Author's Note: I'm glad everyone approves of saving Lily. (I thought it would be a hit.) To be honest the idea came to me one night and I got all choked up: How could I possible kill her?! So I didn't. I love Lily, she's been a good friend to me these past few months and it would be cruel to cut her off.

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(January 7, 2035 Lily/Oliver: 43 and Beatrix: 8)

LILY: I wait in the hallway. Oliver helps Beatrix into her coat. She's not going to school today, today we are going to Doctor Brown's office for the treatment. Oliver and I have discussed it. The process won't hurt Beatrix at all, Cindy has insured us this.

Oliver crotches down to Beatrix's level. "Ready?"

Beatrix fumbles with her coat buttons. "This will help Mommy?" She asks quietly.

"Yes." Oliver answers.

Beatrix looks at me and smiles. "I'm ready."

And then we leave. Oliver folds my chair and places it in the trunk and I sit in the backseat with Beatrix. She puts her head in my lap and I run my fingers through her hair. It's too early in the morning for Beatrix to be up and functioning.

"Hello Beatrix, I'm Doctor Brown." Cindy holds out her hand and Beatrix shakes it sleepily. "Now what I'm going to have to do is hook you up to this IV."

"You mean like a shot?!" Beatrix exclaims, waking up fast.

Cindy smiles gently and puts her hand on Bee's shoulder. "I promise you I won't hurt you."

Beatrix pulls from Cindy's hand and looks to me, scared. "Here doc, hook me up first." I say. "Bumble Bee would you like me to go first?"

Beatrix nods. Cindy pulls out her equipment. Oliver helps me onto the bed. I get settled and smile at Beatrix. Cindy rolls up my sleeve.

"Whoa! That needle is huge!" Beatrix shouts backing away and hiding behind Oliver. I cringe, you'd think after all these years I'd get used to shots but they still give me the creeps and Beatrix is not helping.

Cindy inserts the tube and I shut my eyes. It hurts! I open my eyes and smile at Beatrix. "See Bee, no big deal."

Beatrix looks at me and sighs. She sits up on her own bed and lays back. I'm beginning to feel very drowsy. I look over at Oliver he smiles at me and takes my hand. I close my eyes.

OLIVER: The hospital room is very warm. It makes me feel like curling up in a tight ball and falling asleep on the bed with Lily. I hold Beatrix's hand as she falls asleep from the shot and Cindy checks her machines and smile. She's already drawn blood from both of my girls and the treatment will begin once the rest of Doctor Brown's partners get here.

"This will take a few hours, Oliver, so if you want you could leave." Cindy tells me flipping through a notebook.

I look at Lily, sleeping soundly her head down and on her shoulder and then to Beatrix. "I think I'll stick around. I'll wait outside." I smile walking away.

"Wait, Oliver let's step into my office for a moment." Cindy says placing her notebook down. For an odd reason I don't like the way she said that. But I follow and take a seat. Cindy sits behind her desk and clasps her hands together.

"Now I don't want you to be worried Oliver." She begins. I feel my body stiffen. "But in case things don't go according to plan Lily has informed me about the preparations that need to be made."

"Are you saying we could loose both of them?!" I shout.

"No, Lily is the only one I'm truly worried about. Beatrix will do just fine, even if the operation is less then satisfactory." Cindy says calmly and for the very first time I understand Lily's frustration with this woman.

"Now, I' am fully equipped and ready for this. And I have put all of my faith and time into this. But, I'm only suggesting, Oliver, that you should be ready." Cindy nods her head and leaves.

I get up after a moment; I can't sit in here anymore. I walk to the cafeteria downstairs and order a coffee, black. I sip the steaming brown liquid quietly. An elderly woman smiles at me and sits down next to me. She's wearing an orange nurse outfit.

"Hey honey." She says; her voice deep and thick. I can tell she use to smoke. "Who are you waiting for?"

I put my coffee down. To be honest I'm not into that whole charade of spilling your guts out to a stranger just because you're in a hospital. But to humor her I answer dryly. "My wife and daughter."

I glare at her and she catches my drift. "Well I hope they get better." She says awkwardly and walks away. I nod and retreat back to my drink…

An hour later I'm sitting in an uncomfortable chair. I've seen numerous people walk in and out. I've read three magazine articles on cars, nature, and new movie releases. I'm anxious and worried. As I rub my eyes I feel a hand on my shoulder.



"You can see them now." Cindy says with her hands at her side; and a small smile on her lips. "Everything went according to plan, it was beautiful. Beatrix is up and asking for you but Lily is still out."

