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Part 1: The Beginning

Briiinnng! The clock on the bedside table rang noisily, waking the person who slept next to it. From underneath the mountain of white bed sheets and pillows, a head of midnight blue emerged. The small but clean room was already splashed with sunlight pouring in from the open window. The curtains billowed softly with the wind, the wind tickling her face gently, awaking her immediately.

"Morning already?" a soft feminine voice mumbled. A slim womanly figure in a white lacy nightgown stepped - or rather, plopped – out of bed. She walked to her closet and promptly pulled out a white dressing robe. Walking back to her bedside, she stared down at the chair, which held her clothes for the day. A starched black dress, a white head covering and a black hood were all carefully laid on it. A golden cross necklace lay on her bedside table with the name Hinata Hyuuga carefully inscribed on the back in small script letters.

Another day of God's, she laughed softly. Whisking herself off to her private bathroom, she began to get ready for the day. Taking a shower, washing her face, brushing her teeth, and combing her hair was just all a part of the same procedure she had been following for the past seven years.

She looked into the mirror at her own reflection, studying it. Midnight blue hair spilled over her shoulders in soft waves. When she had first come to the convent at fifteen, her hair had been stubbornly straight. Seven years of being in a bun had changed that. Lavender eyes that sparkled lively at times looked back at her. Her skin was unnaturally flawless, and lightly tanned from the sun she received walking through the streets, Bible in hand.

After dressing in her clothes, she opened her door to the church's upstairs corridors, and carefully descended the carpeted steps of the spiral staircase in her black-slipper clad feet. Walking down another corridor filled with beautiful paintings of Jesus, she finally came face-to-face with two very large oak doors. Opening them, she was greeted by the familiar sight of the church. Light streamed in colors from the stained-glass windows, lighting the church majestically. Walking towards the cross at the front of the church, she kneeled and folded her hands.

Dear good and merciful Lord,

Please bless my day and help me to bring others to you. Thank you for all that you've already done for me. Forgive my sins and bring me closer to you everyday. Amen.

She got up quietly and walked out of the church, Bible in hand. Making sure her hair was all completely covered by the hood of her dress, she smiled sweetly looking up at the picture of a Sheppard and a lamb.

I live another day for you. Though boring it will probably be, she thought a soft laugh escaping her lips, but I don't mind. I am nun after all.


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