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Four: With A Little Help

Tamaki took one of the wash cloths that he had wetted in the bathroom and gently dabbed at Haruhi's burning forehead. Every now and again, she would wince a bit, or let out a breathy groan. Tamaki could feel his heart sink with every time she showed pain or discomfort. However, he did not wish to wake her, so all he could do was softly ebb the fever away.

"Ta… ma… ki?" Haruhi opened her eyes just a bit. She tilted her head towards his. "Wha… what are you…?"

"Shh," Tamaki said, putting a finger to her lips. "Don't talk. Save your energy, ok?"

She slowly nodded and then fell back to sleep. He smiled warmly and continued to dab at her forehead.


Commoner flowers, commoner flowers, commoner flowers, the twins thought in unison, straining their necks to see where the flowers were kept.

"Can I help you two?" said an old man from the counter. The looked his way.

"Where do you keep your commoner flowers?" they asked.

"'Commoner flowers'?" the man asked, a bit confused.

"Yeah," said Hikaru. "We need… um…" He took out the paper given to him by Kyoya. "We need 'Hawaiian Orchids'," he stated.

"Ah," said the man "you two are in luck! We just happen to have some!" He gestured behind him to show a cooler of sorts that housed all kinds of flowers. "Now how many bouquets would you like?"

"Um, Hikaru," asked Kaoru, "did Kyoya ask for a dozen flowers or a dozen bouquets?"

"Um… well…" Hikaru began to scratch his head, trying to figure out what Kyoya had said to them. "Uh… I think it was…"

Suddenly, realization struck the two twins.

"I got it!" they cheered. "Twelve dozen bouquets, please!"

The man began to sweet. "T-twelve… dozen?"


"Um… I don't know if we even have that much…"

The brothers started to glare.

"What?" They leaned over the counter, staring daggers at the man.

"Listen," said Hikaru, "when we say we need twelve dozen bouquets –"

"We mean, 'we need twelve dozen bouquets'," finished Kaoru.

The man leaned back, a sweat drop forming at his temple.

"Um… let me see what we have."

They grinned as he scurried away.


"Haruhi? Haruhi, can you hear me?"

Haruhi opened her eyes and looked around. All around her, she could faintly make out the six faces of the host club.

"Can you sit up, Haruhi?" Kyoya said.

She nodded and started to bring herself up. Tamaki put a hand on her back for support.

"Drink this," he said, handing her a cup of warm liquid.

"What is it?" she asked, groggily.

"Just drink."

So, she put the cup to her lips and started drinking. She had to admit it wasn't that bad. When she finished, she seemed to be clearer and had more energy. Tamaki took away his hand as he saw she could sit on her own. Kyoya pushed up his glasses.

"Better?" he asked.

"Much," she responded.

"Yay!" cheered Hunny, hands in the air. Then, he took something from her bedside table. "Here, I made this for you!" And he put a white lay around her neck. She smiled.

"Thank you, Mitsukuni. They're very pretty."

It was then that she noticed the room was fully decorated with the same kind of flower.

"Uh… what with all the floral arrangements?" she asked.

"Well," said Kyoya, "that tea you just drank is an old family recipe. It's key ingredient is Hawaiian Orchid; a common flower with medical properties as well as edible ones."

"Edible?" she said.

"Yup!" said Hunny, taking one from her lay and chomping down on it.

"However," Kyoya continued, "Hikaru and Kaoru seemed to have gotten more then I needed."

The twins smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of their heads.

"So we decided to freshen up the room with them!" smiled Tamaki. "They're almost as cute as their owner," he added, winking.

Haruhi looked down at her empty cup. Some renderings of the drink still remained, along with chips of tea leaves.

"So…" she said, "you guys did all of this… for me?"

There was a pause. Tamaki nudged up her chin to meet his eyes.

"Of course," he said softly. "We care about you. All of us."

She took her head away and went rigid, her eyes hiding under her bangs.

"I'm… I'm sorry…" she said, "for yelling… I just… I've never… had so many people care before…" She felt herself choking up and her eyes welling, so she closed her eyes tightly and refrained from talking. However –

"HARU-CHAN!" Hunny cried, grabbing onto her.

"Be careful!" she said. "I don't want you catching something!"

But before she knew it, Tamaki was also hugging her, as well as the twins. Behind them all, Kyoya and Mori sat there with warm smiles on their faces.

Not being able to hold it in any longer, Haruhi wrapped her arms around as many hosts as possible, and let her tears fall down her cheeks.

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