Being Here When You're Not

Summary: It's Very sad…Well sort off. This is a sequel to my story Drowning, I finally got the idea of how I'm going to do this. It is now a year after the fight between Sasori and Chiyo; and Deidara is trying to cope without Sasori with him. Everyone thinks he's a broken shell and begins to believe it's time to let him go. When Deidara meets a person who's exactly like Sasori he begins to fall in love again. Who is this mysterious person though?

Chapter One:

It was a year after Sasori's death and Tobi was now a full member of the Akatsuki's, being partnered up with Deidara, who was less then thrilled. Most of the missions end up Tobi being almost blown up, or beaten to death. Deidara clearly showed he didn't care about his new partner and all of the Akatsuki's saw this quite interesting to a certain point. They warned Deidara though if he was the reason for Tobi's death then his head was next.

Kya had became like a younger sister to Deidara by always telling him it'll be alright and if he has none of the others there for him at least he'll know she was there for him. For the past now three more months nothing has happened since their main goal was to go after Orochimaru then go after the demons; so everything has been pretty much quiet now and Deidara keeps to himself most of the time. It was the Akatsuki's first vacation ever. Tobi enjoys bothering Deidara since the blond is not allowed to harm the major hyper active Akatsuki member. The member that Deidara used to be, before Sasori was killed.

Deidara's POV

"DEIDARA-SENPAI!" Came the annoy voice from hell, god does that idiot ever get the hint that I want him to leave me the fuck alone! I was sitting in the Cherry Blossom Orchid looking at the Cherry Blossoms bloom remembering how Sasori and I would do this every year. Everything was quiet until HIS voice rang out. I looked up to see Tobi running over to me then suddenly tripped over his own damn feet landing face first into the dirt. I looked away my eyes saddened because that would be me running up to Sasori and me landing face first into the dirt. Without even realizing it I began crying doubling over covering my ears to block out the memories and Sasori's voice.

"Deidara-Senpai?" I heard Tobi ask worriedly but I could barely hear him from all the memories running through my head. I tensed up when I felt someone wrap their arms around my shoulders. I opened my eyes, and I knew it was Tobi; I didn't push him away, I never did because I knew he was only trying to help. That was the only time Tobi wasn't annoying. Kya and Tobi were engaged and I was happy for her, but I used to never be able see how anyone could love Tobi, but now I do see. I used to be exactly like him. I wrapped my arms around him and began crying. I preferred Tobi when he was serious, because then I had someone to go to for when I could go to no one else and if Kya was busy with something important. We stayed like that for what seemed like hours until I was able to pull myself away wiping my eyes with the back of my sleeve. I had gotten a new arm from the courtesy of Kakuzu…He's one of the ones who still creep me out to no end. My new arm doesn't have a mouth on it so I guess I'm ALMOST put back together again.

"Do I need to go get Kya, Deidara-Senpai?" I heard Tobi ask, but I only shook my head no looking up at the trees again.

"I have bad news Senpai." He stated more seriously.

"What is it?" I asked a bit bluntly.

"The leader-sama's are looking for a new replacement. They think your emotions are getting in the way of your fighting and believe you should be kicked off. I'll be moved to being partnered with Zetsu. The new recruit will be partnered with you…They said if you can prove that you're strong enough or equally matched for this persons ability then you two will be partners. The new person will be here in a week." Tobi explained, my eyes widened from other shock before they squinted up in utter hate and I got up.

"I'll talk with you later Tobi, I'm going to go have a word with Madara-Sama and Yondaime-Sama." I hissed and began making my way towards the base again hearing Tobi shouting at me that it wasn't a good idea, but I didn't listen. I never listened anymore. I made my way to the dojo where I found our leaders…They were always training. I leaned against the door glaring daggers into their backs waiting for them to notice me.

"What do you want Deidara? Don't tell me Tobi already told you! We were planning on telling you soon." One of them said, he had short yellow blonde spicky hair with menacing blue eyes that would sometimes turn red if you made him angry enough.

"When would that have been after I failed in proving myself?! Well I have a couple of words for you Yondaime-Sama…I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE! I'm not going to loose my spot to a fucking rookie!" I snapped glaring even harder at the two. The guy with long black hair and red Sharingans eyes went shock at my outburst, but I kept my straight face for once.

"Then you better start proving yourself. Stop being a little baby and get over Sasori's death god damn it! You're beginning to get on my nerves you little shit!" Our other leader said, his name was Uchiha Madara…The Uchiha Genius other than, Uchiha Itachi. My lips curved into an evil smirk.

"Oh I will prove myself just you wait!" I smarted off, and then stormed off back to my room which used to be Sasori's room. I had moved all of my things into there after he was dead. Madara-Sama had thrown a fit when I did, it was quite funny. I walked into the bathroom connected to the room and pulled ALL of my hair into a low pony tail braid and began repairing the camera. I haven't been careful during missions that I began to go blind with it so it was in need of repair and thank god Sasori taught me how to repair it. After I was finished I smirked to myself and began to cut my hair until it was down to my shoulders then pulled it back in to a low pony tail.

"Let's see how everyone reacts to this! I bet their all gonna shit their pants." I joked to no one in particular walking back into the room and sighed. I was about to do something I never wanted to do…I packed Sasori's things into boxes and stored everything in the extra closet that he had. The other closet had all my things in it. I locked the closet and stuck the key in a dresser draw hiding it. Maybe one day I'll be able to take everything out again, but until then I'm going to prove everyone I'm not the blond they used to know.

There's chapter one for you! Hoped you liked it, yes this is going to be a very weird, random and dramatic story! Please comment. Yes i know it isn't very long i'll try to make the next chapter longer