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Title: The Demon In The Wishing Well

Type: Multi-chaptered

Chapter: Prologue

Ch. Title: Wishing Well

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-O-X-O-X- Division

Summary: She came to her wishing well everyday, to escape from a reality devoid of any happiness. Everyday she went, but one day she finds a boy in the well, beaten half to death. Captivated by the young girl, unafraid of him, he offers to protect her, and she accepts. They were inseparable, but only a few years later, they were tragically ripped apart. After a bloody revenge, Sasuke lives for years, only to remain the age of 17. Many years later, he finds that Sakura has been reborn, without any memories. But he intends to fix that problem. Slight AU.

She peered into the groaning well, only to find a boy her age in a blue robe, and she stares. He opens his eyes and stares back.


If you'll be my star,

I'll be your sky.

You can hide underneath me and come out at night.

When I turn jet black,

And you show off your light,

I live to let you shine…I live to let you shine…

And you can skyrocket away… from me…

And never come back if you find another galaxy… far… from here,

With more room to fly,

Just leave me your stardust to remember you by…


"Get out!" The faceless woman cried, slapping the young girl adorned in a simple, light pink and orange kimono with cherry blossoms on the hem that diminished slowly as the cherry blossoms reached upwards on her kimono. They were at the edge of her sleeves, fading out from hem out.

She fell to the ground, tears streaming from her eyes. She quickly got up, as the woman continued to scream at her, screaming hysterically, phrases and words that stabbed at her fragile heart.

She ran, and ran towards the woods, only seeing the trees and bushes flashing past her as she soon ran to a clearing. At its center was a small well, empty of water, where she sat everyday to wish.

She collapsed against the well, clinging desperately to the sides. Tears streamed from her eyes as she choked back sobs.

Tears fell from her closed lids, only to splash onto the well, sliding down in the brick wall. This was an escape, from a world where she did not belong. She was only a little girl of 6 years of age, abused and heartbroken, but she endured this all and continued on with life. Her only three friends, Ino, Tenten, and Hinata, could do nothing, being the same age, their parents uncaring.

It was simply a circle of hate and abuse.

'This doesn't hurt. This doesn't hurt.' She chanted, as her sobs increased in sound, tears spreading down her face faster and faster.

"This doesn't hurt." She whispered.


Sakura Haruno walked towards the well, only age 6. Yesterday's events had plagued her, and she hadn't returned home until late at night. Walking over towards the well, she looked up to the cloudless sky, shining in a blue haze. She walked over to the well, tears finally spilling over. She couldn't help it, she tried her hardest not to cry, but their life, her and her friends, was killing them all slowly on the inside.

She held onto the well, like she had done so many times before, her tears splashing onto something inside the well. Alarmed, she heard groaning noises, coming from deep inside the black hole. Tears had splashed onto a pale check of a boy with ebony hair in a dark blue robe.

She peered into the groaning well, only to find a boy her age in a blue robe, and she stared. He opened his raven eyes only to stare back at her.

"A-ano… Are you alright?" She stared at the blood on his robe, and knew instantly that he was not okay.

"I-I'm fine." He winced as he bit out the words, his voice strained and cracked from misuse.

She ran off to her house, sneaking in and grabbing a small cup of water, before running back out of the Japanese styled house, to the well where the boy was climbing out of slowly. She handed him the water. He stared at her curiously, hesitantly taking the cup.

He watched her scrutinizing, and she blushed from the intensity of his stare.

"Is there something wrong?" She asked, curious.

He paused, watching her as she settled onto the grass.

"Aren't you afraid of me?"

Sakura stared at him oddly.

"Should I be?"

They stared at each other for a few moments. Her glowing eyes that hinted pain but happiness captivated him, and she stared into his empty, black eyes, curious. She smiled brightly at him, and he couldn't help but give a small smile back.


"Why did you come here today?" He was curious, was it coincidence they had met?

"I come here everyday, I like to get away from home."

His eyes darkened, suspecting the worse. "What do they do to you at home?"

She nervously tugged at her coral hair, obviously uncomfortable with the subject. He watched the young girl, and he got angrier at the thoughts and memories running through her head.

"What do they do, Sakura?"

She looked up at him, surprised.

"How do you know my name?"

It was his turn to look at her, surprised.

"Don't you know what I am?"

She blinked, studying at his face for a while. She shook her head. He paused, before replying bluntly.

"I'm a demon."

Sakura's eyes widened a fraction, now remembering his face. After visiting the room with all the scrolls, she recognized something from a scroll that spoke of a clan of demons that lived among the humans, a fan adorning their backs, with the name of Uchiha.

"So you're an Uchiha…?"

He nodded, uncomfortable and angry with the subject.

"What happened to you?" Sakura asked, already captivated by this young boy.

"My brother killed our entire clan, before killing himself." He mumbled, angrily.

Sakura stared at him in horror, unable to imagine all the blood.

'Blood on his robes…wasn't his…'

"S-so… the blood…"

"It's not mine."

She gulped, nodding slowly.

"But how did you get into the well?"

"My brother took me here, before killing himself."

She looked around, trying to find any blood left behind from the demon brother.

"…Didn't you read that a demon's body would completely disappear after death?"

"But how do you know he is dead?? He could still be alive."

"Not likely. I heard him kill himself after."

And that was the end of discussion.


