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Dark, NCIS car skidded dangerously around the corner into the parking lot of a snow covered Pine Tree National Park, normally a 30-minute drive from central DC- it had taken the team 15 minutes- Gibb's was driving.

"Ziva, bag the evidence, McGee, Dinozzo, shoot, and sketch," Gibbs motioned for his team to get on with their jobs as he walked over to the car to do whatever it was that Gibbs did.

Ziva walked over to a gun lying at the other end of the parking lot whilst McGee and Dinozzo clambered down a bank towards the body.

"You heard the boss probie," Dinozzo encouraged, patting the young agent on the back "Shoot and Sketch, I'll shoot over here, you go and fetch the Dog Tags," Tony inclined his head towards the dog tags, in the centre of the frozen over lake next to the body of the deceased petty officer.

Tim rolled his eyes, he knew he should have been suspicious of Tony's kind behaviour.

"I'm not going to walk onto the lake Tony, we don't know how thin the ice is, whether it could take my weight."

"You chicken, Probie?" Tony tried to bait McGee as he shot images of the corpse.

"I'm not chicken, Tony, I'm just behaving in a sensible, adult manner…"

"Brah-awwk…" (chicken noise)

"If its so safe, you go and fetch the dog tags and I'll shoot…" McGee suggested, rolling his eyes at his friend again.

Tony obliged happily, explaining over his shoulder how his years of experience and unparalleled skill meant he was able to rise to such challenges, unlike McGeek. Tim decided not to point out he had just succeeded in getting Tony to fetch the dog tags.

"Are you two done yet?" Gibbs yelled down from the parking lot at his two male teammates, Ziva standing next to him, looking smug to have finished her task already.

Tony's monologue was suddenly cut off by a deafening crack, and time seemed to freeze as he plunged, in slow motion into the frozen lake.

"Tony!" Ziva and McGee yelled in unison a Gibbs charged down the bank at lightening speed, leaping into the water where his senior field agent had broken the ice and diving into the lakes frozen depths.

Gibbs reappeared, gasping for air with a seemingly unconscious Tony lolling at his side as Ducky and Jimmy's van pulled up into the parking lot.

"Terribly sorry we're late, Mr.Palmer failed, once again, to read the map correct…Oh my." Ducky was cut short as he turned towards the scene on the side of the lake.

Gibbs dragged a spluttering, gasping and shivering Tony onto the bank, dropping besides him onto his knees as he reached dry land. Tony seemed semiconscious and rolled onto his front, vomiting violently onto his bosses hands as he struggled to expel all of the swallowed water.

Gibbs, having regained his own breath turned to his agent, tugging him into a kneeling position and slapping on the back, hard, helping him to expel the rest of the water.

Tony grabbed blindly at his boss's shirt, shaking more violently now.

"Ziva, call for an ambulance and back-up team, McGee, help me get him up to Ducky!" Gibbs panted, heaving himself and Tony to their feet, Tony all the while semi-lucidly clinging to Gibbs' as if his life depended on it. Ziva ran up to the parking lot to find signal as McGee hauled Tonys Left arm over his shoulder.

The three agents clambered up the bank towards Ducky, who was stepping out from the back of the medical van with a pile of towels, blankets and NCIS sweat suits. Palmer followed with a first aid pack as Gibbs and McGee gently lowered Tony onto the back seat of Gibbs' car. Palmer left the fist aid kit next to the old doctor's knees as he darted off to help Ziva.

Tony seemed more lucid now and his eyes darted around as Gibbs and McGee drew away, leaving Ducky to tend to him.

"He was fetching some evidence from the frozen lake when the ice cracked Duck, he wasn't under for long but I think he's going into shock Duck…" Gibbs explained, kneeling in the Snow alongside Ducky in front of the open car door, using his hand to hold up the lulling head of his agent. McGee hovered behind, not sue what to do.

Ducky nodded, "We need to get him dried, warmed up and changed into dry clothes- you too, Jethro," Ducky added, motioning towards the NCIS standard issue sweat suits that he had placed on the floor of the car.

Gibbs nodded, and retreated to change and dry in the back of the NCIS medical van, not before given Tony a reassuring squeeze of the shoulder as Ducky gently helped Tony to ease himself out of his frozen shirt and pants, covering each part with blankets as he removed the covering item of clothing.

"Timothy, if you wouldn't mind, I need a hand drying off young Anthony. Now when he is in a more aware state he is likely to be somewhat embarrassed by this so I would thank you kindly if you chose not to tease him about it until he is feeling completely better."

"What should I do, Ducky?" McGee asked.

"Well my dear boy, before I dress Tony I need to ensure he is fully dried to minimise the risk of frostbite or him catching cold, would you be so kind as to climb in behind him and help me to dry him?"

McGee nodded, walking around to the other side of the car and climbing onto the backseat besides Tony.

Ducky held Tony gently as McGee rubbed his hair, head, face and Torso with one of the towells.

Just then Gibbs returned, dressed in a warmer looiking outfit..

"Where are Ziva and Jimmy?" he demanded, just as they came jogging back towards the car.

"I could get no signal on the telephone Gibbs, I'm sorry… …Is Tony OK?" Ziva panted.

"OK, is Dinozzzo in need of immediate hospital treatment, Duck?" Gibbs asked, concerned again for his agent and turning back towards him, rubbing his cheek gently as Ducky finished pulling the sweatshirt over Dinozzo's head.

Dinozzo watched Gibb's hand and leant in towards the warmth. Still not fully lucid and relying heavily on the support McGee was providing beides him to keep him upright.

"Hey Boss…" Tony mumbled, sounding slightly drunk but awake none the less.

"Easy Dinozzo," Gibbs cautioned, as Tony started to push away the pile of blankets around him. Ducky tutted and wrapped Tony up again in the mountain of blankets- he didn't protest this time but instead looked around at McGee.

"Hey Probie, your getting a little close for comfort there…" Dinozzo referred to the way McGee was virtually hugging him to his chest to keep him sitting upright so Ducky could examine him. McGee flinched away, embarrassed, causing Tony to slump forwards and be caught by Gibbs and Ziva as Ducky pulled a thick pair of socks- Gibbs wasn't sure where he had produced them from- onto Dinozzos bare feet.

"Well Jethro, I would say that the fact he is warm, dry and lucid suggest he is out of danger in terms of any immediate effects. Given that he has a fully trained doctor in close proximity should he suffer any ill effects, and his hatred for hospitals, I would say he is better off being monitored closely by us…

Gibbs nodded.

"OK, McGee, Ziva Shoot and Sketch, Ducky, you and Palmer collect the body."

The agents and medical examiners scuttled off to perform their various tasks, McGee taking a moment to steady Tony into a comfortable position leaning against the back rest.

Gibbs climbed into the car besides Tony, closing the doors before turning on the heating full blast. "You warm enough Dinozzo?" Gibbs asked.

Down besides the lake, as they shot the body, Ziva questioned McGee.

"Why the fuss over Tony McGee, Gibbs was in the water too, and they both seem fine? Is it not giving into Dinozzos attention seeking to molly-cobble him?"

Tim frowned, "Its molly-coddle Ziva, and when the Plague Ton suffered from has left his lungs seriously compromised, he is extremely vulnerable to lung infections like pneumonia, particularily when he experiences extreme conditions like he has today… …it could be enough to kill him. If you'd seen him with the plague, you'd understand why we are cautious, it was terrifying…"

Ziva frowned apologetically- she hadn't realised.

Back in the car, as Gibbs covered Tony in his coat, he let out a deep, chesty but spluttering cough…

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