LILY: I'm dreaming. I'm remembering a song my mother used to sing: One, two buckle your shoe! Three, four hit the door! Five, six make it mix! Seven, eight don't be late! Nine, ten do it again! … The last thing I remember is Oliver's face… I see flashes of Miley, Jake, Beatrix, Mom, and Dad. There's dozens of imagines. I can hear someone talking…

OLIVER: I'm sitting in bed with Beatrix. She has her head on my shoulder and is humming a song. "How do you feel?" I ask.

"Good. How's Mommy?" Bee turns to me with her big blue eyes.

"She's going to be fine. She just needs to rest." I kiss Beatrix's forehead. Cindy comes walking in with one of her partners. They are whispering back and fourth. This doesn't look good.


I want to plug my ears and shout out: "La, la, la not listening!" I want to be in the dark. No more bad news! I can't handle it. But instead I lift my head and say, "Yes?"

"There are a few things we should go over. Now, as you know, we've taken Lily's mutation gene and replaced it with Beatrix's younger ones. And with that we injected the medicine that didn't work before. All is going very smoothly but you need to know that Lily won't be Lily for a little while until everything kicks in."

I shake my head. "What are you talking about?"

"In Lily's mind she will still believe that she is traveling. And the pains of traveling will have increased. Now, we are going to keep her here for tonight. If the pain is too much we might… loose her. But I and all of my colleges will be watching her around the clock. And at the first sign of any pain we will give her the new meds again. By tomorrow morning everything will be fine."

I try and process the new information. "Do you think I could stay here with her?"

Cindy folds her arms over her chest and sighs. "I'd rather you not. I mean things might get a little tense around here."

I run my fingers through Beatrix's hair and then look back up at Cindy's brown eyes. "Please?"

Cindy shifts her weight form foot to foot. "… Alright, maybe you could help. Calm her down and such."

"Thank-you." I smile at her. Cindy leaves and I direct my attention to Bee. "Do you think you could stay at Miley's house for the night? If you don't want to tell me, you and I will go home together."

Beatrix fidgets with the white sheets. "But what about Mommy? I think I'll go over Miley's house. I don't want Mommy to wake up alone."

I hug Beatrix and kiss her head. "You're the best Bee."

She giggles. "I know."

Beatrix and I spend the day together hanging around the hospital. We have lunch and I take her to the near by park for the rest of the afternoon. Beatrix is doing wonderful. The operation didn't affect her in the least bit.

Around dinner Miley and Jake take Beatrix back to their place. I kiss her goodbye and then make my way back to the white room. It's colder this time when I enter. Lily is still knocked out. Her eyelids move form side to side, she's dreaming.

I push the hair out of her eyes and kiss her forehead. "Hurry home." I whisper. I walk over to the other bed and lay down. I pull the covers up and over my head and fall asleep…

It's the fast rate beating that wakes me up. I recognize the machine from when Lily was giving birth to Beatrix; it records someone's heart beat. But this machine is beating out of control. BeepBeepBeepBeepBeep. Over and over. My eyes dart to Lily.

She is moving slightly in bed. Her arms swing out and her head jerks from side to side. Cindy and two other big men I don't know come running in. I jump out of bed and try to see over their shoulders.

"I'm going to need you to hold her down!" Cindy shouts over the machine. The big men hold her upper arms and then she begins to scream. It's so loud and ear piercing that I have to cover my ears.

It sounds like they are touring her, killing her. Lily? I start to reach out and touch her hand but Cindy shoves me away.

"Move it or loose it Oliver!" She warns. And part of me thinks I might be loosing something so much more.

"I'm going to need #343!" Cindy barks uncapping an extremely large needle. A young meek looking women comes running up to Cindy with a bottle of brown liquid. My eyes widen as she walks over to Lily.

"Hold her damn it!" Cindy growls as she wrestles with Lily to roll up her sleeve.

"Let me help!"

Cindy quickly stales a glance at me from the struggle. "Fine, you hold her head."

I race over to Lily. Her forehead is sweating and her head is still jerking form side to side. I gently put one hand on her chin and another on the top of her head. Her skin is ice. I watch her teeth grid together and she whimpers.

I hold her and stroke her neck with my thumb. I can't watch Cindy put that needle into her so I just keep staring at Lily.

"Oh my God…" I hear Cindy breathe out. I look at her. She is staring, mouth open, down towards the end of Lily's bed. Something is twitching.

Quickly Cindy throws the white sheets off the bed and slams her hand down on Lily's knee. It reacts fast with a small jerk. I let go of Lily's face, she's stopped moving now. Her breathing is regular and everything is working.

Doctor Brown and I share small smiles. She touches Lily's leg again and like last time is responds. "How can this happen?" I ask.

Cindy shakes her head, marveled. "I have no idea…"

LILY: Everything hurts. I have the worst headache. My mouth has a queer taste in it, like the cough syrup they try to shove down your throat as a kid. I feel someone's hand on my forehead. I feel warm lips kiss my cheek.


