Unexpected Alliances

Another Speed Racer Fanfic by "Freddo"

Chapter Six " With Enemies Like These, You Sure Need Friends"

First…we have to deal with the usual copyrights and credits...etc….

Speed Racer is (c) 2008 by Speed Racer Enterprises… I don't own this property...Freddo. Thanks to all for the kind comments. I'm sorry I have not worked on this in so long….personal business, my original novel in the works, and my Star Blazers fanfics have taken precedence. I was also stuck on how to reveal...The Clone, who finally shows up in all his evil at the end of the chapter. But I'm back, and now on to Chapter Six….



The Borderland Between Germany and Austria

Near Lake Constance (Der Bodensee)

September 11, 2210

0024 Hours

Speed Racer found himself huddled against the Mach Five under cover, trying to protect both his wife Trixie and a girl he vaguely remembered from somewhere known as Nova. Trixie was in her usual outfit, and her bare arms and shoulders were getting wet in the light drizzle. Nova was getting wetter; since she had on a short corduroy skirt, was barefoot, and wore a sleeveless shell top that also left her shoulders bare. But, the wetness did not seem to bother them that much, although Speed thought both women would be very wet and cold later on.

All three of them were being shot at by Snake Oiler, who was shooting a Luger as them.

Trixie screamed as a hot bullet grazed one of her bare shoulders, but both Speed and Nova were looking after her.

"You have some military experience now, Speed," said Nova as she looked at Speed.

"How'd you ever guess?" snapped Speed.

"We're under fire and you're covering us," Nova said. Another shot came in. "How many shots has he fired?"

"Five," said Speed.

"A Luger has seven shots in its magazine," said Trixie in a shaky voice.

"Astute observation," Nova snapped.

"Which one of us rushes him?" said Trixie.

"Neither of you," said Speed.

"Has to be one of us," said Nova. Another shot rang in. "That's six. Trixie's shoulder is grazed. I have her…"

"Got him," said Speed. He kissed Trixie, shushed her protests with a finger to her lips, and he jumped in to rush Snake.

Snake fired one final shot, and then Speed tackled him. Speed punched him, and took the clip he was going to load into his weapon and threw it into the ditch. Then, he took a punch to the head from Snake, and, as lightning went off, Snake tried to throw him off with a kick.

Snake held on stubbornly as Speed punched at him again and again.

In the meantime, as Speed and Snake fought, Penny began to sneak up to Nova and Trixie with a tree limb in her hand while Nova was looking after little Alex in the car. "Are you okay, honey?" Nova said.

"Why is bad man fighting with man from race car, Mommy? What's going on?"

"Mommy is trying to figure that out, Alexander," Nova said as she hit a single speed-dial number on her cell phone. Two rings later, the party answered. "Derek?" Nova whispered.

"Where the hell are you and Alex?"

"Out near Lake Constance, by KosmoBurger," Nova said. "We're maybe ten minutes away from the chalet. Derek, get the police out here. There's some crazy man running around with a Luger. A race driver who just appeared out of nowhere is fighting with him. The race driver seems vaguely familiar from somewhere…."

"Are you all right? Where's Alex?"

"Here, DADDY!" said Alex as Nova tickled the bottom of his little bare foot.

"Good," Nova said. "And see if you can get out here soon, too. Love you."

"Love you too, Nova…"

Trixie looked in at them and she smiled at Alex. "How cute," she whispered. "Is he yours?"

Nova nodded.

"Awww..he's naked! Where's his clothes?" giggled Trixie.

"Pee accident," giggled back Nova. "We're staying not too far from here…he'll get undies on when he gets home and…"

Trixie screamed. "Watch out, Mrs. Nova!"

This was just as Penny swung at both women with the tree branch. Trixie ducked a little, and she kicked at Penny. The tree branch went flying, but Penny threw herself at Trixie. Both women were grappling on the ground as Nova kissed Alex…and then threw herself into the fight, punching at Penny right along with Trixie as Penny screamed, "You two are crazy! I give up! I give up! Where is this place?"

