Standard Disclaimer: I own none of the Harry Potter characters in this story, expect the ones I create.

The Aftermath in Apartment Complexes

By: Santiva Potter

Summary: While physically the war with Voldemort is over, for a group of friends, mentally it is far from over. With seven years in the past the Ministry is still looking for war criminals and the broken relationships between Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione, Susan Bones and Blaise Zabini and Lavender and herself have thrown all of them and their friends into a mental rollercoaster filled with many twist and turns to defeat the most strongest. But will they overcome their troubles and fears or will they leave each other behind? Various pairings.

POV's change for each chapter.

Lavender's POV

Chapter 1- Burnt Potts with an Interview and Seamus on the Side

The rain gently beat against the window as everyone in the house slept. Sleeping was my only sanctuary. Ten years after the war and no one had fully recovered. There was nothing left but pain and I found the best solution was to sleep. That was the reason I was ready to swing at Zachariah Smith when he woke me in the morning.

His light-brown hair tickled my forehead.

"Wake up Lavender," he whispered softly.

I reluctantly rolled over in bed to face him. He looked like a lovesick puppy, which was the wholesome truth. For seven months now, Zach had been seeing Ginny and was perfectly content on thinking that she loved him back. Whatever kept him asleep at night. Zach worked as a male nurse at the Greenville Bay Elderly Wizarding Home. In fact had Zach not worked at the GBE Wizarding Home Susan and I probably wouldn't have a home. After the war I was moving from place to place trying to restart myself and Harry, Ron and Zach were moving in together so they offered Susan and me a room.

I was ready to tell Zach to bugger off when Harry yelled from downstairs, "SUSAN BREAKFAST!"

Yes, it was time to get up.

Slowly but surely I followed Zach out of the room we shared, and into the kitchen. I was supposed to share a room with Susan, but once she found the couch comfortable she immediately kicked Zach off it and he was forced to sleep in her old bed.

"Morning" I told Harry.

Harry James Potter gave me a smirk. Not much had changed about him. He was rather tall and extremely handsome. And he was still loved by every woman in the Wizarding world and the most famous bloke to ever live. Instead on taking Quidditch like everyone wanted him to, he decided to become an Auror. I thought that was kind of funny, if I were him I'd probably want to stay away from anything that brought back memories of the war. But to him he wants to continue protecting people. People like Parv. He was seeing Parvati Patil, my best friend. When Parvati dates people I usually don't care, but I'm not all supportive of this relationship, for one reason; Ginvera Weasley. Sure she's seeing Zach for now but everyone knows how close the two were and Ginny and Parvati's relationship with one another never did mend after Parvati laid her claws on Harry. And now Harry has decided to marry the Magic! Model.

Beside Harry is Ron whose head is down on the table. Ron….hadn't been doing so good after the war. Nearly six months after the war he was diagnosed with V-Syndrome. A Syndrome that gives him flashbacks and nightmares about the war. If it gets too serious he can hurt him or go into insanity. During the war, his dad and Percy died and Charlie went missing along with this other woman named Tonks. Then two years ago, Bill was ambushed in an attack and killed. George tried to fend for him, but now he's in a coma and isn't expected to get out. And if that's not enough, he and Hermione, the Golden couple got into a nasty argument three days after he was diagnosed with V-Syndrome. They never really resolved it, even in seven years. Ron's usually quiet and grouchy at times but he's not completely miserable, Harry won't let him be and he lives with me and Susan now, something is bound to go hilariously wrong.

"G'Morning Lavender," Harry replied, he was already drinking coffee and dressed, unlike Ron who had his pants and an old shirt on.

"Morning Won-Won!" I said cheerfully to Ron and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He raised his head up and glared at me. Ron was handsome. But he always let his anger and sorrow reflect in nearly everything he did. So pissing him off was always a good time.

However the usually train of swear words went missing as he simply flicked me off and put his head back down.

"I guess you could translate that for good morning, Lav," Zach said coming from behind me.

"Yeah, well I'm sure if you would do that if you had Ron's morning," Harry said, "SUSAN WE'RE STARVING!"

"THEN STARVE MORE!" was the reply Susan gave.

I smirked, at least she was up. Susan hadn't changed that much from the war. I had never talked to her before the war, but she seemed like that same stubborn, kind and fierce girl that helped me survive. But moving in with Susan taught me quiet a few things. Firstly that she and Ron are the only ones who will ever cook. Second, that she loves to sleep meaning its murder trying to wake her in the morning and to stay far from her private life. It's been rocky for her lately. Something about a Blaise Zabini that ripped her from her friend Hannah, excuse me her best friend Hannah. All because he was a Slytherin. Sure had Prav dated a Slytherin I would have a bit of a fit but I don't think our friendship would break because of it. It may not seem like it, but I hate fighting and I'd probably be the first to end whatever was going wrong.

