Catching the Silent Killer

By The Mighty Lu Bu

I don't own GTA

How many have died by this man hands, how many have tried to kill this man and ended being the one who got killed. No one knows, but one hitman is determined is determined to be the one who finally takes him out.

This hitman, Carlos Gonzales a hitman who works directly for the Columbian Cartel, even though unlike most people working for the cartel he is a Mexican. This hitman is a veteran of the Columbians recent wars with the Vercetti organization that has been in place since the mid 80s. It is said he almost got the legendary Tommy Vercetti himself, but he missed.

But the silent killer is special, like a ghost killing police and gang members alike. Having managed to kill many gang leaders including Catalina. He seems to appear and then disappear at will. The police term him as one of the greatest gunfighters in the world. He is said to be the reason why hordes of FBI and even some National Guard roam the streets of Liberty City. Aside from all the killings of gang members, it has become harder for gangs to even operate in the city due to all the heat. So the gangs want him dead. And Carlos Gonzales claims he is the man to do it.

So Carlos heads to the streets driving around in a Banshee he stole of some rich asswipe who in his mind didn't deserve a fine vehicle like that. For most people it's a matter of search and destroy but for this man all one has to do is turn on the radio and wait for the Silent Killer to do something. Sure enough the radio blares "police in pursuit of the ever dangerous silent killer, in the Red Light District." How convenient Carlos thinks for he has just arrived in Hepburn heights.

He listens to the radio as it reports on the pursuit through the Red Light District. "It Sounds like the silent killer is having some fun" he musses. It's not long before he catches up to the pursuit, he sees 4 police cars and a swat van in pursuit, but they get to close. He pulls out his Ingram Mac blasting a cop car that got beside him, the bullets easily go through the door killing the cop, the car veers wildly into a building and then outward toward the road. Carlos barely avoids the vehicle by swerving hard right. The cop car then drives into another building. Carlos decides this is too dangerous and hangs back waiting for the silent killer to lose the cops.

Carlos notices that he appears to have given the cops the slip. He had just got out of sight then went to the pay n' spray fixing up his car. Carlos followed him slowly as he went into his hideout. Stepping out of car in the garage the Silent Killer heads to his door. Bang Bang! Bullets come flying from an AK. Carlos missed his shot. The Silent one pulls out both of his Ingram Macs fires at back him. Carlos duck just barely being missed. Carlos fires again noticing the famous speed of his target as silent killer gets closer dodging carlos's bullets

Carlos pops up to shoot when he notices a grenade landing at his feet. "shit!" he exclaims as he flees from the grenade by his vehicle. This is the opportunity that the Silent Killer was waiting for, as he fires is Ingrams at Carlos. He catches several bullets in the back. Carlos falls to the ground coughing up blood as the grenade explodes destroying his vehicle. The silent killer approaches him with his Ingram in hand aiming it at his head. Carlos looks up defiantly at the man who is to become his killer. Bang! His heart stops. Bang Bang! Two more just to make sure. He picks up his AK to add it to his massive collection of weapons. The Silent Killer proves once more that no one can catch him or kill him.