Chapter SEVEN


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Deidara had healed up very nicely and was doing a whole lot better, and his hair was almost grown back to its natural length to before he had cut it. Sasori still thought that Deidara was being a child for doing, but after while thought his hair looked sexy. But…he stile preferred Deidara's long hair. Sasori also enjoyed Deidara's insane outbursts of anger for when someone angered him, because he nearly killed that person. Pein on the other hand wasn't so thrilled because he was usually the one receiving the out bursts from the spastic blond. Madara stayed cooped up in his room as usual and that suited Deidara and Sasori just fine. But now it was time for them to head to Iwa. Deidara loved his sister and all but she could be a real pain in the ass sometimes, especially since he'll be the one walking her down the isle. He was not thrilled about this.

"Hey Deidara do you think Kiri will be happy to see us again?" Sasori asked, but Deidara only grunted. Sasori rolled his eyes chuckling. The blond had been acting like this since they all left…Madara stayed behind to plan an evil plot against Orochimaru and Konoha. Everyone called him a closet freak behind his back. It was the Akatsuki inside joke.

"Come now Deidara-Sempai, don't act like that!" Tobi said his arms wrapped around Kya's shoulders (Remember her from Drowning? She was the one Deidara thought Sasori fell in love with just in case you all forgot ).

"Make me Tobi. I honestly don't care un!" Deidara mumbled adjusting the camera he has over his right eye (I honestly don't know which eye) so he could see better out of it. Sasori sighed and stopped grabbing Deidara's arm. He motioned everyone to keep going, they all nodded and kept walking. Deidara groaned in annoyance.

"Okay Deidara what's the big deal?" Sasori asked.

"N-nothing except other members of my family are gonna be there un! I know their all going to be complaining about why she chose me to walk her down the isle…when she could chosen any of them un. I am the most hated member of my family. Kiri was the only one who loved me un! I'm…I'm just nervous is all Sasori-Danna. Also this camera is beginning to bug me…I wish I had a fake eye for when I go around a normal person and use the camera for fights." Deidara explained rubbing his arm looking away.

"Well I can't fix your family problem, but I sure can fix your eye problem. I went through your diary when you were in the coma." Sasori chuckled pulling a small box that looked like it held an engagement ring in it.

"Your eye color was very hard to create, because they're so blue…their as blue as the ocean." Sasori kept speaking opening the box to reveal a glass eye which looked exactly like a normal eye.

"The type of glass is one that won't irritate the skin when inserted and its easy to pull out. All you need to do is keep one hand in front of the and have some gently smack the back of your head and it'll pop out. But what I want to bo is permanently put it in and make a camera to put over your eye like a normal scope. We'll do that when get back though." Sasori explained unhooking Deidara's camera scope and gently set it in one of his empty pouches then gently inserted the glass eye. Deidara blinked and looked around, he could see a whole lot better than with the camera. To be honest he thought that he could go into battle without the scope and still come out unscathed.

"Thank you Sasori-Danna." Deidara smiled hugging the red head, Sasori smiled to himself and hugged the blond back.

"Now lets put all of your hair back." Sasori smiled, undoing the blonds hair then pulled all of it back into a full pony tail. The hair was being stubborn so Sasori decided to bring up short talk.

"So did you really use a fork to pull out your eye?" Sasori asked, Deidara chuckled.

"No… and I can't believe you of all people actually believed that, you see my sister when she was really young…About three years of age yea. You see she was kidnapped by an enemy ninja, I was five years old and quite protective over her, so I did the stupid thing and followed after them. I was determined to get her back no matter what. When they got to their hideout, I followed them right in and was too brave to be honest. I didn't worry about anything else but her safety. So I engaged in a fight even though I was outnumbered and outmatched. So I just kept avoiding them sincei I noticed they weren't even trying. They knew I was just a stupid academy student. One threw a kunai at my sister and I jumped in the way attempting to catch it, but….It hit my eye instead not full force so it didn't hit my brain. It hurt really bad. I felt as if I was going to die un. Thinking back to how Kiri was I sucked it and pulled the kunai out along with my eye. That was the first time I used my Kekai Genkai, they were my first victims. Kiri had fainted in fear so I carried her back home, after shredding my shirt and wrapping the pieces in a way where it covered my eye…" Deidara explained pausing a bit taking deep breaths.

