Anything For You

Chapter 21: New Perspective

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Sasuke POV
People say just before you die, your life flashes before your eyes, but that never happen to me. All I could see was fuzzy darkness and I tried to open my eyes but I still couldn't see anything. When my vision started to come through, I heard someone yelling at me, but I couldn't make out the words. I thought maybe I was dreaming and someone who just trying to wake me up, but then I remembered something. Quickly, I shot up from where I was laying and opened my eyes. Naruto.

"Naruto!" I shouted quickly sitting up from the position I was in only to be shoved back down. Then I heard more yelling and now, flashing lights. The colors where blue and red. Looking around, all I could feel was the rain pouring onto of face. Where am I? Why can't I remember anything?

Normal POV

Itachi sat in a lightly lit room that was small and was shaped in a cube. He wasn't alone. In front of him, cross the table from him, was nicely dress man. Placed in the mans hands were a pile of papers that read: Uzumaki Kyuubi's Case at the top.

The man in front of Itachi ruffled threw a few papers before pulling out a couple of photos and placing them in front of Itachi. Itachi glanced down at the photos for a couple of seconds before looking back up.

"Do you recognize these photos, Itachi?" The man asked and Itachi just nodded his head.
Even though Itachi had answered yes, the man continued to tell him what was on the photos. "This photos are from the Uchiha Massacre that happened on October 10, 19XX (Okay I'm too lazy to do math and figure out what year it happened). The Uchiha Massacre as in your family, Itachi." The man told.

"I know what happened that day." Itachi answered coldly, but the man didn't reply back quickly. Instead, he just pulled out another group of photos and pointed at them.
"Do you remember these photos?" The man didn't wait for Itachi to reply since he was going to tell him anyways, "These are the photos for October 10, 20XX, four months ago." The man didn't say anything else as he pulled out another group of photos but Itachi just gave a puzzled look. He didn't recall these.

"This," The man pointed at the new photos, "are from October 10, 19XX. This was the murder of the mother and father of the Uzumaki Family." Itachi studied the photo before looking back up at the man in front of him.

"What does this have to do about me?" He asked the man, who lead back into his chair.

"It has everything to do about you, Itachi." The man told, "Uzumaki Kyuubi was the cause of all of these deaths."

Itachi glared at the man this time, "Again, I repeat myself. What does this have to do with me?" The man stared at Itachi for a couple of seconds before leaning back forwards towards the younger man.

"We were able to get a warrant on you computer." Itachi gave a shocked expression, "We've got your emailing Uzumaki Kyuubi dated May 10, 19XX. One month before the Uchiha Massacre. Why would you, of people, be talking to the Uzumaki Kyuubi?"

Itachi stared at the man as he nervously tapped his fingers on the table, "I was passed out the time of the Massacre." He told.

"That still doesn't explain-"

"He is Naruto's older brother!" Itachi said practically yelling. "Are you accusing me of killing my family? I came here willing and I can go out without you stopping-"

"Mr. Uchiha, we have your email conversation with Uzumaki Kyuubi and reading over them, I swear to God there wasn't any mention of him being Naruto's brother or even being related to him." The man told and Itachi stayed quiet. "Itachi, unless you want to go back to jail, you need to tell us why you were messaging Uzumaki Kyuubi. Maybe we can work something out or-"

"I wanted him to kill my parents." The man looked a bit shocked as he stared at Itachi, "My parents and I were never close. We may seem like a prefect family and I seem really close to them, but I wasn't."

Itachi paused and gave a bit of an embarrassed look.

"I went through this phase where I though killing myself would relive me from my parent's pressure, but then I thought about Sasuke and how my parents would later put it on him. So I didn't.

"I met Kyuubi online in this chat room, his screen name was Red. Since I didn't know him and he didn't know me, I told him about my probably and he told me about his. For some reason, he went on about how he wanted to kill his parents-

"But you didn't know he already did."

"Yea. He told me how they kept a gun in the room and how he could stage it to make it look like his father killed his mother and how he killed himself after. It was all just a joke. Something we were kidding about. I know it's sick, but I was already sick in the head. He told me he would help me kill my parents and I agreed. We even started to plan out how we would do it. But I never though he was serious.

"Well after a few months, my family adopted a little boy named Naruto. I don't know what happened, but for some reason, my parents seem to have lightened up. We only had him for a couple of months and they were changing. Not quickly but fast enough to not want them dead.

"When I message to tell Kyuubi I wasn't able to talk to him anymore, I thought he was fine but when I told him about Naruto, he snapped. He started asking question about Naruto and yelling at me about how I stole Naruto from him. I freaked out and signed off. I thought that was going to be the last time I was going to talked him but I was wrong.

