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He was staring at her, he couldn't help but she was just so beautiful. Her long black hair which she tied into a bun, Why couldn't she just leave it hanging down? and her sea-green eyes were so worth staring at but unfortunatley they were covered with her hanging bangs over her face.

The way she was so unique, her styles were only hers yet she was so powerful and tough. She never showed her emotional side but emotion was shown on her face and she knew it! The way she "saw" with her feet was just so amazing.

Aang was still staring at the blind girl forgetting she could feel his vibrations.

"AANG" Toph shouted to the airbender who was day-dreaming. Sokka and Katara on the other hand covered their faces trying hard not to laugh at the blushing avatar.

" Why are you staring at me?" Toph screamed

"Ummm... I wasn't staring at YOU!...I was just..."

"JUST WHAT?" Toph said fuming.

Aang walked up to Toph and pulled her face against his making them kiss briefly and he pulled away leaving a shocked earthbender.

"Toph ... I was just wondering how beautiful you are" and with that Aang walked away somewhere in near the bushes.

Aang had forgotten that Katara and Sokka were there too with their jaws dropped on the ground.

Toph traced her fingers to where Aang had kissed her and a weak smile was shown on her face.

" Aang kissed ME??? " Toph wondered smiling.

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