Finally the blond haired auror rose from the couch and entered the kitchen starting breakfast. Harry gave her a grin which Susan greeted in the same matter Ron greeted me—flicking him off. Susan was in school part time ready to graduate for International Auror Affairs. Never knew you had to go to school for that, but according to Harry, most aurors have to take one of the classes that Susan, but what Susan is doing is taking all of the classes that way hopefully, if she ever decides, she could leave England and travel anywhere else and have a license to not only return to England and France under Auror license but anyway in world. But, Ron added, that very few people go through with it, because it's most difficult job and most don't get credit for what they do. They're like invisible people and have to keep many secrets and most crack under the pressure. In fact the once you get your license you have to go through three to seven years of training becoming an official International Auror. At first I was confused. Harry and Ron could move from country to country, no problem. What was the difference? But Ron said that the difference is that there are few places they can go to, without going through paper work and a lot of useless crap. In fact the non-hassle international trips were America, France and Italy (although sometimes it doesn't always work). However if Susan goes through with her training, then she'll be able to Apparate as an Auror anywhere—when needed. This includes those high security countries, like North Korea, China, Japan and Germany. Yet another problem with International Aurors is that they tend to Apparate when they aren't need. That they'll try to go places while on vacation and claim there was a report for them to go there. It's a ruff life Susan would be putting herself in according to Harry. Yet she hasn't announced if she was going to go through with it. I guess that's part of her training to learn to keep things to herself. Which I've noticed she'd been doing more and more often, making her one of the most secluded persons I know.

I sat down and rested my head on the table and took a quick nap. It was quick because I was soon awoken by the aroma of hot delicious sausage and eggs in front of me.

"Told you food would wake her up," Zach said laughing. Harry and Ron smirked.

I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out at Zach.

"Enough. Harry, Ron and I have something very serious to talk to you two about," Susan said. I knew what that meant. Something was going wrong up at the ministry. Anytime something did, Ron, Susan and Harry would tell us. Only if we swore to tell no one. Which we always did.

"Susan's right," Ron said picking his head up and munching on some of Zach's bacon. "I was out this morning because I had an emergency call. In France about one-twenty a.m., Millicent Bulstrode was killed."

Zach was about to open his mouth when Harry interjected. "Yes Zach she's the girl that Hermione tried to impersante and ended up turning herself into a cat."

Zach nodded and Ron threw him a look that said thanks. Ron hated it when Zach interrupted.

"Anyway," Susan continued, "At least three hours later they found Theodore Nott dead—"

"And yes Zach that's the same who ran with Draco when Hermione punched the lights of little ferret boy," Harry interjected. Zach nodded, obviously Harry had seen that Zach was about to ask another question.

Susan glared at both Harry and Zach, but mostly Zach. Did I mention that Susan hated interruptions too?

"Anyway, they found him dead too, so now Harry, Ron and I will be in and out of the place. Coming in at all types of hours. I just wanted to give a forewarning with Lavender here. Because we all remember what happened the last time."

I blushed at this point. Last time was when Zach forgot to tell me about their business at the Ministry and that complete stranger would be roaming our apartment looking for Harry, Ron and Susan. Aurors of course. Because last time, still in shock of the war, when a stranger came into the apartment—well long story short, he was in Mongos for two weeks.

Zach and I nodded that we understood.

Then I finally spoke, "I have some good news."

"Lavender discovering that you have a more advanced IQ is wonderful news, however we've heard it a mil—"

"Zach!" Ron snapped. Zach went quiet. Ron in the morning was bad. A grouchy Ron in the morning was even worse.

"I have a job interview!" I annonced. "With the Daily Phropet working as a Record Recorder. Y'know those people who keep all the records of events."

"Finally!" Zach choursed. This time Ron didn't say anything. Instead he smirked. He, Ron and Zach had always gotten on to me because I always had a hard time coming up with rent and finding a job, but Susan had always covered for me. I meant it when I said that she literaly saved my life.

"Congrats Lav," Susan said sending Zach a death glare.

"Yes," Harry said. "We're all proud and I hope you do well with you inter—"

"Harry Potter of 4528!" Susan, Ron and Harry all ran to the fire expecting an auror to come out but instead it was a flaming red-haired came through. Expect Ginny's hair wasn't red. It was charcole black.

Zach and I came through from the kitchen and Zach ready to ask his girlfriend what was wrong when Ginny responded in her own words. She grabbed her ponytail and slide off some of the black material in her hair leaving a large clump in her hand and a red tail in her hair. Then she smeered it on Harry's face.

"That is what your girlfriend did in our kitchen," she snapped. "She burned the whole thing down by burning a pot filled with NOTHING!"

Ron shook his head and I looked to the floor. Is Parvati that stupid?

Then Ginny turned to Susan asking, "Can you make us breakfast. Hermione's already called matinence."

This would be the third time they've had to call matinence because of Parvati. And it was only Monday!

"I don't know how you're going to eat if you marry her!" Ginny snapped and disappeared back to her apartment. Maybe she said that because she was still a little jealous of Harry and Parvati's relationship or maybe it was because it was the truth. Either way Harry didn't seem to appreciate the comment and went to the bathroom to wash his face.

I turned out of the living room and went back into the kitchen to finish my breakfast.

Two and a half hours later I found my self at the interviewing office at the Daily Prophet shaking. Usually I wouldn't but I was super nervous because I hadn't had a steady job since the war ended and I was in dire need of one.

"Brown, Lavender?"