Hours had seemed to pass, as the sun slowly began to sink past the horizon. The two had stayed in the same spot, talking and getting close. Sakura's limbs were aching as she attempted to get up, only to stumble and fall back onto her bottom. Sasuke, still sitting on the ledge of the well, simply gave a small laugh at her. She pouted at him, crossing her arms. He got up and helped her up, giving a rare smile.

"Where are you going to go, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura watched his expression go cold.

"I'm not going back to the estate, the bodies of the human maids and butlers will still be there."

He grimaced, remembering the blood and bodies falling and scattering everywhere.

"You can come stay with me then!" She cried happily. He looked at her with surprise. Sakura paused, only to realize what she had said. She suddenly went very shy, and followed up with a simple whimper.

"T-then again, my a-aunt and uncle may not approve…" She mumbled, scared.

He stared at her frightened face, her body shaking with horror at the thoughts of punishment.

"Don't worry." He started, "I'll protect you." She looked up at his face with glassy emerald eyes.

"…Thank you." She mumbled into his chest, hugging him desperately, and the two clung onto each other, for if they let go they were afraid that they would lose each other, and slip back into reality.


Sakura tentatively slid open the doors of her home. She peeked in, before leading Sasuke in. Sasuke, in his blue robe adorned with the fan on his back, followed her, and they walked towards her room. They were sneaking along, and they almost released a breath of relief, until they opened her room's door, to find Sakura's aunt and uncle.

Terrified, Sakura backed up slightly. Sasuke's eyes darkened as Sakura clutched onto his robe, her body shaking.

"Who is this, Sakura?" Her aunt asked sweetly. Her fake smile turned into an angry frown at the lack of a response from Sasuke.

"…" Sasuke stared at her passively, one arm holding Sakura's waist, as she shook, and sobs managed to break through every few moments.

"Well!?" She screamed, before wrenching Sakura from his grasp and throwing her across the room. Sasuke's eyes darkened angrily, and his once calm demeanor was glowing with hatred.

Sakura cried out, as she crashed onto the floor. She whimpered, scooting further away from her aunt, until her uncle grabbed her. When she glanced at Sasuke, her eyes widened at the red aura emanating from him. His eyes were blood red now, commas swirling violently in them.

Her uncle and aunt froze, looking at the young Uchiha.

"Y-you… you're an Uchiha…" Her aunt suddenly fell to the floor, bowing to the heir of the Uchiha clan, desperately begging for mercy and forgiveness. Dropping Sakura, her uncle followed.

Sakura gave a little yelp as she fell, but ran to Sasuke. Sasuke watched her hide behind him, and the aura went away. He was comfortable with her behind him.

"I suggest you leave." He said, coldly. Without a second thought, the aunt and uncle ran out of the house.

-O-X-O-X- A Few Years Later…

Everything was gone in a blur, all the happy memories they had made with each other's company. Sakura was in a field, only 10 years of age. She sat there, plucking the fragile flowers with care. She held them all in one hand, not noticing anybody sneaking up behind her.

'Sasuke will be mad for me leaving, but wait until he sees these pretty flowers!' Sakura giggled. She had snuck out to get flowers for Sasuke.

But when she turned, she found five large, burly men standing behind her, staring at her menacingly. Behind them were her aunt and uncle.

"W-what…?" Her eyes widened with fear, as she took a step back. She fell to the ground, and the men smirked maniacally.


Sasuke ran frantically through the village, people moving out of the way for the blue blur passing them. Wind rushed through the streets, as Sasuke ran inhumanly fast to find Sakura.

'Where is she. Where is she? Where is she?!'

Everybody's heads turned to the scream that resonated from the flower fields. They all turned and ran towards that direction. Sasuke darted through the crowd, and everybody whispered among them. But once he got to the front of the crowd, he saw something he did not want to see.

Five huge men, and Sakura's aunt and uncle, stood over a bloody mass in the middle of the huddled circle. Rage filled his veins, coursing and everything around him began to wilt. Flowers slowly turned black and withered, trees simply lost all their leaves and shriveled and shrunk. He stepped forward, every step leaving nothing but bare ground and dead, rotting plant life. His eyes were blood red, commas spinning angrily in them. Everybody watched him with fear, and Sakura's aunt, uncle, and the five men turned to him, and stared frightfully. Then he saw it.

Sakura's dead, mutilated body, her head, arms, and legs were severed from her body, one large open wound spilling blood from her heart. Her face was bespattered with blood, and her bright, shining green orbs were dull and open wide with fear. Her body was pale, cold, and her hair was spread about everywhere. Blood poured from all wounds, gushing quickly all over the field of flowers.

Sasuke stared in rage, before everything went haywire. In his rage, he pulled out a kunai, and stared menacingly at the people all around. Angrily, he rushed forward with a speed he did not know he could go, and ripped through the men's flesh, ripping and tearing their skin and organs. He severed their bodies like they had done to Sakura, and rage filled his entire head, clouding all thoughts. He killed the Sakura's aunt and uncle, relishing their screams and the blood that on his body. As he killed innocent villagers, the sun seemed to turn a brilliant blood red, and the sky turned gray. Everything seemed to die slowly, and now the field was covered not only with Sakura's blood.

In the midst of the dead bodies, Sasuke stood. The rain began to fall from the heavens, but Sasuke did not shed a tear for Sakura or for the villagers, because he could not. The rain cried for him.

He was alone once again.


Not too bloody, I hope. This might have been a really weird chapter, because most of it I wrote a while ago and then I decided to start writing again. Sorry if it sucks or if it's confusing! Review?