Wizard Switch

Chapter 1

The Accident

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                   It started out as just another day for the famous fifteen- year old wizard Harry Potter. It was a week after the start of school, and surprisingly, all was normal. There had been no attacks or any news from Voldemort, and Harry had spent the last month of the summer with his best friend Ron Weasley's family. Now, he, Ron, and their best friend Hermione Granger walked along with the other Gryffindor fifth years to their Potions lesson with the Slytherins in the Slytherin dungeons.

          All the Gryffindors despised both Professor Snape, the potions master, and the Slytherins themselves. It was no match, however, for how much Snape loathed Harry, and how much he had hated Harry's father when he had been alive and attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Snape was head of Slytherin house, and he took pleasure in taking points away from Gryffindors and humiliating them while the Slytherins laughed.

The rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin was now at it's climax and it was growing impossible. Even Harry, Ron, and Hermione now hated their enemy Draco Malfoy and his two cronies Crabbe and Goyle, more than ever, when it had seemed impossible to hate them more than they had used to. Harry especially detested them, as he had seen their fathers along with Voldemort's supporters.

          Now Harry, Ron, and Hermione entered the dungeon and sat on a table with Neville Longbottom, Lavender Brown, and Parvati Patil, all Gryffindor friends of theirs. Snape was writing the day's potion on the board. He turned around and faced the class, fixing

them all with his twisted smile.

"Today," he began softly, "we will be learning the Nastiness Potion. This potion can make you irritated, angry, brutal, malicious, arrogant, and so on. It will give you any nasty trait you please."

Harry leaned over and whispered to Ron, "No wonder he's teaching us this, since he's an expert on all of the above."

Ron snickered.

          Snape immediately turned his head to their table. "Of course," he said, his eyes glinting dangerously, " Potter doesn't need to pay attention to this lesson, for he obviously knows the potion by heart. After all, how else do you think he's so- nasty everyday?"

The Slytherins burst into malicious laughter. Harry felt fury burning inside of him.

"Or perhaps," continued Snape, "it's inheritance. Potter, you're just as pigheaded as your father was."

The Slytherins were beside themselves now. Tears were streaming down their cheeks. Harry was so furious he was shaking with rage. How DARE he? How  DARE he insult his father?

          The Gryffindors were all glaring at Snape now. Then, to everyone's surprise, shy, terrified, Neville Longbottom spoke up.

" Harry is not nasty!He is not pigheaded!And neither was his father! His father was a great man, and you know it. All of us Gryffindors are!"

The Gryffindors erupted into cheers, perhaps louder than if another student had said this. After all, Neville was usually the last person to stand up to Snape.

          Snape smiled his twisted smile. "Interesting you should say that, Longbottom", he said calmly.

Harry felt his muscles tighten. He was the only one who knew that Neville's parents were insane. If Snape even thought about bringing it up……..

          Snape continued, " Considering your own father, Longbottom, who is, how shall I say this, retarded?"

The whole class gasped. Neville burst into humiliated tears. As for Harry, he was livid. He stood up. "How COULD you?" he screamed at Snape. " How could you say that to the whole class? How can you make fun of Neville's personal LIFE? You know why Neville's parents are like that? They were defending their community! They wouldn't agree to help Voldemort's supporters, that's why! Something YOU would never do!"

Everyone gasped, louder than before. Then the Gryffindors started cheering again. Snape was enraged. " Potter, that's it! You have gone way out of line this time! Fifty points from Gryffindor, and you're to stay and clean up the dungeon after class! If I hear one more word about this matter, I will make it two hundred points, and believe me, I'll do it.

                   *                           *                           *

        Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, stared out of the window of his study, watching the owl flying towards it. He sighed inwardly. If that was another owl from another complaining parent, or from Cornelius Fudge, Minister for Magic, telling him how to run the school, he was going to really lose it. For the past week, he'd been receiving owls from parents, asking why he had told the students last year that a student had been murdered by Voldemort himself. For the past week, he'd been receiving owls from Fudge, telling him not to breathe a word about anything even close to the subject of Voldemort, and warning him not to fill any ideas like this in the students' heads.

