Tony stifled a yawn. He was sitting, under a thick quilt on Gibbs's sofa. Abby hadn't arrived yet; she had taken McGee over to Tony's to collect him some clothes, toiletries and of course the dreaded air humidifier. McGee had been sent under strict instructions from Tony to fetch his video games console, TV, a collection of DVDs and any other gadgets that Gibbs was unlikely to have.

He closed his eyes and spluttered another chesty cough. Gibbs, who had disappeared into his kitchen as soon as he had manoeuvred a drowsy Tony onto his sofa, stuck his head into the living room.

"Alright there Dinozzo?" Gibbs moved to his agent's side when the coughing didn't subside. Patting Tony gently on the back and feeling his forehead with his palm. Gibbs frowned as Tony finished coughing. "Ducky told me to keep your temperature down as much as I can, you feel hot to me."

Gibbs disappeared and reappeared a moment later carrying the pile of medical supplies Ducky had given him before he had taken Dinozzo over to his place- a bottle of pills, an electric thermometer and a medicated inhaler that Gibbs recognised as being similar to the ones that Dr. Pitt had used in Bethesda when Tony's breathing was particularly bad- they were designed to sooth and relax strained throat muscles to help the patient to breath. Ducky had assured Gibbs it was only a precaution- he was confident Dinozzo's condition would remain stable enough that inhaler not be necessary.

Tony groaned at the sight of the thermometer.

"Boss, I'm fine, honest…" his protesting was cut short by the end of the thermometer being stuck under his tongue. Tony pouted in the same way he had earlier in the day.

"I'm warning you, Dinozzo, take that out before it beeps and I'll follow Ducky's advice to the letter and keep you strictly in bed for the next few days- that means no DVDs, no video games, nothing." Tony opened his mouth in shock that Gibbs had so easily seen through his plan to smuggle (with McGee's help) all of his gadgets into his make shift home, then quickly closed it before his boss realised the thermometer was not firmly in his mouth.

He doorbell rang and Gibbs went to open it. Tony knew from the clicking of the boots on Gibbs floor that Abby had arrived before she even got to the living room.

Abby stepped through the door, followed by a huge pile of gadgets and essential items supported by a pair of legs Tony assumed where McGee's.

"You can put all that in my guest room, McGee," Gibbs said, motioning his head towards the door at the foot of his landing. McGee struggled up the stairs and disappeared into Tony's substitute bedroom.

The thermometer beeped, Gibbs removed it from Tony's mouth before he could himself and held it to the light.

"Not too bad TDinozzo, but you keep it that way." Gibbs commented, cuffing Dinozzo affectionately around the ear as he retreated back to the kitchen.

With Gibbs gone, Tony got a chance to fully take in Abby's appearance. She was dressed in a pair of pyjamas decorated with a pattern of bat motifs and was carrying a gothic suitcase, emblazoned with a skull and crossbones.

"You walk around the street outside my apartment dressed like that, Abs?" he croaked, his throat sore from coughing.

Abby bobbed her head enthusiastically: "Yep!"

'Great' Tony thought, 'and my neighbours hadn't even had time to recover from Ziva tackling old Mr. McNeil to the ground when she dropped me off that time my car broke down, they already think I work in a mad house.' Tony smiled; he wouldn't want it any other way.

Abby curled up on the sofa besides Tony, wrapping one arm around him, using the other to feel his forehead.

"My poor Tony, your all hot," she said as McGee reappeared from the bedroom and came downstairs.

"Probie!" Tony's voice was still hoarse but had all of the usual enthusiasm that he reserved for Probie baiting.

"I've set up your TV and DVD across from the bed, you just need to plug in the game console if you want to use it." McGee explained, eyeing the haggard appearance of his sick friend.

"And I plugged in the air humidifier, it's on right now." Tony groaned as he recognised the irritating buzz of the air humidifier coming from upstairs.

"So, um, I'd better be going…"

"No McGee! Stay for dinner, join in on our sleepover!" Abby urged, jiggling up and down besides Tony.

"Well, um, er…"

"Come on, McGeek, its gotta be better than playing an elflord on your own in your apartment…" Tony patted the space on the sofa on the other side of him from Abby encouragingly. He had a feeling he may need McGee to distract a fussing Abby later on.

"Um…" McGee perched, warily, besides his co-worker.

"Gibbs! McGee's staying for dinner!" Abby bellowed towards Gibbs in the kitchen.

Tony leant his head back onto the sofa and dozed between his two friends, Abby practically vibrating with excitement as she showed McGee her sleeping bag- a black, silk one with a full sized skeleton embroidered on the front, McGee just adding a few words here and there, intimidated both by being in his bosses house and by the seemingly asleep Dinozzo beside him, who he was quite sure was conscious enough to realise his head was on his shoulder and that it was making McGee feel awkward.

Suddenly, the silence was broken as Tony's eyes shot open and he lunged forward, choking for breath.

Abby squealed and McGee grabbed hold of Dinozzo's shoulders to stop him falling to he floor.

Gibbs appeared in an instant and was smacking his senior field agents back, hard.

"Gibbs, stop! You're hurting him!" Abby wailed, close to tears as she cupped Dinozzo's pain stricken face in her hands.

"He's choking Abs, I have to knock the crap out of his lungs," Gibbs panted, not looking away from what he was doing.

Abby nodded, shrieking as Tony bent further forward, choking up onto Gibbs's carpet.

"Easy, Dinozzo," Gibbs cautioned, as Tony visible slumped, exhausted, helping him to lay down on the sofa.

"Fetch me a glass of water Abs, McGee, call Ducky…"

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