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"Warning": Dean talks a lot in this chapter!

Chapter 13

"Dean, where are we going?" Sam asked from the passenger seat of the Impala. It was Friday evening and after working all day, he was tired, achy, and uncomfortable in his work clothes.

Dean rolled his eyes. For the thousandth time, I'm not telling you. It's a surprise, Sammy."

Sighing tiredly, Sam rested his head back. "I hate surprises."

"Trust me, Sammy," Dean reassured as he squeezed Sam's thigh. "You'll love this one."

Sam hummed noncommittally and closed his eyes. When he felt the car come to a stop, Sam opened his eyes and frowned at his surroundings. They were in the parking lot of a small, quaint restaurant.

"What are we doing here?"

Dean shook his head mournfully. "I always tried to tell Dad that I got all the brains in the family. I figured we'd eat, Sammy."

"But-but," Sam stammered.

Rolling his eyes, Dean climbed out and went around to meet Sam on his side.

"Dean, I don't understand," Sam admitted knowing he sounded stupid but this was so un-Dean-like that he was confused.

Dean looped an arm around Sam's waist. "Is it so hard to believe that I wanted to take my darling lover, mother of my children, out for a nice dinner?"

Sam stopped short, grabbing Dean's arm to bring them face-to-face, frowning, Sam stared intensely into his brother's eyes, assessing them. For a moment, Dean stared back, thoroughly perplexed before huffing exasperated breath ad looking the slightest bit embarrassed.

"I'm not a shape-shifter, Sam. Seriously, I wanted to do this because it's important to me." He smiled when Sam melted against him. "Now, come on, our reservations are for eight, sharp."

Once situated in their seat by the large window, they made small talk for a little while. Finally, Sam smiled softly at Dean and grabbed his hand. "Thank you, Dean. This is really nice."

Dean grinned back, loving the way the low lights made Sam's smile look so boyish and carefree.

He cleared his throat nervously. "I'm glad you like it, but I also brought you here because I have some things we need to discuss."

Instantly nervous, Sam sat up straight and bit his lip. "About what?"

Dean tightened his hold on Sam's hand. "Two things, actually. First, old man Royner at the shop is finally retiring after sixty years, but none of his sons have ever been interested in cars. So Royner wanted to leave it to us three mechanics but the youngest one is moving to California and Lou said he'd rather just fix cars. So, as of yesterday, I sort of own an auto shop?"

Sam blinked at him a few times. "Wait, what?"

"Look, I know I should have talked to you a while back when it was first mentioned, but I wanted it so bad and I just didn't want to say anything until I was sure."

Sam shook his head. "I'm not angry; I'm in shock. I mean, you own a business." He squeezed Dean's hand. "I'm proud of you, Dean."

Dean couldn't stop his cheeks from warming. He leaned over to press a quick kiss to Sam's lips. "Thanks, baby."

"So what was the other thing you wanted to talk about?"

Dean nodded. "Right, I was thinking that now that our family is expanding, maybe it's time to start looking into buying a house."

Sam sighed. "That's a nice thought, but we don't have that kind of money."

"Who do you think you're talking to?" Dean huffed indignantly. "I have a lot of cash saved up."

Sam looked thoughtful as he chewed on a forkful of stuffed chicken breast. I just don't know, Dean. That's an awful lot of responsibility."

Dean silently gathered his thoughts for a few short moments before speaking. "I want you to listen to me carefully, Sammy." He waited until Sam replaced his fork and was paying full attention. "I know that even though we've built a family together and have promised to fight whatever battles to make it work, you still doubt me." He held up his hand when Sam went to protest. "Maybe it's just in the back of your head and you don't even realize it. But I do and I'm telling you right here and right now that I love you. I never thought I'd say it but I want that damn apple pie life with you and our kids. I want you forever- more than the hunt, more than anything. And, goddamnit, I wish you hadn't turned me into such a fucking girl."

Sam smiled through the tears blurring his vision. "I love you, Dean."

Dean shook his head, feigning disgust. "What part of no chick flick moments don't you understand?"


To say that Mikey had been excited to hear that he was going to be an older brother would have been a huge understatement. He constantly talked to Sam's small bump and asked how "Sister" was doing. Mikey was adamant about the fact that he was getting a little sister despite the fact that they wouldn't allow the doctor to tell them.

It was obvious that they boy already loved his unborn sibling, which was why it was such a shock when he came home from school one day and dropped a major bombshell.

Sam let them into the apartment and gave Mikey his afterschool snack. He then asked him to play quietly in his room while he took a nap. Sam knew that Dean would be home in less than an hour. He was just falling asleep when he felt the bed bounce. He cracked open one lid to see Mikey peering down at him, a book clutched in his small hand.

"Read, Mommy?"

Groaning tiredly, Sam sat up on his elbow. "Not right now, sweetheart. Maybe you and Daddy can read when he gets home."