Trixie looked over at Speed, who had kicked Snake into submission at last. Snake was dragged up and his wrists were tied with his own belt while Nova tied up Penny's wrists with a scarf she had taken from her car and then made her stand near a tree. The 23rd century woman looked at their old internal-combustion engined cars and said, "This is the twenty-third century. It's September 2210, and…"

Then, another car roared up the side of the road, passed through a gap in the median strip, and approached them at high speed. It was red with white trim. "Derek!" Nova cried as she recognized the car.

Commodore Derek Wildstar bounded out of the car with his Astro-Automatic in hand. He had put on over his clothes a dark blue short Naval peacoat with red lining, white striping, and an anchor on one breast. Speed noticed the uniform style was very unusual and he asked, "What sort of uniform is that?"

"Earth Defense Forces," snapped Commodore Wildstar as he hugged and kissed Nova. "What are you doing out here in the rain with no shoes on?" he asked.

"My boots were getting hot, Derek…then….well…"

Red and blue lights scanned the area as two police cruisers pulled up. Speed started at the police cruisers. He had never seen aircars before. "You said this was…"

"The year 2210," Nova said. "Are you even from this time?" she said as more memories began rushing back into her head while she popped open the trunk of her car, found a pair of thong sandals, threw them on the ground, and kicked into them so she would at least have some covering on her bare feet.

"No,' said Speed as memories began rushing back into his head. "Is your name something like Vega…Astra?"

"I had said Nova…remember? Nova Wildstar!" Nova said. "Yours is…Greg? Greg…"Speed" Racer? I was reading about you in a history book I was looking at before!"

"Nova, what the hell is going…?" Derek said as memories began to fill his head. "Speed?" he said.

"Wildstar?" said Speed as recognition came back to him. "Something about…the Trans-America Race?'

"Yes that! The Master! He held me prisoner!" Trixie said as even more thoughts began to flood back into her head as the police emerged from their aircars. She was shocked to see one police officer coming out of each car-followed by…something that looked like a robot! "Speed! They're from the future, remember? And we're in their time now!"

"How did we get into the future?" said Speed.

"It might have been that device in Snake's car…something weird happened, and…" Trixie began.

"What's going on here?" said one of the police officers, a blond policewoman. "Three-car pileup?"

"Yes and no," Nova said as she came out of her car holding little Alex in her arms. She had managed to wrap his t-shirt around his middle for a sort of covering, but a bit of his little bare bottom still showed as he squirmed in his mother's arms. "My husband called you. That man over there and his girlfriend," she said, pointing to Snake and Penny, who were tied up. "Tried to run us all off the road and then he came out of his car and started shooting at us."

"I found an old archaic weapon, Sergeant Kuhlman," said the other police officer, a young man, as he motioned his robotic partner over. "IQ-15, identify the weapon!"

"Yessir," said the humanoid IQ-15 police robot. "An archaic Luger slug-thrower pistol model P.08, last made in 1942. This one is a Third Reich-era German Army military weapon."

Commodore Wildstar came up and said, "I think I can get to the bottom of this," as he flashed his military ID.

"Sir!" said Sergeant Kuhlman as she saluted. Speed was somewhat impressed at the deference shown to Wildstar by the police. And why not? Speed thought. If the memories that just came back into my head are correct…we've met before, and Wildstar here is a very important person in his time. But what are we doing here in the future?

Kuhlman looked at Derek as Nova put Alex back into her car. Then, she said to Derek, "Who's with Ariel?"

"Jonathan. I woke him up before I left," Derek said. "I think you'd better get Alex home and into the bath before he goes back to bed. Is he pantsless because of a wee accident?"

Nova just nodded. Derek looked at his son and said, "Alexander, do you need to go again before Mommy takes you home?"

Alex shook his head. "How come Daddy not coming?" he asked as a third police cruiser pulled up.

"Daddy has some things to sort out with the police," Derek said. "Mommy is taking you home. Daddy will be home soon, though, promise!"

