Spoilers: All over the place. Basically up to 153.
Summary: Fai was always this close to coming out of his mask.
A/N: First Tsubasa fic, ever. Inspired by the rapid-fire posting of the KuroFai community at LJ.

He was so close to telling Kurogane something important. Rather, he had been, several times, so close to telling Kurogane something important.

Once he actually had. In Shura, he had looked into Kurogane's eyes, red not like blood but like passion and defiance and strength, and had begun to speak. Fai's flowing, beautiful Celesian monologue had flowed smoothly over Kurogane's attentive, uncomprehending ears, who had understood that something was passing between them. He just hadn't, per say, know what.

Two days later they found the kids, and Kurogane tactfully chose not to ask just what he had said the day he broke for an hour.

He was so close, so close, close enough for Kurogane to turn those piercing eyes, of ruby, of sunsets, to his own blue eye after the disaster of Acid Tokyo.

He had been so close in Infinity, because he owed the man, damn it, for paying his price.

He is so close now, in the wake of Ashura's death, free for the first time he can remember. And he's shaking, so Kurogane, for the first time he can remember, pulls him towards him and steadies him with two warm hands on his shoulders. Fai looks up into those crimson eyes, like flame, like warmth, with his own two blue eyes no longer so frozen, now more liquid warmth and air. He smiles, knowing his past but not hiding it, and informs him,

"I'm almost ready."

And Kurogane responds, a smile in his tone, "I'll be waiting."

What goes unsaid is "I'll listen", but they both already know that.