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Summery: What If Itachi never left Sasuke? What if He took Sasuke with him after the distruction of the Uchiha Clan? What if Sasuke was almost as strong as Itachi? What if he was an Akatsuki member?

Chapter 1: Prolouge

-This story Will mostly be told in Sasuke's pov and If I decided to make it Sasuke Oc then It will switch in between them.-

In the cold night of september 10th, a young boy of 7 could be seen by any by-standers running home after a hard day of training. His black hair blew slightly, blending in with the night, as he ran threw the almost empty streets. A tan messanger bag swong at his side. He didn't seem to slow for anything not even the gates upahead.

He pushed open the gates, still running, and took a few huffs on the brisk air. "I... Have to hurry. Mother and Father will be displeased if... I'm late again." The boy said to himself turning down an ally. He paused and began walking down the clean paved roads. His coal black eyes surveyed the area cautiously. "Why are all the lights out? Isn't it too early for bed? I'm not that late am I?" He mubbled.

The hair on the back of his neck prickled. A chill ran down his spine. He swong around and looked at the top of a Long Telephone pole. 'I thought I senced someone there...' He shook the thought off. 'I feel weird...' He thought wearly as he set off again. He turned on to another street ready to break in to run once again but was frozen in place by the scene before him.

Everyone... Blood... weapons... distruction.

Before him sat his clan. Lying in their own blood dead. His eyes widened. His breath hitched. 'W-what... What happened...' He thought eying the bodies. 'Who could have...?' A sudden thought intrupted his old ones. 'Father, Mother, brother!' He thought turning and running insearch of his home again.

In seconds he was in front of his home. Nothing looked amiss... yet. The boy slipped off his shoes and ran down the halls of his home. He checked all the rooms but one.

He ran down the portch that circled the house and came to a stop out side two dubble wide doors. He placed his hands on the handles. The second he felt the cold knob on his palms two loud thumps came from inside.

He frose. What ever he was looking for... no who he was looking for was in side the room. Summoning up all his courage, he swallowed the lump in his throat and pushed back the voice in his head telling him to use his damn head and run, and pushed open the doors behind him. The scene he knew had happend but wished wasn't was there before him.

"F-father... Mother...?" He studdered choking back his fear. Before him lied his parents, a pool of blood surounding them. "N-no..." He said just above a wisper. He took a few hesitant steps forward before he heard someone walking up ahead. His head snapped up. His eyes gazing wide at the person before him.

"Aniki..." He said lightly, almost a wisper. Tears threatened to break threw. "Who? Aniki who did this? Who could be capable of this?" He yelled finding his voice. He looked his older brother in the eyes. He blinked at the sorrow in them.

"...I did..." The boy stumbbled back, his eyes wide.

"Why... why?!" He yelled. The older looked on to him, his expression never changing.

"Don't worry. I won't kill you." He said trying to calm the small boy down. "I did this for you..." He said. The younger looked at him with disbelief.

"What? What do you mean, 'I did this for you'? I don't understand!" He yelled. His older brother walked forward, past his younger brother, and out the door. Before he left the door he said something.

"Follow me so I can show what they were planing with you." Itachi said before turning out the door and back to the inner parts of the house.

The young boy sat there for a minnute thinking over what happend. Slowly he picked himself up and walked out the large doors and into the inner house to find where his brother went to.
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