I open my eyes and there he is. Oliver looks beat, his eyes red and weary but a smile is present. I try a smile myself. "Is it okay?" I wonder, suddenly worried and dying to know. Oliver laughs.

"Everything is just… just perfect. Lily," He moves his hand down my side and to my leg. It's warm. It's warm! Oliver's hand! I can feel Oliver's hand! I sit up quickly and throw the sheets away from my legs.

I touch my legs. My hands are ice but I don't care. I can feel. "How can this happen?" My mind is racing.

"Doctor Brown is a genius." Oliver chuckles. I take his face between my hands and bring him to me. I kiss Oliver deeply.

"Am I interrupting?"

Oliver and I slowly separate. Cindy is smiling in the doorway holding a file. "Hello Lily… I'll let you get dressed and then we'll talk alright?"

I nod, unable to speak, to think of anything to say that could possible make her understand how thankful I truly am. Oliver helps me up from the bed. My legs hurt as I put weight on them.

My legs wobble and aren't used to the pressure. I get dressed with Oliver's help. He wraps his arm around my waist and we limp together to Cindy's office. I laugh out loud and kiss his cheek. Is it possible to be this giddy?

We sit down and Cindy shakes her head smiling. "Everything went according to plan and, if I do say so myself, even better. Now you will still have to use your wheelchair while you are recovering. I'll set you up with a physical therapist. But Lily…"

Cindy covers her mouth with her hand and breathes out fast. "I just… I just can't believe it." Threw her smile I see a tear pour from one of her dark brown eyes. "I'm so happy for you."

I take her hands in my own and let out a shaky laugh. "I don't think I'll ever be able to repay you for what you've given me. Doctor Brown, Cindy, thank-you." I let go of her hands.

"Now, for Beatrix. I cannot perform this operation on her until she's a legal adult, eighteen. But in the mean time," Cindy pulls a small bottle out of her desk. "These are under the counter drugs. It will reduce her travels and make them completely pain free. I had one of my lab technicians put some of the antidote into the pills for her. This used to be a pain reliever until he meddled with them. But until she's old enough we won't be able to stop the time traveling completely." Cindy says handing over the bottle. "Also, I want to schedule monthly visits for both of you."

"This is all so unreal." Oliver says looking at me. We stay in Cindy's office and make appointments for the up coming months. And I receive the physical therapists card. Everything is perfect.

Oliver wheels me out to the car. As we drive to Miley's house to pick up Beatrix I can't stop smiling. I feel a weight being lifted from mine and Oliver's attitude. He rests his hand on my thigh and I trace circles around his knuckles.

"Anyone home?!" I shout as we enter into Miley's house. I hear loud footsteps charge down the stairs.


It's Beatrix. I see a long wave of her hair as she pulls me into a hug. Oliver kisses her on the head and then takes me into the kitchen where the Ryan's are waiting with tea.

"So?" Miley bounces excitedly.

"I'm a regular Jane!" I announce.

I receive hugs and kisses all around. Robert shyly shakes my hand and wishes me well. I ruffle his hair and then Oliver and I take our places at the end of the table.

"We have more news as well." Oliver grins looking at me form my chair. "Go ahead Lily."

I sigh happily and look to everyone. "In a few months… I'll be able to walk again." A hush whisks its way around the joyful room. Beatrix is the first to squeal and jump for joy and the rest follow in suit.

We toast together and look into my bright future…

(February 17, 2035 Lily/Oliver: 43 and Beatrix: 8)

OLIVER: Lily and I are sitting outside on the back deck. It's fairly warm out. Beatrix is still inside finishing up her math homework. The sun is setting softly. Lily is resting her head on my shoulder. So far our days have been filled with unbelievable bliss.

Lily is smiling non stop. She laughs sometimes for no reason at all. Her legs are making great progress. She's taking baby steps but for once, we have time. The door opens from behind us.

"Finished!" Beatrix announces with pride, math is not her strong point. I swear her and Lily are exactly alike.

"Let Daddy check it for you." Lily yawns lifting her head from my shoulder. I take the paper from Beatrix's hands.

"So?" Bee jumps impatiently.

"Hold your horses! I'm only on number five." I smirk at her. Lily giggles and kisses Bee's cheek.

"Re-think number ten." I smile. Beatrix lets out a sigh and takes back the paper she slowly makes her way back inside. I turn to Lily, she is smirking.


"You're such a good dad." She blushes.

"Well, just thank that flour project in eighth grade." I tell her playing with a strand of her hair. Lily snorts.

"Yeah well back then you wanted Sarah to be the mother."

I roll my eyes. "Please! I only had eyes for you. Sarah was simply a back-up."

