Chapter 8

There and Back

Taking my time as I got ready, I decided to make Sasuke wait.

I don't know why, but I just always wanted to make him mad. No matter to me, that I had to deal with it later. You'd think this strange satisfaction was sadistic of me. Who knows maybe it was.


"What is taking this girl so long?" Sasuke thought aloud.

"Patience Sasuke," The old man stated while patting Sasuke's hand. It had comforted him somewhat.

"I'm leaving, tell her to catch up." Sasuke said while walking out the open door.

The steps creaked as Hinata made her way down the steps, in no rush.

Watching Sasuke walk out made her somewhat delighted. She didn't have to walk next to him anymore.

The old man turned to see Hinata watch Sasuke walk away. "Hinata, sweetheart, will you please just try." he whispered, while walking towards her. And by that Hinata knew what the old man was trying to say.

She sighed once and called out for Sasuke, not so enthusiastically, "Hey, wait."

She ran out the door and followed him.


While walking they decide that speaking wasn't something needed.

Sasuke naturally took the lead up front while Hinata strolled behind him.

Time passed and they soon made it into a village. One that could barely be categorized as one, seeing as how the size was only a small percentage of The Leaf.

The two walked alongside the dirt path, seeing all the small stands. "What does the old man need?" Sasuke spoke, almost startling Hinata.

She pulled the list out of he pocket and handed it over to Sasuke. And after that they he seemed to be the one doing all the work. It didn't make her upset that Sasuke had done all the work by the end of the day. To Hinata this was a vacation of some sort, even if Sasuke was here.

She spent the next few hours walking around leisurely.


"I can't believe he didn't give us enough money. " Sasuke complained.

They were now walking for almost an hour. The sun had set nicely behind the hills and the night painted the sky with bright stars that lead the way.

"Stop already. Just because you had to donate a few dollars doesn't give you the right to complain. Seriously, for such a rich kid your extremely stingy with your money." Hinata explained and Sasuke simply grumbled in reply.

"Anyways I think there's an inflation."

Sasuke looked away and sped up the pace. That's when they both knew there had been enough speaking for that night.


"I'm so glad you two made it back in time. I was worried the trip would take a while, seeing as how you two can't stand each other." The old man said, and I felt that he was starting to figure out the relationship between Sasuke and I.

I placed the bags on the kitchen counter and sat down at the bar, watching as Sasuke placed the food items away.

Today wasn't as bad as I thought, I actually wouldn't mind staying here for a few more days.

Oh dear god, what am I saying? I must be crazy, yes? Hmm. Then I remembered, "Excuse me," I said, and Sasuke ignored me completely, which wasn't such a surprise, but the old man looked and that's who I wanted. "When am I leaving?"

Note that I used "I" and not "we".

He looked at me, pursing his lips as if he were thinking. "You may leave tomorrow."

I blinked, and I felt my heart jump. "Pardon?"

"You can leave."

Sasuke stopped to turn around, "We're aloud to leave?"

It was almost too beautiful to believe.

I was going home.


Dinner was something that neither Sasuke or Hinata needed, the two too giddy to even eat their meal.

Hinata left the table first, leaving Sasuke with the dishes and locking up.

She made it up stairs and settled herself in bed, later figuring all she could do was stare up at the ceiling. Soon after Sasuke made his way up to the room. He opened the door to see Hinata rolling around on her futon.

"What's with you?" He said, as if he weren't happy at all.

Hinata sat up and forced her smile down. "I don't have to see your face anymore. Any sane person would be happy." And back down she went.

He mumbled something and Hinata didn't care to find a come-back for it.

As Sasuke made his way into the bathroom Hinata tried to close her eyes and drift into sleep.


The morning had taken forever to get here. The night was unbearable. I wanted to do something, anything to make time move faster. I wanted to get out of here!

"I'm going to miss the two of you." The old man said as I continued zipping up my pack and placing it around my leg.

"You were a lot of help around here. Hopefully the business will be up and running by the end of this week."

I glanced over to Sasuke and he nodded.

It was time to leave. "Goodbye." I said, waving my had almost too eagerly.

"Goodbye, dear. Be safe now."

I watched as the old man slipped into the B&B and then I was running down the street almost too giddy to breath.

I wont have to see you anymore, Sasuke.

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