"Okay, Daddy," Alex said as his father kissed him. Then, Derek hugged and kissed Nova. "You take him home. I'm going to get this third police cruiser to escort you home, and then I will try to bring the Racers over to our place. I'm going to try to get the police to release them to our custody, okay? They obviously didn't do anything wrong, best as I can figure out, and I'd prefer to interrogate them at our place over a meal rather than at the police station."

"Okay, dear. You get home fast," Nova said as she kissed Derek. Then, she turned to leave…

…and was almost run down by a green race car that appeared from nowhere. Its headlights were on, were very bright, and it was promptly being shot at by the police officer and police robot from the third police cruiser.

"HALT!" yelled the robot.

"I've halted, I've halted!" yelled David Forrester as he came out of his green racer with his hands up. His car had taken three hits, and it was smoking. "Speed! What kind of place is this?" he yelled.

Nova got into her car and tried to start up and drive home, but she was interrupted by something making a grinding noise like a trumpeting elephant. The noise was distorted, and before Nova knew it, a blue London Metropolitan Police Box appeared from nowhere in front of her car.

"Why is no one letting me drive home?" Nova yelled as she got out of her car, furious. "What the HELL is going on here?"

"Mommy mad?" said Alex from his car seat.

"Mommy very mad!" Nova yelled as the door of the TARDIS opened and, out came a rather unassuming but eccentric-looking young man with dark brown hair who wore a long fawn-colored overcoat, dark brown pinstriped suit, and white sneakers, with horn-rimmed glasses."

"Doctor John Smith, special IRC Inspector at large," he said as he emerged from the TARDIS. "I'm investigating a race that started in 1971 but ended up here in 2210," he snapped. "I remember you from somewhere, ohh..this wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff has my head all mixed up, and your name is…"

"NOVA!" he yelled when he remembered. "We met in your office the other day! Remember? You and Fife?" He grabbed her hand and shook it like crazy. "Pleased to meet you, I'm the Doctor, new face, new body, you know this trick, Mrs. Wildstar, this is the third face you've seen me in, y'know! How are you?"

"Confused," Nova said. "Doctor, we've already met! I know you and Rose, remember? You called me 'Willy Wonka' the other day? And, as far as I know, race cars do not come equipped with time warp drives. Do they?"

"Noooo…not standard equipment, very, very illegal," said the Doctor as he popped the hood of Nova's car.

"Doctor, my car is not a race car. I bought it stock off the lot back in 2208 and I am still making payments on it," Nova said.

"Oh, your engine looks boring anyway, plain old fusion drive," he snapped as he slammed down the hood. He walked up to Wildstar, shook his hand, said, "I'm the Doctor, and is the missus rather put out?"

"Yes, she is," Derek snapped. "Doctor, would you let go of my hand?"

"Derek, is it safe to drive home?" said Nova. "Alex says he needs to go poopy!"

"I think it is," Derek said as the Doctor said. "Ahhh…little ones. You two are going to have several, no big surprise given how often you two….uhhhh…go wibbly-wobby on each other with no clothes on?"

"You're horrible!" snapped Derek.

"Yes, I know, Rose agrees with you," said the Doctor. He flashed his psychic paper at the policemen and raised the hood on Snake's car. "This equipment is extremely illegal," he said. "The GRX, which should have been kept in the grave where it was again placed, along with a Time Ram, Tachyonic Ram…you people at least know what sort of mecha that is here, because you put the same thing in your monstrous space warships, stabilization device, warp meter, flywheel, Heimetz Generator, Heisenberg Uncertainty Circuit, and an extremely illegal alternator!"

"This guy has a wave-motion powered car," whistled one of the police officers as Nova finally drove off with her escort.

The Doctor then scanned the thing with his Sonic Screwdriver. "Yes. And he opened a time-space warp from 1971 that is just now closing up."