"…When I got home the whole family was there my mother was in a panic. I luckily had a jacket with hood on so I had earlier put the hood on to hide my face. My father had always said that if I kept my face flawless I could become a spy ninja, to pose as a girl. My aunt had instantly taken my sister from me and rushed her to a room to see if she had any damage. My cousins were congratulating me for rescuing her…I knew because I saw the ransom note in my fathers hand. But I didn't care, when my mother went to remove the hood of my jacket I shrinked away pulling the hood further down. I didn't want them to see. I didn't want to disappoint my father even more. The family already cursed the mouths on me and my sisters' hands. We were the only two with them. My cousins started clucking and calling my chicken, it upset me so much that I ran from the room and went to mine. I felt safe in the sculpture filled room, but even then I hid in my closet my knees drawn to my chest. It wasn't long until my father came in, he came straight to my closet since that was my main hiding spot. He had to drag me out, but he made sure my hood stayed up. It was the first time he cared for me. The first time he showed he loved me. To not anger him when he told me to pull back the hood, I did as I was told. My shredded shirt by then was soaked in my blood and some droplets ran down my cheeks. He had rushed me to the hospital immediately…That's when I first received my camera eye. And since then Kiri and I were always inseparable." Deidara finished not realizing he had tears running down his cheeks from both eyes. Sasori starred at his lovers face sadly before placing his palms on the blonds' cheeks wiping the tears away with his thumbs.

"You're a remarkable brat Deidara…And I'm glad you came into my life and showed me how to love." Sasori said leaning forward and captured Deidara's lips with his own feeling Deidara wrap his arms around his neck. Sasori instantly wrapped his arms around Deidara's waist pulling the other closer to him deepening the kiss. The two stayed like that kissing until they both needed air.

"We should catch up before Pein becomes irritated un." Deidara chuckled, Sasori chuckled as well the two getting up and began trying to catch up to the others hand in hand. When they finally did it was in the small village where Deidara and "Shinja" bought clothes waiting in a restraunt. The two were surprised to see the other two sand siblings and squad seven there chatting casually with the others.

"Did you guys like die and come back to life as normal people un?" Deidara joked getting smacked by Hidan and Itachi.

"SASORI-DANNA!" Deidara whined and everyone just laughed the red hugging the pouty blond.

"Come on you guys we're not that far! The ceremony should be starting soon!" Sakura smiled standing quite close to the older Uchiha. Deidara starred at them and noticed Itachi's very tiny blush.

"OH MY GOD YOU TWO ARE DATING YEA!" Deidara yelled, everyone including Sasori smacked him.

"If you weren't in that bloody coma you would have known that long ago idiot! And tell Madara to leave Konoha alone! The pranks are unnecessary!" Naruto yelled, Deidara shrunk away then ran out of the building everyone following him. They had to catch up to him though since he ran pretty fast. Itachi was carrying Sakura (Sorry guys Sasuke is in a three way with Naruto and Sai). They all reached Iwa in record time, the new guards didn't even bother to stop them, they already knew who they were. The ceremony had already begun, Deidara saw the remainder of his family, even his father the one other person in direct line he didn't kill. He simply told everyone he did. Kiri was becoming Kage of Iwa because their father resigning due to health issues. He had cancer in his lungs. Something Deidara has known for a long time.

"Okay dad is up there…So why the hell am I the one walking Kiri down the stupid isle tomorrow afternoon!" Deidara complained standing with the others at the back of the crowd.

"Ask her then idiot!" Kisame smirked beginning to push through to the front followed by everyone else. Sasori began going forward but notice Deidara not following.

"Dei-Kun?" Sasori asked looking to the blond worriedly, Deidara just gave him a sincere smile waving his hand at the red head to go ahead. Sasori nodded then ran to catch up to the others. Once the Akatsuki's and the Konoha nin's were out of site he back up into the shadows and went his and Kiri's favorite spot. The same little river where he was caught just a week ago. He fixed his hair again so that his bangs were covering his right eye.

"I deserve to look ugly. Danna shouldn't have gone through the trouble." He said to himself.

"Hey! Aren't you supposed to be on stage un?" Someone said from behind him, Deidara turned to see a boy with long black hair pulled into a braid.

"Hello Nikkou, why aren't you on the stage then if you're out here looking for me?" Deidara asked standing up with his arms crossed.

"Kiri refuses to go on with the ceremony until you're up there with her. You're boyfriend is out looking now to cause you weren't at the spot he left you un." Nikkou smirked, Deidara sighed then walked passed the boy.

"Oh an by the way thanks, for watching over Kiri I mean for all these years I've been gone." Deidara said then continued you on. Nikkou shrugged and followed after his younger cousin catching up and began babbling.

