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Summary: Ever since Naruto was assigned to become Sasuke playmate, he never left his side. Soon after, Naruto had realized that he had fallen in love with him. One day, Sasuke receives the news that his parents were killed in a in a robbery and left Sasuke alone with his older brother Itachi, the slaves in the house (including Naruto), and all their money. All of this stuff didn't make Sasuke happy. He never got to spend time with his parents because they were always busy. Seeing Sasuke sad, Naruto promise to one day make him smile but what happens when Sasuke takes all his anger out on Naruto? Will he take it too far making Naruto leave him before he gets a chance to see him smile?

Anything For You

Ch.1- Age 4: Meeting Sasuke

A small blonde stood outside a large house. He started to walk between the gates that went around the house's lot but he stopped suddenly. His blue eyes were set on the sign that read, "The Uchiha's". His eyes traveled to the front door, causing a smile to grace his childish features. 'I guess this is where I'm going to live from now on.' The little boy thought as his smile grew wider.

"Ah! You must be Naruto." A man with brown hair that was pulled back into a ponytail said as he opened the door.

Naruto noticed there was a scar across his nose, causing him to wonder what had happened to leave such an ugly scar.

Looking down at the little boy, he smiled and offered his hand. "I'm Iruka." Taking the hand that was offered to him he smiled back.

"This is strange, a girl as the young Master's playmate, strange indeed." Iruka said with confusion on his face, shaking the feeling off he patted Naruto on the head.

"I'm not a GIRL!" Naruto yelled, pointing an accusing finger at the man. Ever since he was young people had mistaken him for a girl, they said it was because he had such a feminine face and figure. It wasn't his fault he took after his mom more than his dad, and it made him mad.

"Oh? Not a girl…" Iruka said, surprised at the fact, but couldn't help but feeling relieved. "Well that's good, I apologize."

The boy pouted and stuck a very pink tongue at the man before him, causing said man to chuckle slightly. "If you keep doing that, everyone will mistake you for a girl."

"They already do." Naruto whispered, but loud enough for Iruka to hear him. Iruka smiled at the boy who hadn't stopped pouting.

"Well Naruto, would you like to meet Sasuke?" Iruka asked. He opened the door wider to indicate that Naruto could come in. Naruto nodded his head and went into the warm house.

"It's so HUGE!" Naruto yelled as he entered the house. He had always lived in a crowded orphanage so he had never seen a place so big! He lived with many different families too, those people however either had a small apartment or a small normal house. "How does Sasuke live in such a huge place?"

Iruka laughed as he watched Naruto throw his hands in the air to add emphasis on the 'huge'. "Well Naruto, Sasuke's family lives here as well; his mother and father, as well as his older brother Itatchi." Iruka informed the little boy who stared at him with a surprised expression.

"Eh? There are more people?" Naruto asked, practically shouting in his childish voice.

Iruka nodded, he turned towards the stairs that were near the front door. "Wait here Naruto. I'm going to get Sasuke. I bet he'd be happy to see you." Iruka said smiling. Naruto smiled back.

Sasuke Uchiha, a six years old boy, was in his room sitting at his desk, bored. The boy had been at his desk drawing for the past few hours, the only thing he had accomplished to do was draw an abusive duck beat up a weasel. He shifted uncomfortably in his chair and leaned his head against his hand. Glancing up at the clock which hung on his wall just above him, he sighed. It read one o'clock, his parent had promised to have a surprise for him around 12:45, but nothing had come; no car, no opened door, no voices, no surprise.

"Like away." The little boy thought as he picked up his drawing and placed it in his art folder. Like always Sasuke was about to lose hope, the sound of a door opening caused him to pause in that train of though. 'Could it be them?' He wondered as he ran out of his room and down the hallway that lead to the stairs.

"Wait here Naruto. I'm going to get Sasuke. I bet he'd be happy to see you." Sasuke stopped dead in his tracks. It wasn't his parents it was just Iruka and a small girl he had never seen before. He sighed; he was really hoping to see his parents. Looking at the blonde girl, Sasuke noticed she had the deepest ocean blue eyes and the lightest blonde hair he had ever seen. Feeling a slight bit nervous he watched the blond smile at Iruka and the man turn around to face him.

"Ah Young Master, you've come down." Sasuke looked up from the blue eyed girl to stare at the older man.

"Sasuke, this is Naruto, your new playmate." Iruka stated walking over and placing a hand on Naruto's head. "He is the surprise your parent's told you about."

Sasuke stood there in shock. "Why would they send me a girl playmate?" Sasuke yelled, his voice dripping with confusion, a finger pointed at Naruto.