Another policeman brought up David Forrester. "Sergeant, Doctor, Commodore, sir, this guy says he had nothing to do with it. Just like the kid in blue and the girl in the pink and white. The guy with the striped helmet wants a lawyer and so does his girlfriend. Advice on what to do with them?"

The Doctor looked at Derek, and Commodore Wildstar said, "I suggest you arrest them and hold them here at the local lockup in Lindau. Do not pass Go and do NOT take them to KosmoBurger. I'd like you to release the other three into my custody. I'll speak to them myself."

"All right, sir," said Sergeant Kuhlman as she saluted Derek. "How are you getting them to your house?"

"I'll give them a lift," said the Doctor as he motioned Speed, Trixie, and David Forrester over. Speed said, "You were that inspector at the race the other day!"

"Yes, also the latest form of The Doctor, I'm sure you remember me," said the Doctor as Rose Tyler stuck her head out of the TARDIS. "Rose, we're heading somewhere we can get dinner at…is Nova a good cook, Wildstar?"

"She is…if you don't mind leftovers," Derek said. "Doctor, you take them to my rented house; do you know where it is?"

"Yes, I do. I'll just follow Nova's coordinates. Give her a few minutes; where she is is where your house will be, no doubt?"

"How do I know you can pick her up?" said Derek, puzzled.

"Her aura's been very easy to pick up on my sensors; especially recently," said the Doctor, refusing to explain any more. The Doctor figured that Derek didn't need to know (for the moment) that Nova was giving off subtle but very distinct energies that she had not been giving off the last time he had met her; it was as if she had undergone some startling but distinct changes recently within her form and psyche…and was still changing. The Doctor walked into the TARDIS, and Speed, Trixie, and David Forrester followed.

David looked around the TARDIS control room and said, "This place is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside! What kind of place is this?"

"They all say that," said the Doctor.

"Who's going to account for the Mach Five?" said Speed.

"And my car?" said David.

"I overheard that the police officers will see to that bloody business with their bloody robots," said Rose Tyler as she came out from behind a panel. She was blond, an even lighter shade than Nova, and she wore jeans, white sneakers, a jeans jacket, and a grey hoodie under it. "Doctor, why does everything here look like an anime series?" Rose asked.

"Because it is an anime series," said the Doctor as he closed the TARDIS doors with a grin. "Next stop, the Wildstars' rented house!"



The Borderland Between Germany and Austria

Near Lake Constance (Der Bodensee)

A Chalet Lodge in the Vicinity of Lindau

September 11, 2210

0205 Hours

At home, Nova Wildstar was sitting in the tub with little Alex. She had gotten him to the potty just in time, and he still wore nothing at all, and was giggling and throwing water onto his mother, who was stripped down the same way for their bath. She had washed him Japanese-style with a shower attachment standing in the tub before they had stepped out and stood cuddled together under a towel while Nova ran hot water into the German-style tub to make it like an onsen at home in Japan.

Nova heard the sound of the TARDIS a moment later, and Alex asked, "What's that, Mommy?"

"The Doctor," Nova said. "Let's get ready to throw water at him and make funny faces if he walks in on us!"

Alex giggled at that. "Mommy funny! Mommy going to put on her new glasses when we come out?"

"Yes, Mommy will," said Nova. "Mommy needs them to see things up-close. Like dirt in your ears where we can grow potatoes," she added as Alex giggled. "Let's drain out the water…"

Nova opened the drain, and Alex watched the water going down the drain as Nova stepped out of the tub, dried herself off, and put a towel on around her hair and her glasses. She had a kimono and house slippers in the room, but did not plan to dress until the last possible moment, since she wanted to powder up Alex.

Nova listened to the voices outside, smiled when she heard Derek's and Jonathan's voices, and outside, she dimly heard Speed, the Doctor, and this David character (whom she guessed was the ancient race-car driver David Forrester, the member of her family whom her little brother David was named after) talking to Derek.

Nova heard one of their cats, Felix, a young grey tabby, meowing for attention. Nova gave him a kiss and sat on the rug with Alex, who still went naked, even though his blue pajamas were in the bathroom. Nova said, "Powder time!" as Alex giggled.

