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Summary: 'There But for the Grace of God' tag. Two part drabble. The alternate Jack and Sam's thoughts before they died.

Note: My first attempt at a drabble, ever. I decided to challenge myself. Please let me know what you think. Good or bad.

Word Count: 100.

For the Grace


He was going to die. He knew that the moment the Jaffa had said the words "My people, my family, are dead."

It was his fault. It was ironic, really, considering the Daniel fella from the alternate reality had told him not to send the bomb to Chulak. He'd done it anyway.

There were so many things he'd wanted to say to Sam, but all he could do was project his thoughts to her, and hope she would know that before he died, he was thinking of her.

The Jaffa aimed the staff cannon at him.

I love you, Sam.