'Now I see why dad gets annoyed with my talking…I learned the un's from Nikkou! WANDERFUL!' Deidara thought sarcastically as they arrived to the stage Sasori glaring at him. Deidara just smiled and waved then was shoved onto the stage thing.

"NII-SAN!" Kiri cheered jumping onto Deidara, who caught her in his arms.

"Hey Imouto-Chan, so you ready to take responsibility un?" He asked smiling at his sister.

"You bet I am yea!" Kiri cheered then ran over to the elder the ceremony beginning. Deidara took his place next to his father not bothering to look up at him. Nikkou joined his other to cousins Kanishi, and Hanishi, his twin girl cousins who loved to dress him up when they were little. Those were memories he always shuddered at.

'No wonder I ended up gay in the end. I blame those two!' Deidara thought watching two blue birds flutter around.

"You've grown Deidara…I'm proud of you." He heard his father say, Deidara looked up at him with shocked wide eyes.

"Thank you Katai-Tousan." Deidara smiled and looked down. The ceremony lasted only about for another hour causing Deidara to fall asleep standing up and snoring, his father chuckled when Kiri woke up the blond.

"So what took you so long to get to the stage?!" Kiri asked all pouty.

"I was dreading the moment when you'd start crying Kiri!" Deidara teased tickling her.

"NO FAIR DEIDARA!" Kiri laughed.

"Kiri why did you choose me to walk you down the isle?" Deidara asked once they were all at the newly built house.

"Because you were the one who always would rescue me when I was in trouble, but the one time that stood out the most was the time you saved me when I was three and you five. I still blame myself for you loosing your eye. I'm truly sorry and I always will be." Kiri explained, Deidara sighed smiling before pulling his sister into a hug.

"Never blame yourself for that, besides who needs an eye when all I need is to hear your sweet beautiful voice Kiri?" Deidara smiled, Kiri stood there shocked before smiling tackling Deidara to the floor with a hug.

"Girly…" Kanishi began.

"…boy." Hanishi finished then went up to their rooms.

"Alright everyone to bed we have a big day tomorrow!" Katai ordered, Sasori and Deidara smiled at one another then ran up the stairs, everyone all decided at that moment Tobi would be going and waking them up the next morning. (Poor, poor Tobi).

The Scene Everyone Has Been Waiting For! (I apologize if it's short all my lemons are short)

Before the door was even shut and locked Deidara was already engulfed in Sasori's arms the two kiss passionately. When the door was finally locked the two stripped each other of their clothes collapsing to the bed, Deidara on the bed of course, Sasori on top. Sasori tangled his fingers in the blonds hair plunging his tongue into Deidara's mouth both of their tongues coming alive. One of Sasori's hands slid down the blonds chest and went further until he reached the blonds erection running his hand slowly down it and repeated. Deidara moaned into their kiss bucking his hips his erection hitting against Sasori's earning a moan from the red head. Sasori moved his other hand down Deidara until both hands gripped behind Deidara's knees pulling them up and placing them on his shoulders. Sasori rubbed his cheek against Deidara's leg nibbling at the skin placing his member at Deidara's hole.

"You want this?" Sasori teased, Deidara glared at him.

"Move it or I will!" Deidara warned, Sasori smirked before slamming into Deidara kissing the blond before he was able to scream out. He waited until Deidara began kissing back before moving in and out already having memorized of where Deidara's prostate was. Deidara dug his fingers into Sasori's back with each thrust until he came. He always came first, but this time before Sasori finished another thrust he was moved onto his back. He glared at Deidara.

"Trust me un." Deidara whispered huskily in Sasori's ear, before moving away, Sasori knew exactly what was going on.

'Shit usually I have to force him to do this!' He thought gasping and gripping the sheets when Deidara ran his tongue up Sasori's length already feeling the blonds hot breath.

"Oh god Deidara, do it already." Sasori moaned a shiver of pleasure running through his body as Deidara engulfed Sasori's entire length into his mouth. Deidara placed his hands on Sasori's thighs moving his head up and down in a slowly, the mouths on his hands licking and nipping at Sasori's skin. Sasori gasped in pleasure tangling his fingers in the blonds hair gripping it tightly. Deidara slowly ran his tongue up Sasori's length before going back down even more slow.

"God damn it Deidara, I swear…I'll take back over…if you don't….stop teasing…me!" Sasori breathed out bucking his hips, Deidara just smirked sucking harder. Sasori gasped squirming feeling the pleasure building up; he was about to come.

"De-Deidara." Sasori moaned his seed soiling into Deidara's mouth, and he limply laid there on the bed. Deidara licked up every drop of Sasori's come before tacking his spot beside the red curling into his lover.