"On October 10, my parents took Naruto to there work for his birthday. I was suppose to be home doing homework but I got text message and it was Kyuubi. He texted my parents work address. I don't know how he got my number or how he knew where my parents worked because I had never gave it to him. I quickly drove to my parent's work, but nothing was wrong. I thought I could get away from there without getting caught but Naruto spotted me. When I had the chance to escape out, I got another text. I wasn't able to read it since I was hit over the head.

"When I woke up. I found out everyone was killed. When I found my parent's body, I saw Naruto. He was next to my mother crying. He was in so much shock; he didn't even know who I was. By the time the cops, they took Naruto to the hospital to make sure he was okay.

"No one knew who did it, but me."

The man looked at Itachi before shaking his head. He then turned a blank piece of paper and a pen towards him and Itachi knew what to do.

A raven haired boy stood next to the edge of the river that was only a couple of minutes from his house. As he stared upon it, no tears fell down his faces because he knew that the blonde boy who will be happy that he was there. "I'll do anything for you, Naruto." He said sadly. "Just promise me that you'll forgive me…" He said as he crouched over and touched the water. This was the same spot were he would bring Naruto when they were younger. How could he have forgotten? They use to play hind-and-seek here, swim, and when it started to get dark, they would sit at the bank of the river and watch the sunset. But after what happened to his family, he never visited this place since.

He stood there for a few minutes before deciding to turn back to the limo that waited for him at the front.

As he got into the car, his brother, who was sited on the other side limo, smiled at him. "Have fun visiting, Sasuke?" Itachi asked still smiling.

"…stop smiling." Sasuke told as he realized his brother was creeping out… a bit…

"Aw… Sasuke, that's no way to treat someone who saved your life." Itachi said pouting.

Sasuke twitched at this. "Don't pout… it's creepy…er." He told Itachi. "And you did save me but you where late for Naruto." He said causing his voice to die down. "If only you had arrived early… he wouldn't be like this…"

Itachi stood by his brother as he watched him sitting on a chair with his head turned away from him.

"Are you sure you don't want anything?" He asked and watched his brother shake his head no, "Okay but you should eat something before it gets dark… water isn't good on an empty stomach

Itachi began to walk away but before he left the room, he turned his head and looked at his brother again.

He was rocking back and front on a barely padded chair with his hands clasp tightly together. He could hear Sasuke repeatedly say 'sorry' quietly to himself and that only made Itachi frown.

"Sasuke," He spoke but he didn't say anything, "It's not your fault…" He told but Sasuke didn't answer only making Itachi frown more. He look at he's brother's face and noticed him shaking and tears where streaming down his face.

"I know…" He said lightly but loud enough for his brother to hear. Itachi nodded his head and began to walk down the hall. He noticed his vision started to get blurry and his cheeks where warm and wet. He's brother was losing it and he couldn't help. Everything was he's fault.

As Itachi continued to walk down the hall, no matter how far away he was from the room, he could still hear Sasuke chanting sorry to himself.

"He's been like this for the pass five months…" A voice echoed through the hallway.

"Ya. I know that. Do you have to remind me?" Another voice said coldly.

"I'm sorry but I don't think he's going to-"

"Shut up!" The other voice yelled loud enough so everyone in the whole building could hear, "I don't need you telling me what you think might happen! That boy in there is the only thing keeping my brother away from killing himself for what has happened! So tell the doctor or who ever send you, we are staying here until he walks up. No matter how much it cost. No matter how long it takes, you are not killing him! You hear me?"

It smaller voice let out a quite 'eep' before you heard her running off thought the hallway. The man who she was once standing with sighed before walking into the room where he saw his brother sitting in the same spot.

"Sorry you had to hear that, Sasuke…" The man told as he watched his little brother nod his head, "But she is right… He's been like this for a while now… I don't want to put your hopes down but if anything happens to Naruto… It's not you fault, Sasuke… It's mine." The man told and his brother, yet again, nodded his head.

"I know, Itachi." He said quietly.

"You know… it's almost 5... You want to go to the river like always?" Itachi asked and Sasuke nodded his head before getting up.

Itachi noticed his brother was paler then what he normally is and was skinnier then before. He knows the lately Sasuke hasn't been eating much and the only time he would was when Iruka was forcing it down him.

"Okay then… let's go." Itachi said as he began to walk out the room with his little brother behind him, "And before we come back, we're going to pick up something to eat." He added in but Sasuke didn't say anything back.

As they walked out the hospital, Itachi looked up into the room where he and Sasuke where once at. They've been there long enough for the dark haired Uchiha to know what floor and window they where in and that upset the man a bit.