"You're just saying that." Lily laughs.

"…Maybe, but I'm glad I found you."

"Thank-you and just for that you get a free kiss." Lily grins.

"Really! Oh you're too kind!" I gush. Lily pulls me to her and we meet somewhere in the middle. Her kisses have never ceased to amaze me. As I'm pulling Lily into my lap I hear someone giggle.

We separate slowly.

"Beatrix?" Lily asks.

"Yeah." A teenage version of my daughter blushes. She's wearing Lily's jeans and light orange t-shirt. "Mini me let me in… oh and I'm seventeen."

"Cool." Lily says sliding off my lap.

"My birthday is tomorrow. You guys are going to take me in for the operation."

LILY: My daughter shifts her weight from foot to foot. "So this will be your last travel then?" I ask.

"Yes." She says.

"And you choose this?" Oliver frowns.

"Yeah! If I recall correctly I'm griping in the kitchen about math and besides today is the day you start making me write down all of my time travels."

"Really?" I ask surprised. "That's actually a good idea."

"Well, I've just been full of those lately." Beatrix adds.

"Are you nervous about tomorrow?" Oliver wonders as Beatrix sits between us on the bench.

"Yeah, a lot." She whispers. I put my arm around her.

"Don't be, it'll be a piece of cake for you. I mean you're still taking your pills right?" I question her lightly.

"Always. You never let me leave in the mornings without one." Beatrix laughs.

"So how are things in the future?" Oliver smiles at his daughter.

"Pretty nice. The music shop is still doing great. And you guys are always so happy. Life is just good." My daughter sighs dreamily.

"Now that's what I like to hear." Oliver smiles, staring off into the sunset.

"You and me both buddy boy." I say. And just like that everything comes into place. "Oh wait! Beatrix, this is going to sound weird but, you and Robert?"

I watch as a deep blush creeps up her cheeks. "We're going to wait until I'm out of high school to date."

I watch Oliver roll his eyes. "I still don't know about that kid."

I punch Oliver in the stomach. "I don't think he's half bad. It's just the shy thing."

"I find it enduring." Beatrix says quietly, her hands clasped together. "He's more open with me then anyone else."

I smile. "Well good. I say he's okay. I approve."

"Well I'm very happy to hear that mom." Beatrix kisses my cheek.

"Okay! Number ten!" Little Beatrix says walking outside and handing Oliver her paper again. And together the four of us sit together checking math.

"This is so weird." Older Bee giggles looking at us.

Oliver glances up at me. "Really? It doesn't feel weird."

I smile warmly at him. "Nope, not at all."

(October 3, 2035 Lily/Oliver: 44 and Beatrix: 9)

OLIVER: It's very early in the morning. I'm not sure what time it is and part of me is just too lazy to roll over and figure it out. My nose is in her hair and my arms wrapped tightly around her body. She is breathing slowly and I know that she is still in deep sleep. I kiss her shoulder lightly.

This is the best feeling. It's a feeling, after all this time, I'm still getting use to. Waking up with her here. Waking up, and knowing that she will not disappear. That Lily, my friend and lover, is here to stay and live in her own time.

Lily wakes and turns over to look at me.

"Did I wake you?"

"No." She smiles. We are silent. The wind outside is picking up. I can hear it howling against the window. It's supposed to rain today. We have planned to spend the day lounging at the music shop. I'm going to cook dinner tonight. And later maybe dancing if Beatrix will mind staying at Miley's.

I feel Lily's warm fingertips on my face. She runs a line down the side of my face and rubs my lips. I see her blue eyes shinning and swimming with joy. This is my Lily. No fear, no depression. All is well.

She stops and looks at me. "Where are you?" I ask softly, not too loud to ruin the moment.

"Here." She tells me while putting a hand on my chest, over my heart. "Right… here…"

We come together and kiss and then, time is broken. We are free from its clutches. And Lily, as she has told me, is here. Always and forever, right here…



Author's Note: I'm sorry but it's true, it's over. I'd just like to thank every last one of you who have stuck with me. Your reviews have lifted me up and made me continue this story. And to think, I was originally never going to write this. Proves how wrong I' am about most things.

I decided to end it now because, well, all the loose ends have been tied. And it's happy. I wanted a happy ending because Lily and Oliver deserve it. Also, it took me a while to decide who to end with. But then I laughed and thought: Oliver of course! I began with this hero and I will end with this hero.

I have enjoyed writing this so much. It has made my summer forever golden and I'm sorry to see it come to a close. (I'm having a very hard time letting it go.) But have no fear, I'm concocting another tale. It should be posted sometime during the next few weeks so look out for a Mr. Fishy update.

Thank-you again. I tip my hat to you, faithful reader.