"Ashiteru Danna." Deidara yawned before falling asleep his head laying on top of Sasori's chest. Sasori smiled wrapping his arm around the blonds' shoulders and kissed his head.

"Ashiteru to you two brat." Sasori smiled before falling asleep himself after covering them both up with the blanket. The next morning the two were very much rudely awoken by Kanishi and Hanishi; they squirted the two with a hose. Deidara sat in the bed before quickly getting dressed and chasing them out of the room and all the way out of the house.

"Some things never change." Nikkou mumbled sipping his coffee with Katai, the two watched Sasori chase after the blond and sighed. Today was going to be a long day for sure. Once breakfast was eaten everyone but the twins and Deidara left for where the ceremony was going to be. Deidara and the twins were left with the responsibility to get Kiri ready, and also to make sure Deidara learns how to walk without tripping and falling.

"Hey, um…Deidara?" Kiri asked as the blond male was tying the obi to her wedding kimono into a neat bow.

"Hm?" He asked being all serious and what not.

"How much to you love Sasori?" She asked fixing her hair while the twins did her make up, Deidara was a bit lost for words. Deidara sighed and leaned his head on Kiri's back since she was standing on a wooden stool.

"The day that Sasori had died was the day I died. I felt so empty to the point that, I couldn't breathe, eat, think…Fuck…I couldn't do anything. Tobi was left with his fiancé well now wife to keep me from killing myself everyday. I felt so….helpless…pathetic. I knew if he were to ever come back…he'd be disappointed and leave me….thinking I'm weak. I'd do anything to bring him was all I kept praying to Kami! I got him back but what did I loose in return is the question?" Deidara explained, he wrapped his arms around Kiri protectively.

"But this is what I promise I won't allow anything to happen to you…ever." Deidara smiled letting go and stepped back. Kiri turned around and faced her brother confusion in her eyes, she then smiled and jumped into her brothers arms smiling happily.

"Promise me this then…Don't you ever leave Sasori-Kun, because I know he'd never leave you." Kiri whispered, Deidara set her down placing his hand on top of her head.

"That is one promise I'll never break…Now who says we get to the ceremony, I think we're gonna be late." Deidara smiled lifting Kiri into his arms bridal style and walked out of the house.

"What about the carriage?!" Kiri panicked hugging onto Deidara tightly.

"I'll just carry you the whole way!" Deidara smiled Kanishi and Hanishi following behind him playing paper, scissor, rock.

"Hey Dei?" Kiri asked looking up at the sky.

"What is it Kiri?" Deidara asked getting annoyed by there cousins.

"Did you ever achieve the dream that was the reason why you left the village? Did you ever find that family you wanted to belong to?" Kiri asked resting her head on her brothers shoulder.

"I found the family, but my dream is well…I guess non-existent now. I'm part of a group of criminals…I don't think I'm well known anywhere." Deidara said as they reached the ceremony building.

"You're wrong, when I went on missions….Every Akatsuki was always known by there name…Even if it's not a hero…At least you're well known…Because you'll always be my hero Dei-Kun…You did save me before and I know you always will." Kiri smiled as she was sat down then she bounced into the building getting greeted by Nikkou.

"Deidara?" The two twins asked watching him.

"I always knew she'd be wise." Deidara sighed walking into the building. The ceremony went on without any flaws….except for Deidara tripping towards the end of walking Kiri to the alter; every Akatsuki smacked their forehead. To Katai's surprise was that Deidara stayed awake during the whole thing. Afterwards everyone met up at the reception waiting for the newly weds arrival.

"Deidara nice fall dimwit!" Kisame joked only to get elbowed in the gut by the blond. Sasori busted out in laughter watching as Deidara drank more white whine.

"DEIDARA-KUN!" Rang out Kiri's voice signally that the couple had arrived, she wore a more appropriate outfit for dancing.

"So where did you stash the formal kimono un?" Deidara teased getting punched playfully in the arm by his sister.

"At least I'm not the last one to get married!" Kiri teased, Deidara went instantly emo, everyone went into sweat drop.

"What so wrong about being the last one?" Hidan asked, everyone shrugged, Hanishi then shout party the music starting up.

"Hey hold up Hanishi, Kiri needs have the first dance with Gaara then she has to dance with Katai-San!" Kanishi and Deidara snapped, the younger twin pouted as Gaara led Kiri onto the dance floor the two beginning to dance. Deidara sat at one of the many white round tables, Sasori soon joined him.