Nova sat Alex on her lap and got some baby powder and began to apply it to his little bottom.

Then, a tap came at the door.

"Who is it?" Nova sang. "I'm with Alex, and I'm not decent!"

"It's just me, Mrs. Wildstar. Can I come in, please? I really have to…"

"Sure," Nova said as she reached up and unlocked the door.

Trixie smiled as she came into the bathroom, seeing the little cat watching her, and smiling at Nova as she put more baby powder on her son. They look so sweet together, Trixie thought.

"Hi, Alex!" Trixie said as she sat down on the toilet behind a little privacy stall door in the rented house to do her business. "You're so cute in the light!"

"Thank you!" Alex said. "Mommy, is she going…"

"Yes, Trixie's going potty…try not to look," Nova said as she worked on putting powder on his back.

"I didn't know you wore glasses, Mrs. Wildstar," said Trixie from in the little stall.

"Oh, you can just call me Nova," Nova said with a smile. "I'm getting a little older, I guess. I've needed these for close work for the past few months," Nova said. "Like reading, surgery, a long shift at my radar on the Argo…or, putting baby powder on his tush," she giggled.

"You two look so cute together. Nova, how long ago did you have him?"

"Three years ago," Nova said. "Him and his sister Ariel, who, I am sure, you will meet in a minute!"

Trixie whistled. "You don't look like you had twins! You…you have the body of a teenager!"

"Thanks for the compliment," Nova said with a blush. "It seems everyone who sees me like this says that…whether I'm in a swimsuit, or just outside sunning or swimming on the beach like this." Nova noticed a funny look on Trixie's face, so she added, "Clothes-optional or nude beaches and parks are very common in our time. Swimwear's rationed and a little hard to get because Earth is still recovering from the Gamilon bombings, and we hated being underground away from the sun, and, last of all, a couple of disasters from just a few years ago made our climate warmer than usual. So, more people just swim or sunbathe nude. It's fun once you get used to it! There are actually some parks and nature sanctuaries for families that are open only in warm weather because the rules state you have to be naked to sit in the grass. Finding a park like that when you're a nursing mother with babies is a real treat."

"It sounds cute," Trixie said as she got done, pulled up her pants, and came to the sink to wash up. Nova was pleased to see she had kicked off her shoes, Japanese-style as she handed Nova her kimono. "Do you need this now?"

"It would be good to have in case the guys barge in," Nova said as she stepped into her white and pink yutaka and kicked on her open-toed house slippers. "Come on, Alex, let's get you into your jammies…back to bed with you soon…"

"Mommmmmmy," whined Alex. Nova got him to put on his blue jammie bottoms and was working on his top when a tap came at the door. Nova opened it and said, "Yes?"

"Just me," Derek replied. "Ariel thinks you fell down the potty again."

Nova rolled up her eyes as she took off her glasses and took her towel off her honey-blonde hair. "I'll be out in a minute, Derek. Trixie, open the door, we're all decent enough."

"Okay," said Trixie as she popped open the door. Derek said, "By the way, Nova, the Doctor has that TARDIS of his in the living room. Just step around it when we go out."

"I hope it doesn't leave marks in the rug," Nova sniffed. "Derek, I am not losing our security deposit again to some weird alien invasion like the last time we rented a vacation house!"

"Yeah, me neither," he said.


Monday, November 7, 1971

The Principality of Hohergarten

Schwarzes Felsenschloß

(Black Rock Castle)

"It's almost ready," said Doctor Tubingen as a random Dalek trundled about the lab.

"And what is it?" said Captain Terror.

"The culmination of the project," said Aga as she came up with her cigar and pointed at a clone tank that was being brought by helmeted men dressed like…World War II Nazi SS Officers. "The Leader Clone is ready."

"The front for the Dal-ek scheme is ready to lead us," said the Dalek as some of the SS men set up a dressing screen near the clone tank. One came in with a folded brown uniform and jackboots, and he said, "Sieg Heil, Captain Terror! The Leader's Uniform is ready!"

