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Chapter 1

"Alright! Another party to trash!" shouted the blue blur as he ran into Eggman's Base.

He's at it again! Eggman 'The Madman' stole G-mel! And if that wasn't enough, he also kidnapped Cream who tried desperatly to protect her new friend! So Sonic decided to take care of the lunatic doctor once again!But he wasn't alone. He was followed by his trusty two-tailed side kick who was trying to catch up with him.

"Hey Sonic! Wait up!"

"Sorry, Tails. Better be quick! Cream needs us! Who knows what Egghead is up to this time?" Sonic said as he sped further into Eggman's base, blowing up every Egg-bot that stood in his way with his spin dash move.

Outside the base, which was located somewhere between some mountain ranges faraway from any form of civilization, a black hedgehog stood atop a cliff with his arms crossed, accompanied with a huge red and black E-series robot who had an Ohms symbol marked on its shoulder. They saw Sonic and Tails below infiltrating it.

"So, Sonic is here as well, eh?"

"Shadow, the stolen object must be retrieved immediately. GUN HQ requested that this mission is to be accomplished as soon as possible." the robot said in a monotonic voice.

"Don't worry Omega." Replied Shadow not moving his gaze from the base "I'm not interested in picking up a fight with him. Not when I'm in the middle of a critical mission." Shadow then eyed the robot "Buy the way, did GUN give any details of what the doctor stole from their Labs?"

"Affirmative. Description: System Code: RM-20-XX, Function: Dimensional Analyzer, Status: Test not complete"

Shadow looked back at the base and narrowed his eyes. "Test not complete? It seems the doctor really lost it this time!" He grinned at that thought for a second then remembered a report issued by GUN some time ago about Eggman joining forces with a counter part of him named 'Eggman Negga' from an alternate dimension, which got him back to his serious mood again.

"Could he be trying to break the dimensional barrier again?" he thought silently before saying "Well whatever he's up to we'll have to stop him before he accomplishes it. Let's go, Omega."


As they started to move Shadow's eyes widened suddenly then he shut them tight, held his head with both hands and bent on his knee as if he had a painful headache. He started to see flashbacks of himself, Maria and the GUN soldiers at the ARK. But he recovered quickly, stood up again and appeared to be dazed for a few seconds.

"Shadow, are you capable of accomplishing this mission?"

"Huh?" Shadow looked up at his robotic companion who was looking at him. "Yeah, Omega. Let's move on."

Shadow and Omega then jumped off the cliff and in midair Shadow thought about why he continued seeing flashbacks of that incident although he had made it clear to himself that he should move on in his life and keep his promise to Maria, his late best friend, and sister, to protect Earth and its inhabitants.

It has been troubling him for sometime.


Meanwhile in another dimension….

"Hang on Sis! I'm coming!"

A certain blue boy, known to the world as Megaman, and Rock to his family and friends, teleported with his robotic dog, Rush, near a castle that was shaped like a huge skull and looked too creepy from the outside. But it's exterior was nothing compared to what lay within it's walls, which was filled with nasty robots whom their sole purpose was to serve their evil creator, Dr. Wily.

"I won't forgive myself if anything bad happened to you!" the Blue Bomber said to himself as he ran towards the castle.

Dr. Wily has sent a robot to attack Dr. Light's lab once he knew that Light has created a new power upgrade chip for Megaman, and decided to steal it. Unfortunately Roll, Rock's twin sister was at the lab when the robot attacked. She tried to protect the chip but got caught in the process.

Megaman, who was out in the city when the robot attacked, had a very strong bond with his sister and felt extremely guilty when he learnt about what happened and now he is determined to save her even if it meant he must lose his life in the process.

When he got closer to the castle…


Upon hearing the too familiar voice, the blue bomber stopped, gave a fed-up sigh, and frowned as he looked up to the voice source to see a black robot master standing atop a cliff. The robot was pointing his buster at him while a huge purple wolf stood beside him.

"Bass! What's your master up to this time?"

Bass glared "Don't you DARE call him my master! I only serve myself now and I don't care about what that old geezer does as long as it doesn't interfere with my ambitions!"

Megaman shrugged "Guess you're as clueless as I am." He then turned to his mechanical canine. "Let's go, Rush!" The dog then transformed into a flying jet and Megaman jumped on it. This angered Bass.

"Don't turn your back on me, Coward!"

He then jumped from the cliff intending to hit Megaman with a destructive fist. But Megaman got out of the way just in time causing Bass to hit his fist deeply into the rocky ground and got stuck there!

"Why you little!" Growled Bass as he tried to pull his fist from the abnormal thick rocks.

"Bass, I don't have time for this. I have to save my sister before that madman harms her! I'll settle with you later." and with that he sped into the skull castle.

Angered by this humiliation, Bass managed to remove his arm from the hard rocks with a destructive force. He then pointed his buster at Megaman's back, who was far away, but then aimed it at some big rock, while glaring at the castle's direction, and let out all his anger on the rock by blasting it.

The purple wolf then approached Bass and started speaking to him in his own coding language which was only understood by his master.

"Shouldn't we investigate about the doctor's plans?"

"Hmp! What for?" replied Bass with a smirk while still eyeing the castle and crossed his arms. "None of his schemes ever work, do they? He'll just make a fool of himself yet again! Let's just stand here and wait for the castle to blow up as usual and enjoy the fire works! Then I shall have my rematch."

"Are you sure? I mean this time he managed to kidnap Megaman's sister. He'll probably force him to surrender and you know how naïve Megaman can be" Recalling the Seventh Robot Rebillion. "And if he manages to eliminate him then say goodbye to your rematch!"

Bass's expression changed while still eyeing the castle, realizing the situation. His sole purpose in life was to prove that he's the strongest robot that was ever created. But his continuous defeats against Megaman only made him the second best, so he vowed to keep dueling him until he earned the title of 'The STRONGEST Fighting Robot'!

But it seems that Dr. Wily is trying to win it cheap by using every dirty trick in the book to eliminate Megaman, and if he succeeds then, with no Megaman around to fight with, Bass will be stuck forever with the title of 'The SECOND BEST Fighting Robot' that ever lived!

Bass then blew up another big rock, without looking at it, before reverting his buster back into a normal arm and raised a shaking fist. "Blast that doctor! He's nothing but trouble!"

He then turned his head to his companion "Treble, let's go!"

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