"Something's bothering you." Sasori simply stated, Deidara sighed before lying his head onto Sasori's shoulder.

"I want to get married, have kids and get away from everything…I want to be a normal person with a normal family." Deidara explained sadly.

"Then go do that us Akatsuki's won't stop you…I'll understand." Sasori snapped getting up to leave but someone grabbed his wrist.

"I want all of that with you as my significant other….my husband…my true love…my soul mate." Deidara explained further looking at Sasori with pleading eyes. Sasori smiled softly bending over and captured Deidara's lips gently.

"Of course my princess." Sasori teased taking his seat. Through out the whole reception Deidara either was standing by the whine stand or sitting watching everyone converse. He still felt unwanted among his family.

"Deidara-Kun come dance with me!" Kiri cheered dragging the blond onto the dance floor by his hand.

"You know I can't dance." Deidara whispered, Kiri shrugged a I don't care, she planted Deidara at certain spot then ran off and dragged Sasori on as well pushing them together.

"Now dance, I have to go talk to Sakura-Chan!" Kiri cheered and ran off.

(Warning: The song is from the Taiwan band S.H.E but it's a real good song…read message at the end of the chapter for more info on my Story Picture Video Tribute on YouTube )

Chuan Shuo Man Chang Han Han Ru Shi Shi Ban

Ji Zai Zhe Duan Huang Huang Bu An

Yan Se Jin Huang A Bo Luo De Guang Mang

Que Bi Bu Shang Da Fu Ni De Yong Gan

Deidara and Sasori just looked at each other and blushed before wrapping there arms around each other and began swaying to the music. Kiri and Sakura dimmed the lights star like lights spiraling around the room.

Mei You Yi Zhong Ai Ke Yi Zai Zi You Zhi Shang

Da Fu Ni De Shang Hua Shen Yue Gui Shu Jue Jiang

Yue Gui Shu Piao Xiang Na Yue Feng Lian Yue Guang

Wo De Ai Hen Bu Yi Yang

Deidara kept his head rested on Sasori's shoulder letting all his good memories of them flood in, blocking everyone else out. He was there on the dance floor in his lovers arms'.

Su Jing De Lian Shang Cong Bu Mo Nong Zhuang Jian Chi Zi Ji Xi Huan

Yue Gui Shu Piao Xiang Yun Chan Rao Xing Guang

Wo Yao You Hua Jiu Jiang

Wu Bian De Hai Yang Na Liao Kuo De Xiang Xiang Bi Shei Dou Bu Ping Fan

Sasori rest one of his hands on the back of Deidara's head his other arm wrapped protectively around the blonds' waist. He glared at all the laughing faces from the Akatsuki's (Which was everyone but Tobi, and Pein LOL).

Sen Lin He Pan A Bo Luo Zai Zhui Gan

Ku Zhe Dai Shang Da Fu Ni De Gui Guan

Bei Su Fu De Ai Yi Jing Mei You Le Wen Nuan

Da Fu Ni De Shang Xin Teng Qian Nian Jian Liu Chuan

Tobi sighed and wrapped his arm around Kya smiling to himself. All he kept thinking as he watched the two dance was it was about time. Pein just thought that the annoying complaining will be finally over.

Yue Gui Shu Piao Xiang Na Ye Feng Lian Yue Guang

Wo De Ai Hen Bu Yi Yang

Su Jing De Lian Shang Cong Bu Mo Nong Zhuang Jian Chi Zi Ji Xi Huan

Yue Gui Shu Piao Xiang Yun Chan Rao Xing Guang

The two twins, Nikkou and Katai stood there with the what was left of the family watching Deidara and his boyfriend Sasori a sense of pride over them. Deidara had proved them all wrong. He was able to change something.

Wo Yao You Hua Jiu Jiang

Wu Bian De Hai Yang Na Liao Kuo De Xiang Xiang Bi Shei Dou Bu Ping Fan

Ai Yao Huang Ai Kao An

Wo Hang Xiang Qian Fang Xun Zhao Gui Guan

Deidara looked up at Sasori as the song began coming to the end, he could tell by how the climax of the song had just came. Sasori looked down at his blond pulling him even closer capturing Deidara's lips. Deidara had to wrap his arms around Sasori's neck to keep himself from falling over. Kiri stood next to Gaara hugging onto his arm.

'Way to go Deidara! You finally did it. You proved all of us wrong by finding love.' Kiri thought watching Sasori spin Deidara around in a circle the blond laughing full heartedly. Deidara was finally happy and had no care in the world as long as he had Sasori right there beside him.

The End

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