Terror looked at that uniform. "No one near Germany has worn that uniform for years. Are we mocking the Old Order?"

"No, the Old Order and the New Order are about to meet and embrace!" said the SS man, who was named Steinmetz. He clicked his heels and said, "To the Glory of the Leader!" as he turned and watched Tubingen and Aga laughing as the Dalek manipulated some controls on a panel.

The clone tank opened with a terrifying hiss. Light shone from it, along with steam and vapor from various gasses.

The naked form of a man who was about 175 pounds, and who stood only about 5' 8" tall, came from the tank. The man was only seen for a moment before he snapped at the SS men, "Kleiden Du mich, du Handlanger!" ("Dress me, Underlings!") in a very hoarse, rough-sounding, and vicious-sounding voice in what Terror noticed was very vulgar German.

Terror began to shake a little at the sound of the muttered, deep voice behind the privacy screens. It can't be him, he thought. Not even the aliens could have brought him back, there was not enough of his remains left to be cloned, and how did they train him to be so…?

A phone rang, and suddenly, at least twenty SS men (or men in that black Death's Head uniform) appeared and stood in ranks with presented arms….

They were followed by ten SS officers….and…twelve Daleks.

The Daleks were all in black, and little red, white, and black World War II Third Reich Swastika flags were painted on their exteriors, between their laser cannons and grasping arms.

Aga laughed in glee at something behind the screen and said, "To the end of the row, Captain Terror, to the end of the row! He's just lovely! Oh, what a great man!"

Terror was pushed into line by more SS guards, who treated him very roughly. "Kneel," one of them hissed.

"This is my home!" said Terror. "You do not have the right…"

"You do not have the right to lick by bottom, scum!" yelled the SS man. "Make Terror kneel or we knock him out!"

The privacy screen was thrown aside and the other SS men took their places near it. Terror noticed that an aisle of SS officers, SS men, brownshirts, and Daleks was formed.

The right arms of the men suddenly came up in salute as a pair of brand-new jackboots came down the aisle.

The Daleks began to chant, "Hail to the New Order! Hail the Reborn Fuhrer! Hail to the New Order! Hail the Fuhrer! Hail the new ruler of Earth, Time, and Space!"

Terror was shaking as he looked up at the man who was approaching. He was in the uniform of a simple Nazi Stormtrooper from the 1920's. His only decorations were a red swastika armband and an Iron Cross worn on one pocket.

The face of the clone….was unmistakable. He looked just like he had in the old newsreels. But, even Terror wished that the Daleks, Tubingen, and Aga had not cloned this man.

The clone…had the same hypnotic blue eyes, sneer, absurd little Chaplain mustache, and the same forelock as that of one of the worst examples of humanity ever to walk the Earth. And he was being called Fuhrer again.

Tubingen, Aga, and the Daleks had (apparently) cloned Adolf Hitler himself.

Hitler received the "heils" of his underlings with a sardonic smile with his right hand raised in the Nazi salute. Then, he walked up to Captain Terror, grabbed him by the front of his shirt, and snapped, unexpectedly, in rough, hoarse English, "DO I HAVE YOUR ALLEGIANCE, CAPTAIN TERROR?"

"My…my Fuhrer…yes, you do," said Terror.

"SCHWEINHUND!" snapped Hitler as he slapped Terror across the face. "You took far too long! But now, you see, we have no time to waste! Daleks! Report to me on the weapons work. SCHNELL, BITTE!" screamed the Fuhrer as spittle ran down his chin. "MACHEN DU SCHELL!" (Make it Snappy, you!)

"As you wish, my Fuhrer," said one of the Daleks.

As Captain Terror knelt, he began to wonder, Was it a good idea to clone him? I would have wanted someone…saner than him….but….was this a good idea? Now, I begin to think not!

Stay Tuned for Chapter Seven: "The Cosmic Anschluss Begins."