Chapter 10: Fang is known...

I woke up on my bed after the dream...did that actually happened?
Today...I felt good, wow...never felt better. I took a shower and changed into a blue t-shirt with some matching blue jeans. I ate some regular cereal and went off with my day. I decided to go to Dane's house for a visit. I took my cell and called him to let him know.
"Are you okay Jen? You sound very peaceful today..." Dane asked Jen on her cell.
"Oh yeah, Somehow I feel reborn somehow...not sure. Anyways, can I come over?" I asked back to him.
"Yeah sure! Come on over, I'll make some food," He said.
"Okay! I'll meet you there soon," I told him.

I closed my Cell phone and rode to his house.

Once I got there, I knocked on his door and he greeted me in.

"Hey! Jen, how are you?" He asked.
"Pretty fine, Dane," I replied.

Immediately, I kissed him on the lips and giggled.

"Okaaay then..." he said after the kiss.

What the hell was wrong with me... I'm always shy when I kiss a person.

I gave him another kiss since he didn't have a problem with it...especially when we have plans for marriage. He made an omelet for me and we both ate together. After that we talked a bit about the symbiote that I was supposed to bond with...Dane...was kind of worried. I could see it in his eyes. I then gave him another kiss surprisingly and drove to the Symbiote HQ.

"Er...Hello Jen...umm come inside," Dave said nervously.
"Is there a problem? Dave?" I asked.
" Umm...yeah, a serious one," he admitted.

He showed me where the problem and I saw the purple symbiote gone!
"Last night, the symbiote broke loose of the cage and escaped. All we know is it's coming for you," he said.

"That would be me..." said a voice.
"Huh? Who's there?" I asked.
Dave heard it too...and somehow he recognized it as well.
"WE are there...and...Sorry I gave you a scary dream..."

Dave widened his eyes, "I think the symbiote has bonded with you..."
"Huh...what already!?' I asked. I was going crazy, No wonder I had a dream...
"No wonder WE had a dream"

God this is going to be a long day...
"Yes it is...for US"

I started to get irritated...
"Stop reading my head!" I yelled at it.
"Impossible! We share each other thoughts"

Dave ignored their argument, thinking and then said, "Your symbiote carries a personality I think."

The voice in her head sighed and started to merge from her skin a purple suit that covered her whole body and created a Spidermark on her chest and and her head had a purple mask that joined with the suit. It had white eyes similar to Venom and sharp fangs that was changed from her teeth. Her hair was unchanged, except for her bangs on her forehead.

"Aaah! What the hell happened!?" We asked. I then notice our voice had change. It was like a fusion of mines and some medium pitch tiger.
" WE are FANG! Just like you said in your dreams. This is us! the symbiote said in my head.
" I remember. We are Fang..." I accepted.