          He really couldn't take it anymore. He was known to be a calm person who could handle anything, he had earned the respect of all who knew him, and he was the only wizard that Voldemort had ever feared. Yet this week was too much to handle. He had never been so exhausted. Now he watched the owl finally landing on the window sill. He got up and opened the window, then untied the note from the owl's leg. The owl flew away, and he sat down in his chair to read it:

          Dear Professor Dumbledore,


          I hope you are well.

          It has come to my attention that you have informed the students  that the death of Cedric Diggory was due to You- Know-Who. My child is terrified, and-

Dumbledore sighed in frustration. He couldn't read anymore. He crumpled up the paper and through it away. Then he got up, deciding to take a walk around the castle to calm his nerves.

                   *                           *                           *

          Harry ran the sponge over the dirty table, still seething  with rage. He still couldn't believe what Snape had said to Neville. And now, he was supposed to have a break before his next class, but instead, he was cleaning up the dungeon. WITHOUT magic.  He moved over to a dusty shelf. Different bottles of potions were lined up on it. The last two on the right were marked Polyjuice Potion and Brain Potion.

          Harry started scrubbing the shelf. He was angrier than he had ever been in his life. He wished he wasn't a student. He wished he didn't have to listen to a word that madman Snape said. In his anger, he suddenly knocked over the two last potions on the right. There was a loud crash as they both fell and knocked into each other. Pieces of glass flew everywhere, and the two liquids inside the potions mixed together. Harry gasped. He was really in for it now.

                   *                           *                           *

          As Dumbledore passed through the corridors of the school, feeling sorry for himself, he heard a loud crash coming from the direction of the Slytherin dungeons. He started off to see what was going on.

                   *                           *                           *

          Harry stood, transfixed, at the sight before his eyes. Now what? The glass bottles were broken, and the two liquids were spread out on the shelf. Maybe he ought to throw them away. Or should he fix the bottles by magic? But either way, Snape would notice something missing, either the liquids or the potions. Thinking quickly, he got rid of all the pieces of glass. Now there was still the matter of the potions spilled out. His heart pounding, he grabbed a towel and wiped them away, then wiped his own wet hands on it.

          He really was in trouble. Snape would notice the missing potions and would know for sure that it had something to do with Harry. As he remembered Snape, he felt his rage coming back to him. He wished he could just take revenge on him, just once, and make him miserable.

          Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming his way. Panicking, Harry realized he had no time to wash the towel before whoever it was arrived. If it was Snape, he'd immediately demand an explanation. Tossing the towel aside, Harry darted out the door and sprinted back to join Ron and Hermione as fast as he could.

                   *                           *                           *


          As Dumbledore walked towards the dungeons to investigate the crash, an indistinct figure coming from the dungeons practically flew past him. He turned around to call him, but he had already gone. Dumbledore curiously entered the dungeons. Everything looked quite normal. Then he noticed an off- white towel obviously carelessly thrown away.  Though it was off white, there was a strange , darkish color imprinted upon it, as though it had wiped some spilled potion.

          Dumbledore absent-mindedly ran his fingers along the towel. He knew all sorts of potions, but he had never seen any of this color. It was a certainly a really bizarre color. Perhaps it had something to do with the crash? Suddenly he felt an odd sensation come over him. It lasted only a minute. Dumbledore ignored it. He'd had too much stress the last week. He started walking back to his office. He wished, that just for a while, he wouldn't have to deal with all these responsibilities. He wished he could just be happy and carefree.

          But as he nearly reached his office, the odd feeling came over him again, this time much stronger than before. A kind of numbness and nausea fell over him. He was suddenly too tired to move. He felt changes occurring within him. Odd sort of changes. It was terrible yet fascinating.

          *                                      *                                      *

          As Harry walked to the common room to join Ron and Hermione, he felt queer. Something strange was happening to him, something unbelievable. He just didn't know what. Could it have something to do with Voldemort? No, or else his scar would be hurting. The feeling kept growing worse and stronger every half a second. It was unbearable now.

He stood before the common room door, barely able to walk. Then everything went black.

                              *                            *                            *

          It really was too much for Dumbledore. He stood in front of the stone gargoyle guarding his office, not even able to think. The feeling was overpowering his whole body now. Then everything went black.

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