makes you uncomfortable"

"It's not me who would be uncomfortable it is the woman who has taken care of you for the last 16 years"

"Sorry Meita, I…um…It's just that since I have known I was adopted I have always wanted to meet my mom and I just did not feel comfortable calling you that. Just now that I know I have a mom out there it feels so right to call her that. Please don't be offended I always have and always will love you, I just have always felt I had a hole in my heart and suddenly it feels complete."

Izzie left the two to talk about it and went to go pick up the girls.

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