Get ready… because… this is… MY VERRY FIRST OURAN HIGHSCHOOL HOST CLUB FIC! W00TNESS! I recently got into the anime, and loved it. So, I've decided to write about it. Oh, and if anybody can tell me where I can get the English episodes? (If they even exist)

Disclaimer: I do not own Ouran Highschool Host Club

A Host In Need

One: Distress

In the third music room of the elaborate highschool of Ouran, a tall, blonde boy stuck his head out for the millionth time and looked around.

"Tamaki," said a dark haired boy with glasses, "will you stop that? You're making me nervous."

"Hm? Oh… sorry Kyoya…" He said, pulling his head back in. "I'm just a bit agitated…"

"About what?" asked Mitsukuni, gulping down another forkful of cake. "Haru-chan has been late before." Mori grunted in agreement.

"Well, I don't think she's late this time…" said Kaoru, leaning against the back of a sofa.

"See," Hikaru continued, "she wasn't in class today…"

Tamaki's head whipped toward the twins.

"What…?" he said, eyes growing small. "She's… MISSING?" Then, falling to his knees, Tamaki held his hands to reach the ceiling and cried out "NOOOOOO! She has gone MISSING! She has probably been KIDNAPPED!" Suddenly, his own words seemed to hit him. "KIDNAPPED!NOOOO! MY DAUGHTER HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED!"

"We could just call her and see where she is, you know," said the twins, holding up a cell phone. Tamaki froze, and then collapsed onto the floor. Then, straightening up, he slowly made his way over to the red heads and held his hand out for the phone, staying as composed as possible.

He opened it up and dialed Haruhi's number. It rang for a few seconds, until someone answered.


"HARUHIIII!Are you alright? Where are you! Tell me now!" he screamed into the phone.

From the other line, Tamaki heard roaring laughter.

"I'm sorry," said the voice on the other line, "but I'm not Haruhi."

"Wh…WHAT! YouSTOLE Haruhi's phone!"

"I did no such thing!"

"Then who ARE you?"

"Her father…"

Tamaki turned white.

"Oh…" he said, voice cracking. "Um… I see… is – is Haruhi there?"

"I'm afraid not. See, she got a little sick this morning and – "

"WHAT?" shouted Tamaki. "SICK?"

"Yes…? Who is this anyway?"

In a heroic motion, Tamaki hung up the phone and brought it to his chest. Then, he turned to the rest of the club, holding out his hand as a spotlight came on him.

"MY SUBJECTS!" he declared in a lordly voice. "It seems that our precious Haruhi has fallen ill! Therefore, it is our responsibility to come to her, offering her support and good wishes so that she might return to our club! What say you?"

"Sir!" responded the twins, strictly saluting to their king.

"Yay!" cheered Hunny. "We get to go to Haru-chan's house!" Mori grunted in agreement.

"Excellent!" cried Tamaki. "Now! Let us to her - !"


The blonde stopped, mid-sentence as Kyoya pushed up his glasses.

"I don't think that's such a good idea," he said, bluntly.

"Why not?" asked Tamaki.

"Well, none of our previous visits have been easy…"

"That shouldn't matter!" he pronounced. "We should not fear our past experiences! Even if our heads did get stomped on by Haruhi's father!"

"Um… My Lord?" interjected Hikaru.

"That only happened to you," finished Kaoru.

"Even so!"

Kyoya sighed and leaned back into his chair. "Well…"

Hunny walked up to him, holding his little bunny.

"Please, Kyoya-senpi? I'm really worried about her."

He looked down at the little blonde senior from behind his glasses. After a little pause, Kyoya shut his laptop.

"Fine," he finally said. The Host Club cheered (aside from Mori and Kyoya) and then rushed out to meet their drivers.

Although…thought Kyoya on the way there, something tells me that this is a very bad idea…

Is it a bad idea? How will Haruhi react to the entire club showing up at her house? Even more important, how will her father react to Tamaki? Tune in next chappie to find out!