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Author's note: Woo, my first sequal. For anyone who hasn't read A million dollars or die! What happened was that Brennan got kidnapped, she died, but not before her and Booth admitted their feelings and then at the funeral Brennan's dad came up and gave Booth Faith who is Brennan's daughter. Anyway 1 more thing i'm still looking for a beta if anyone wants the job. There we go enough blabbing read and review. Please

Keeping Faith

Chapter 1-Looking back

Booth looked down at Faith. She looked so peaceful. She didn't know what had happened to her mother. Booth had now spent 2 months of his life without Brennan. 2 months since he had last seen her. 2 months since she was kidnapped. 2 months since her last breath. 2 months since she died next to him. Faith smiled in her sleep. She would never meet her mother, but Booth made sure she knew who she was and told her about her every night. Everything that had happened in the last 2 months had been like a dream. From the day Brennan had been buried to tonight. Faith was now part of the family and Parker was very protective over his little sister. Booth remembered the day Parker had met Faith. He had talked no stop to her and during tea the 2 of them had managed to get spaghetti everywhere. But of course they had gone off to play and had left Booth to clean up the mess they made. He walked into the kitchen and looked at the only picture he processed of him and Brennan. Angela had taken it when they were at Wong Foo's, celebrating after a long case. He picked it up and wondered whether things would be different if she was still alive. He guessed he would have never met Faith. He placed the picture back with a sigh. Why had it taken him so long to tell her he loved her? Perhaps if he'd told her sooner, she'd still be here. But it was too late, what had happened had happened and nothing he said or did could change that. Life around him had gone on as normal, it was as if he had stopped, but everyone else had kept going. Zack had become his new partner, but it wasn't the same without Brennan and the fact that Booth couldn't understand Zack without a translator didn't help either. There were only 2 things that were keeping Booth going Parker and Faith. He knew without them his life would have no meaning and he would have fallen apart long ago. He walked towards the couch and stood on something. He picked it up, it was a soft toy and one of Faith's favourites. It was a skeleton. Booth swore Faith was growing more like her mother each day. Booth sighed again, that Faith would never know how much she was like her mother. Then he heard something hit the floor near the door. He looked over and saw a white envelope on the floor. He walked over to it and picked it up. On the front was written Agent Booth. Booth opened it. Inside was a note and a picture. Booth read the note first.

He killed her, you killed him. What comes next? I kill her.

Booth looked at the photo, it was a picture of Faith at the park. But she had a red x over her face.