Note: I love the idea of writing Abel/Caterina, so when a friend threw me the prompt "the devil you know" for these two, this was the result.

The Darkness That Walks Beside Me, The Light That Guides My Way

Caterina sat at her enormous desk, staring moodily into her cup of tea, ignoring the pile of paperwork that awaited her attention. Ever since Abel had brought word to her about the Rosencreutz' involvement in Ishtvan, the memories had been tearing at her mind.

Remembering trying to outrun death.
Remembering trying to outrun fear.
Remembering trying to outrun pain.

In the end, she hadn't been able to outrun anything. The vampires had still come...

... but then, so had he.

An angel in white, streaked with blood and tears.

And blood had run that night... the blood of her parents, the blood of the vampires who had attacked them, the blood of the vampires who had desecrated the tomb she'd found.

She could still remember that gentle and sorrowful smile, the tender offer of a warm hand to lift her to her feet and brush away her tears, even as his own fell.

She'd never once doubted what she had found that night.

She'd found an angel.
She'd found a devil.
She'd found death incarnate.

And he was hers now.
Just as she was his.

Holy tears and unholy fire, the brightest star in the darkest of nights. Hers.

The first, last, and only kiss she'd ever cherished in this life. His.

The angel who loved God, the devil who loved her. Life and death, laughter and tears, all in one heart that she could only hope to borrow for a while, but never hold.

A tear slid down Caterina's face.

It would have to be enough.