He glance over to his brother to see him get into the passenger side of the car before looking back at the room.

"Itachi…" The older Uchiha heard he's brother call and he put on a fake smile.

"Ya… sorry…" As Itachi got into the car and looking at his brother who looked sadly outside the window. He took Sasuke's hand, which was on his lap, and held it tightly.

"Don't worry… no matter what, they're not taking Naruto away from us. We're family after all." Itachi smiled at him and Sasuke gave a quick but small smile back. Itachi didn't mind though. All he wanted to do was give Sasuke a little encouragement. That's all.

Sasuke sat next to the bed sit like he always does for the past months, but like a ways, nothing had changed. After he woke up from the incident with Kyuubi, the first thing Sasuke asked for was Naruto. Even though he still had his IV connected to him, he practically ran out of his room to find a doctor. After trying to calm him down, they finally told him Naruto was alive. They took him into Naruto's room where he was connected to a machine that helped him breath. No matter how hard they try to make him go back to his room, he wouldn't leave. So they let him stay there.

It hasn't really been lonely when Sasuke was there. Kiba and Gaara visited whenever they have time. It was thanks to them that Itachi was able to get to their house in time before Kyuubi could do anything rational.

They also told him that about Kenji being Kyuubi and how he was the one who tried to strangle Hinata since she was someone close to him. Kyuubi was only trying to get to Naruto but anyone who was in his way, like Sasuke was, he'll stop them.

Sasuke shifted a bit on his chair but his hand was still wrapped around Naruto's.

Sasuke didn't see what happened after he had passed out but all he knew was Itachi had came just in time. Before Kyuubi could do anything, Itachi came into the room tackled him and knocking the gun out of his hand. There was struggle for the gun and before they knew it, Kyuubi had been shot.

Sasuke doesn't know what happen to Kyuubi after. All he knew was that when cops where still investigating the case, Kyuubi had escaped from the hospital. But there was nothing to worry about. The doctors said he won't get far without that gun shot wound reopening up.

With Kyuubi out of the way, the only problem Sasuke was faced with was Naruto. Unlike Kyuubi who was still conscious when he was sent to the hospital and Sasuke who had only been knocked out, Naruto had been shot in the head. When he was released from surgery, the doctors told Sasuke the bullet didn't hit any major parts in the brain and Naruto did have a possible chance of surviving but he's been in a coma ever since.

Sasuke could feel his heart sink as he thought about how long it could take before Naruto got out of his coma. For some people, who are lucky, it's only a couple of months. For others it could take years. His hands started to shake as tears slowly formed in his eyes.

Even thought, Sasuke hasn't been the kind to cry, for some reason, he couldn't stop the tears from flowing. All those years of ignoring and abuse Sasuke had done, he couldn't help but feel guilty. He kept on thinking to himself how it was his fault that Naruto was in here. If he had just believe Naruto that he didn't kill his parents, maybe none of this would have happened. No one would have gotten hurt and Naruto wouldn't have been in this state.

As Sasuke held Naruto's hand tighter, he whispered softly to himself. "I'm sorry, Naruto…" He wished he could have gotten a reply but he knew he wouldn't. "This is all my fault. If I only didn't let my anger consume me, this wouldn't have happened. I know what I say might not change anything but I just want you to know.." Sasuke swallowed hard.

"I know I'm being selfish by saying I need you but I'm not the only one. Itachi blames himself for everything, even thought it's also my fault. But we aren't the only ones who need you. Kiba and Gaara need you. Hinata and Neji too. Everyone in school are waiting for you to return cause they miss that over hyperactive boy that tries to befriend everyone and cheers us all up. If you don't come back, I know I won't be the only one who'll miss you. All your friend will too…" Sasuke waited hoping maybe, like in the movies, Naruto would open his eyes and smile and it'll be a happy ending, but Sasuke knew those movies senses were fake. The only thing that'll wake Naruto up is a miracle and that's what Sasuke needed.
"I promise Naruto, if you make it through this, I'll try to change. I know it might be hard or you might not believe me but I promise I'll do my best, so please just…"

Sasuke felt his heart skip a beat when he heard a soft moaning sound. His head quickly turned to Naruto and he could feel himself rise out of his seat. No words came out of his mouth as he watched Naruto's eyebrows crease down as his wiggled his noses. Slowly, the blonde haired boy's eyes started to open up and they slowly came into contact with gray ones. They looked at each other for a couple of seconds before Naruto finally spoke up.

"You-u a-ar-e n-not s-smiling." Naruto said in a weak, raspy voice.

Slowly, a small smile appeared onto Sasuke's face as he looked into the blonde haired boy's blue eyed. Something he though he wouldn't do in a long time.


The End.

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