Title: Familial Relations

Chapter: I. Rapture

Fandom: "Supernatural"/Devour crossover

Disclaimer: I don't own Yahweh, John, Mary, Dean, Sam, Lucifer, Marisol, or Croatoan. Written because I'm sick.

Warnings: spoilers for "Supernatural"s pilot; mentions of non-con

Pairings: Lucifer/Marisol, Lucifer/Croatoan, John/Mary, Croatoan/OFCs

Rating: R

Wordcount: 1240

Point of view: third

Notes: Solare is pronounce soul-heir-eh

In the beginning, it existed, dark and magnificent. It was among the first, one of Yahweh's greatest. In the ancient tongue of Heavenborn, its' name was Croatoan.

When the Dark One fell from Heaven, Croatoan followed, ebon wings streaming behind it. It stood beside Lucifer, the Dark One, the most loyal of Lucifer's soldiers, and Solare stood on Lucifer's left.

Once the battle was done and the Dark barred from Heaven, Croatoan stuck by Lucifer. Lucifer told the forces to choose: Hell's endless caverns or Earth's landscape. And they did, spreading out with glee. Lucifer assumed a male form, Solare female, and Croatoan finally picked male, as well.

Eons passed, humanity multiplying and flourishing. Lucifer's forces, too, spread out, tempting Yahweh's favorite children, and mating with them.

Lucifer turned to Solare and mated with her; this enraged Croatoan, though he did not know why. He left Hell in a fury and took his pleasure across the Earth, leaving behind a string of abused and pregnant women. Yahweh struck down the spawn growing inside the females, all but one.

That woman screamed to Lucifer, begged the Lord of Fire to save her child. Lucifer appeared to her, a gigantic shadow, and demanded to know why she dared summon him.

The woman, a harlot called Miriam, pled her case with the Dark One, begged him to let her keep the child. Lucifer called for Croatoan and told him to deal with his spawn.

So Croatoan spoke to the woman, asked her what she would give up, what he would gain from helping her.

And Miriam promised Lucifer's right hand the souls of her descendants forever after, if only she could keep the babe in her womb.

Croatoan made the deal and Lucifer sheltered Miriam from Yahweh's strike, shielding the child that grew inside her.

When Miriam gave birth, it was to a healthy daughter she named Jezebel. Croatoan did not watch over the girl or her mother; he cared for neither of them. He returned to Hell and Lucifer's side, reclaiming his place as the Dark's right hand.

Solare conceived a son she named Luke and sent the child to Earth after he was born. Powerful almost beyond measure, he ruled many human nations. Lucifer smiled upon his son, his heir, his only child, and Solare prospered among the angels of darkened wings.

Croatoan finally found the strength to make his interest known to Lucifer, and the King of Hell took his most loyal demon to his bed. For centuries they lived, lord and consort, happy as only pure evil can be.

Croatoan's seed spread among humanity, each generation growing ever more powerful. Lucifer's heir had many children, each fertile and strong.

And so demon-spawn filled the world, Yahweh pulling away from His creation, content to focus elsewhere.

Lucifer flapped his midnight-wings, creating storms all over the Earth, sowing discord and panic, reaping fear and destruction. Croatoan laughed at his side, always prepared to fight and die for his king.

Pure evil cannot love, but Croatoan came close, as close as anything can. He was content to do as Lucifer bade him, to roam Hell's halls and go nowhere else.

But Solare grew impatient. She had fallen with them at the beginning and shone darkly for a long while, but now she floundered, unable to rise any higher. She had borne the Dark One his first and only child, yet still he favored Croatoan over her!

Amongst Hell's hordes were factions, lower demons loyal to a few high-positioned ones, though all followed Lucifer without question. Most were loyal to Croatoan and so Solare began an extermination of demons. Lucifer struck at her quickly and cast her onto the Earth, where she roamed alone for hundreds of human years.

To regain strength, Croatoan called up Miriam's debt. He summoned dozens of souls from his bloodline and consumed them, changed them into something new.

Yahweh alone could create. Lucifer could tempt. But Croatoan could shift. He took his descendants' souls—his grandsons and granddaughters—and turned them into demons, into shadows and smoke, stronger than any but him and Solare.

Solare and Lucifer's descendants, spawned from Luke, culminated in a woman named Ilina, the matriarch of a powerful clan, each with gifts. Croatoan's line blossomed, called Roanoke, after the place where he culled souls.

Ilina married James Roanoke. Croatoan and Lucifer attended the wedding, cloaked in darkness. Solare sat in the back, in human form, wearing a sky-blue gown.

James and Ilina had three children, each more powerful than the last. Croatoan could feel them burning brightly: Kenneth, Cassandra, Maralyn. His blood flowed through their veins, his strength seared in their souls.

Maralyn, though, called to him especially. If he took her spirit, he would truly be second only to his Lord. And together, even Yahweh could not hope to stand against them.

Lucifer whispered in his ear, "Take her. Make her ours before she conceives or we will be defeated in the end."

Croatoan sent her the dream, preparing her for the Turning, but Maralyn defied him. She had too much raw, untamed strength, to force—the darling girl must be seduce, tricked, wooed into the darkness.

He twisted her Sight, confused her enough that when he offered the deal—join him or lose her yet-unborn sons—she said yes to both without meaning to; at first, Maralyn didn't even know she had.

"I thought, Croatoan," Lucifer murmured, "that I said she could not breed."

A child grew in Maralyn's womb, a boy so powerful he nearly outshone the Son.

"Like Miriam," Croatoan told his king, "Maralyn has given away her descendants."

Lucifer smiled.


A son slid from Maralyn(who called herself Mary) at the beginning of the year.

Maralyn's husband had potential in his blood, a distant descendant of Jezebel, Miriam's daughter. So the boy, named Dean Jonathan, was Croatoan's on both sides.

And, therefore, forfeit from conception, if not already his.

Croatoan smiled at his grandson, soaking in his presence. "Beautiful," Lucifer said, twined around his consort. "Make him ours and Yahweh will fall from the Heavens."


Maralyn had one more child, another son. Darker than his brother, equally powerful, more inclined to Turn. Croatoan knew that if Hell could claim the second boy's allegiance, Dean would follow.

Croatoan visited Samuel James in his nursery on the child's sixth month. He watched the boy, reading his soul—such potential.

Maralyn strode in, eyes flashing with rage, her power flaring like it never had before. Croatoan preened beneath the onslaught, delighted to see her lash out, dancing within the darkness.

Maralyn whispered his name as he stole her soul and claimed it, and Croatoan felt a cold wind on his back


Lucifer sat on his throne in Hell, Croatoan at his right hand. Maralyn stood before them, her sister Cassandra beside her.

"You belonged to us eons before you were conceived, my dear," Lucifer told her, voice soft and unyielding. "Miriam gave us your soul for her daughter's life. You can never leave."

Maralyn looked at her elder sister and the two women—one light, one dark—shared a smile. Maralyn turned back to face the Dark One and his consort, said calmly, "As you believe, Lord of Hell, I am sure it must be."

But her smile sent a thrill of fear through Croatoan, and he shuddered.

Maralyn's hazel eyes gleamed with laughter and Croatoan wondered if maybe he'd miscalculated by allowing this woman sons.