While the Pants Were in the Closet…

Based on The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants By Ann Brashares

As Told By E.G. Desso

A/N- This is suppose to be the girls senior year of high school, which would probably be in between books 2 and 3. Also note that I do NOT own The Sisiterhood of the Traveling Pants, or any of the characters that were in the books. They are Ann Brashares and I am just using them to write this story, nothing else. Please read this and then review. Tell me the truth too, I won't be mad if you are mean or tell me something wasn't right, that's what I want to know. Thanks! E.G.

Chapter One: School's in Session

It was the first day of school; enough said. Everyone was hugging each other and catching up on all the latest gossip. Everyone had (at least) a visible tan. It was obvious that those with a darker tan had spent the majority of their summer near a pool.

Bridget got out of the car and waved her dad off. Her dad had said that the only way she was getting a car was if she bought it herself. Something about responsibility or something like that. Well, suffice to say, she still didn't have a car, and it didn't look like she would be getting one anytime soon. She'd worry about that later.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she spotted Lena and Carmen sitting on one of the benches in front of the school.

"Hey guys!" she squealed. They both jumped up and hugged her at the same time.

"So, what's up?" Bridget asked as they sat back down.

"I was telling Lena that we should take her shopping. I can't stand these skirts!" Carmen toyed with the fabric to describe what she meant.

"What? I like them," Lena protested.

"Your right," Bridget said, ignoring Lena completely. "She needs some jeans."

"And a tube top!"

"A TUBE TOP!!! Don't I get any say in this?"

"NO!" Bridget and Carmen said simultaneously, and all three of them burst out laughing.

That's when Bee saw him. It wasn't that he was completely gorgeous or anything, because he wasn't, but he was a new face in a sea of old ones. There were always lots of new kids on the first day of school, but he seemed different.

"Who's that?" she said to herself.

"Who's who?" Tibby asked, joining the group. "Sorry I'm late. Nicky threw a tantrum because he didn't want to go back to daycare. I don't blame him." During the summer Tibby had to baby-sit her younger siblings while her parents were at work. Obviously, she couldn't baby-sit them while she was at school, so her mom put them in daycare.

"That's okay. We were only talking about Lena's wardrobe," Carmen informed.

"Tell them my clothes are fine!"

"Sorry Len, I'm going to have to side with them this time. You really could use some new clothes. So, Bridget, who were you checking out? Or should I ask, 'How long until he's wrapped around your finger?'"

"Why do you guys always think that I whenever I look at a guy I'm checking him out?"

"Because you always are," Carmen replied. After that it was dropped, and Carmen began to fill Tibby in on their soon-to-be shopping spree. Bridget wasn't listening, though. She went to go look at the guy again (NOT checking him out, she thought bitterly), but he was already gone. That's when it hit her. Why that guy had stood out to her. She was absolutely, one hundred percent NOT attracted to him. Yeah he was good looking, but she just couldn't think of him THAT way.

She thought to herself, "I'll show them. I'll show them that I can be friends with a guy without having a crush on him." And everyone knows that Bee can't resist a challenge.