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Title: The Demon In The Wishing Well

Chapter: 9

Ch. Title: Soul Singer

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Oh, the result of the experiment!

Ino was in a daze, the sparks that were flashing like blinding lights behind her lids, as their bodies made contact. Her cheeks were flushed, and Shikamaru eyed her with an odd, but amused expression as thoughts clicked into place and he conceitedly told himself 'I knew it' mentally.

Ino quickly snapped out of the daze, and with a force and will that surprised even herself, she slapped Shikamaru, the noise that seemed so loud Ino could have sworn it echoed through the entire house.

"…The hell was that for!" Shikamaru demanded, clutching his cheek as he grit his teeth in pain. Ino was panting, as if she was gasping for air like a fish out of water, almost as if she couldn't get enough of it.

"For touching me!" She yelled, running off in the other direction, forgetting all about the food.

Tenten turned to look at Ino oddly as she ran in, slamming the rice paper doors behind her with a vengeance.

"I take it, something went wrong?" Sakura noted, feeling much better after eating something warm. The slight twinge of a headache resounded in her head, but she simply ignored it for the moment.

"I-is something the w-wrong, Ino-chan? Y-you're really red…" Hinata watched as Ino plopped down on her futon angrily, cheeks ablaze with color.

"Everything's perfect, lovely, happy, rainbows and butterflies!" She wailed, falling over and turning to curl up in a ball as she ripped her covers over her.

The other three were silent, eyeing her as if she'd gone totally mental.

"Well, that's lovely then." Tenten noted, exasperatedly.

"Shut up." Ino grumbled, soprano voice muffled from underneath her covers.

"Aren't you just going to get hotter underneath there?" Sakura snickered, as Ino wailed angry and unfriendly (1) words in a muffled garble that had Hinata blushing.

"Well, I'm going to take a bath. Or do you want to first, Hinata?" Tenten looked over at Hinata.

"I-if its n-not too much trouble, Tenten-chan…" Hinata blushed shyly, averting her gaze to her knees.

"No, it's okay! I want to go wander around a bit, anyways. I hope I don't run into trouble like you did, Ino." Tenten snickered as she left the room; Ino's face peeking from underneath her blankets to glare at Tenten.

"See ya!" Tenten mock saluted, shuffling out of the room quietly.

Tenten peered around, wanting to map out the mansion mentally. It'd be easier to navigate if at least one of them knew the layout of the mansion.

"I wonder if they have library…" Tenten wondered aloud, and turned numerous corners in maze of similar hallways and doors.

Tenten was pretty sure she'd at least turned sixty corners and passed another two hundred same looking doors, before something hit her.

She was totally, utterly lost.

"Argh! The perfect time to get lost!" She wanted to pull her now slipping hair out angrily, and she slapped her cheeks a few times. "Maybe if these stupid hallways all didn't look the same, I wouldn't be lost!" She shook her head violently, deciding to try and retrace her steps.

But after another twenty turns and fifty doors later, she promptly began to smack her head against the wall.

"I can't believe I got myself lost. Who gets lost in a house! AGH!" Tenten shrieked, her ripped kimono whispering slightly against her legs as she slid down against the wall, pouting unhappily.

"I'm tired…" She noted, yawning slightly, before falling asleep as her body slid to the ground gently.

Now this, Neji had to tell himself, was an interesting sight.

He had been walking from his room after bathing, only to find the bun girl sleeping on the ground, right outside his room.

'I knew I felt something out here.' Neji thought, wryly as he observed Tenten's sleeping frame.

She hadn't even wakened, even when she felt his chakra in her sleep. Tenten ignored it and pushed it away to continue sleeping, and was slightly ashamed when she realized her chakra had gone instead to meet his and mentally, in her dreams, attempted to choke herself.

Neji rolled his eyes as her chakra spiked randomly in her sleep, but observed her amusedly. This wing of the house had been reserved to Neji exclusively, but then again everybody had a wing to themselves. He sat down across from her and eyed her as her body rose up and down slowly and quietly, her soft breathing the only noise reverberating down the hall.

Tenten woke groggily; the darkness of the hallway began to signal warning signs in her head. She shook her head, rubbing her eyes as her sight began to focus in the dark, which had settled all about her. She glanced up, only to see the cream eyes of Neji watching her. She gave a little yelp, backing up against the wall immediately and instinctively.

Neji quirked an eyebrow, and as Tenten's eyes came into proper focus, she realized that the moon was shining high into the night, it's pure and round abyss of silver splaying in through the windows and casting lines all about her, bathing the two in an ethereal light. Tenten leaned against the floor, turning her head to look at Neji. She blinked curiously, not noticing the fact that in her sleep, her hair ties had completely fallen out and were sitting on the floor by her, her deep coffee colored hair slipping gently past her shoulders.

Neji could feel it again; that magnetic pull that had him resisting the urge to grab the girl and ravish her with his mouth. His chakra was screaming against his resistance, and he grit his teeth in a response that had Tenten confused. She sat up, and plopped onto the wooden floor, her legs crossed to her side.

"I… got lost." Tenten said quietly, breaking the tense silence that Neji was ultimately, and unknowingly, causing. He snapped his head to look at her, and blinked.

"Hn." He replied, crossing his arms to look up at the moon. Tenten watched him, and she felt herself blush as something inside her soul tugged towards him, her chakra almost flaring out to greet his. She could feel it when their chakra touched and winced, almost as if it was painful. Tenten tried to shake the thoughts from her head.

"Um, could you show me to my room?" Tenten wriggled her fingers together, nervous for his reply.

Neji turned to face her, and Tenten blinked, and she felt something fall into place. She couldn't stop looking, her entire being enraptured by his eyes, as he leaned in against her to greet her mouth with his. She felt her chakra flare up from inside her body, almost as if it wanted to reach out, and grasp tightly onto his chakra signature and never let go. There was something familiar and completely stranger about his kiss, and Tenten felt herself begin to unconsciously react to Neji….

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