Jen was always a poor girl... from the day she was born to right now. Her parents died 6 years ago and are currently taking care of herself. She also is able to defend herself from... people that you usually meets on the streets. But often she doesn't have to because Spiderman is there to fight crime.
Jen has long blond hair which has a little red in it too. Her face is pretty normal skin color; she has a kind of narrow face with blue eyes that matches her size of her face.
Jen is 16 years old and is a pretty good gal. But most of her relatives feels sorry for her because her parents died.
Jen really doesn't care anymore...she just goes on with life though she still regrets the day her parents died. Let us see what happens in her story...

Chapter 1: Jen...the preparation

I came into my usual apartment that day after visiting my relatives giving them a greeting and a gift. I always felt good when I do something right...maybe this is what Spiderman feels. They always offered me to come in and I accept their offer, but when they offer me a gift, I refuse. I don't want people to think I'm poor even though I am and can only afford food and a apartment.

I went into my refrigerator to grab a snack and heard someone knocking on my apartment door.

"Hello? Jen, can you let me in?" asked Dane.

Dane was my fellow friend who I met on the streets injured probably because of some thugs who he pissed off. I quickly gave him shelter and some medical assistant. I wasn't a doctor, but somehow I just have a natural gift of a doctor.

I opened the door seeing Dane in a blue t-shirt and some blue Khaki pants.

"Oh hey, Dane! I didn't receive a call from you that you were coming," I said.
"Heh...Sorry, I was kind of busy and forgot to call you that I was coming," he explained.

Dane works at a Nuclear Factory which worries me a bit because it's very dangerous in there.

"So...what are you here for?" I asked him.
"Oh! I came here to ask you if you'd like to go on a date," he asked.

I blushed and quickly turning around to hide my blush. This was her first time going out on a date...should she accept? Or refuse?
Once her blush was gone, she turned around and looked like she never blushed at all.

"Yes!" I accepted.
"Great! I'll pick you up at 5 then," he said.

Once he left, I quickly shut the door behind me and sat down at the back of the door.

"Oh crap, what am I going to do? What am I going to do?!" I panicked.

I stood back up and looked through my! That'll do perfectly!
I pulled out a black dress on a white cloth hanger.
"Hmm... I wonder if he'll like the dress." I asked myself.

I then pulled out a Blue dress on a red coat hanger.

They both looked good...but which one should I use? I then remember which one my dad said...

"If you ever have a date and don't know what to wear, wear something that matches your eyes..."

"I'll wear the blue I guess then since I do have blue eyes," I said.

I changed into my blue dress and tried to find something that would also match my blue dress. I couldn't find anything...

I left the house while locking the door to my apartment with my purse. I was going to go to a cheap clothing warehouse store...but they were closed. So I moved to Target to buy my blue sandals. I went into the store...still wearing my blue dress. Everyone there looked at me...and some laughed a bit. I had my self embarrassed...who the hell goes into a store with a blue dress on? I guess some. I quickly rushed to find and get out of the store before I explode. I then saw a perfect blue shoe which was on sale! I grabbed one pair of shoes and targeted toward the cashier. Once he saw me, he immediately said:

" got to date in the store or something?" He laughed.

I...was completely embarrassed and was about to explode. I paid in cash and ran to my apartment to put them on. I now was really ready for the date.