I didn't respond.

"Brown, Lavender? Are you there? Oh well. Johnson, Cassie?"

"Wait!" I said sliding into the room before the blond before me could. "I'm here."

A man raised his eye brow. He was tall with tanned skin and shaggyish brown hair.

"According to Daily Prophet tardiness isn't in your job requirements meaning they don't and won't except it," the man said. There was a playfully smirk on his lips. And he wasn't that bad looking.

"U-U I'm sorry, I was a little nervous," I explained. The man smiled.

"You have nothing to be nervous about. All I'm going to do is sit here ask dumb questions and you'll probably get the job," he said smiling. Same way Zach explained, I thought smiling.

"A smile," he continued. "They're liked around here. My name is Davis. Davis Kenneth. And Yours?"

"Lavender Brown," I responded.

"Done with question number one. How old are you?" Davis asked.

"Old enough," I said laughing. I knew I probably shouldn't have said that but he gave me the feeling that he wouldn't care much anyway.

Davis smirked. "That always works," he said as he scribbled down some answer.

"And why do you want to work for Daily Prophet?"

"I kind of need the money," I answered. I began getting nervous again. I didn't know why but every time some one asked me that question in an interview, that's when things usually went down hill.

"You were in the war?" Davis asked. He wasn't writing anything now.

"Yeah," I said softly. Please no more questions. No questions about who I live with or about my sanity.

"Lavender you said your name was?" Davis asked.


"Gryffindor, graduated with Harry Potter, whom your best friend, Parvati Patil is engaged to and was the victim of one of Fred and George's underwear tricks? And if I'm not mistaken, was caught fourteen in a broom closet with Irish lover Seamus Finnegan" Davis asked.

I laughed. "How did you know that? Especially that last part." I hadn't spoken with Seamus in—ages.

"Well the first part of from Magic, the magazine when reading Parvati's interview—"

"I remember that. I was so pissed she had mentioned me and that horrifying incident. Fred never let me live that down when he read that," I interrupted laughing. "I'm sorry keep going."

He grinned. "Well the underwear thing I had already knew about—"

"I'm sorry," I interjected. "How did you already know about that?"

Davis looked down. I should have never said anything. I should have answered his question straight forwardly. Dammit I'll never get this job. Great going Lavender! I quickly stood ready to leave.

"I'm- I'm sorry, I should have never said anything," I said quickly heading for the door.

"I was there," he continued. Then he raised his head and looked me in the eye. A single tear rolled down his eye. "I was friends with George Weasley."

Oh you can forget that job.

"Anyway, I know about your Irish clover, because in detention with the twins she'd always rant about how she'd always caught you two making out somewhere and finally Fred starting keeping count," Davis said smirking. He stood up and handed me a paper.

"Consider yourself hired. You start tomorrow."

I spent the rest of the day cleaning the apartment and treating myself to some ice-cream. I even got time to visit Hermione and Zach in the Nursing Home downstairs.

"You got a job interview!" Hermione exclaimed while working with a patient. "I'm going to kill Zach when I find him. We'll have to celebrate!"

I smiled. "Yeah maybe later tonight at Mikey's?" I suggested. I probably shouldn't have, since Hermione hates Mikey's. But you never know.

She rose from her hunched position and glared at me only for a minute.

"I'll tell Gin we're coming."

Mikey's bar was where Ginny worked. After the war she swore she wouldn't have anything to do with the Ministry, Daily Prophet or anything that dealt with hearing about death. So she and Dean applied for this job at Mikey's bar and got it. It's not that bad, but Hermione isn't exactly alcohol friendly, and neither is Ginny's mum, but both women seemed to be getting over it and expecting it. Later that night around eight, I walked Baltic Avenue and turned to see Ginny bent over taking out the trash.

Sometimes I wonder why Harry left Ginny. She was pretty, nice and had enough spice and attitude to keep up with Wonder Boy, as she likes to call him. It really did break her heart when he started seeing Praviti, maybe not because she knew her, but more because it challenged her train of thought. Ginny never worried about being pretty or worrying about make-up too much, but since his thing with Praviti Ginny's attitude had changed. I once heard her and Hermione talking about it and Ginny questioning her beauty. All because of Wonder Boy.

"Hey Purp!" Ginny called. I laughed. "Purp" was the nickname Ginny gave me when I used to live with her, Hermione, Luna and Susan. It came about when we were arguing whether Lavender was its own color or a shade of purple. Looking back, the argument seems ridiculous. Lavender is defiantly a color of its own.

"Hey Fireball, did you eat breakfast?" I asked as Gin walked towards me.

She rolled her eyes. "No I drank butterbeer instead. C'mon everyone is waiting for you. Congrats of that job by the way. I still think that you should have come here."

I smiled. "Thanks Ginny."

We turned the corner and entered the bar. Everyone was there. Susan, Hermione, Luna, Harry, Ron, Dean, Parvati, Zach, and Seamus. Wait Seamus! I stood in shock with my mouth wide open as the handsome Irish boy-no Irish man came towards me. He carried some Irish liquor and wrapped his arms around me.

"Don't act so surprised Lav. I know you're happy to see me."