"But why?" Mikey whined in a way that was so unusual for him.

"Because Mommy's tired. Me and Sister need a nap. So you want to lay with us?"

"No!" Mikey exclaimed and pounded his fist on the mattress in frustration.

Startled, Sam sat up straight. "Mikey, what's wrong?"

Mikey crossed his arms stubbornly, his golden brows puckered in anger. "You won't read!"

Sam was baffled. Mikey had never acted this way before- even during his Terrible Twos which had been pretty terrible. He wasn't sure how to handle it, but figured that explaining things would help as it had always done in the past.

"Mikey, I understand that you want me to read, but I will not right now. I'm going to take a nap. I told you that Mommy and Sister-"

"I don't care about Sister!" Mikey exploded, interrupting Sam. "I don't care! I hope she never comes!"

Sam gasped horrified by his son's hateful words. He grabbed the little arm before he knew was going to. "Why would say that? Why? Don't ever say that?"

Mikey wasn't speaking, simply frowning and staring ahead as if his mother wasn't near shrieking right beside him.

"Go to your room, Michael! Go right now!"

It wasn't until the small blonde had stomped out of the room that Sam noticed how badly his hands were shaking. He had never been so angry with his son before and it scared him. But more distressing than Sam's reaction were Mikey's words. Sam couldn't even comprehend why the boy would have said such a thing about the sibling he had adored just the day before. He didn't understand it but it sure did hurt if the shocked sobs fighting their way from his chest were any indication.


When Dean came home he was surprised to find the apartment so quiet. He figured that Sam was taking a nap, his pregnancy making it difficult for him to get through the day without one. What he found was a Sam-shaped ball sitting curled on their bed with his head burrowed in his drawn up knees. It was obvious from the trembling in his hunched shoulders that he was crying.

"Sammy?" He inquired while approaching the bed.

Sam's head rose and Dean gasped. The tear-streaked face was enough but it was Sam's eyes that upset Dean the most. The hurt behind them told Dean that this was way more than just hormones.

"Sammy, what's wrong?" Dean gathered the younger man into his arms.

Sam eventually calmed down enough to tell Dean the whole story. Afterwards, Dean was silent for a while, gently stroking Sam's hair in a way that would have him asleep in less than five minutes.

"You know he didn't mean it, right?" Dean had to make sure.

Sam nodded. "I know that but it still hurt. And I don't understand it." He pressed his nose into the side of Dean's neck.

"I do," Dean stated simply.

Raising his head, Sam furrowed his eyebrows. "What?"

"When Mom and Dad first told me you were coming, I went through a phase where I didn't want you," He immediately continued once he realized how hurtful his statement was. "It wasn't you; I was just worried that they wouldn't love me the same anymore. But that's when Dad sat me down and explained how they could love us both and that it would be my job to protect you." Dean shrugged. "After that I loved you. Even though you were fat and red. But now, I guess it's time for me to have the same talk with our son."

Sam smiled even though his eyes were rapidly filling. Dean groaned.

"Please, Sammy, stop crying; you're killing me."

Laughing, Sam wiped his eyes. "I'm sorry, I love you."

Dean kissed the top of the head. "I love you, too. Now take your nap."

He found Mikey in the exact same position only his tears had long since dried. He glanced up when he heard the door open.

"Hi, son." Dean couldn't help but momentarily start at how much he sounded like his father.

"Hi," came Mikey's sullen reply.

Dean sat down. "You want to tell me what happened?"

Mikey hung his head in shame. "I was mean to Mommy and Sister. Mommy cried."

Nodding in agreement, "His feelings were hurt."

"I didn't mean it! I love Mommy. I love Sister."

He laid a hand on the small shoulder. "I know you do, buddy. So, why'd you say something mean?"

"Rich said that you and Mommy won't love me anymore after Sister comes. She gets all the 'tentions."

"Rich is wrong. C'mere," Dean gestured for Mikey to climb into his lap. "Mommy and Daddy have enough love to give you and Sister. Sister is going to be small when she comes and she will need a lot of attention. But I promise we will always love you because you are our first baby."

Mikey buried his face into Dean's strong chest, his little hands clutching the warn fabric of his shirt. "Okay, Daddy."

The absolute trust that this small boy placed in him completely floored Dean. And he found himself falling in love with his son all over again.

"And you know what else?"

Mikey raised his head, his huge eyes questioning.

"As an older brother, you have to help protect Sister and take care of her. It's a very important job but Mommy and Daddy only trust you with it. Can you do it?"

Mikey sat up a little straighter. "Yes."

Dean smiled. "Good."


Dean and Mikey decided to make their specialty for dinner so that Sam could sleep longer. As all three of them sat down to their spaghetti dinner, Mikey chose that time to apologize to Sam and Sister, promising to always love and protect her. It sent Sam straight into another tearful smile and they spent the next five minutes trying to explain that Mommy was happy and not sad.

At the end of the night, Sam curled himself into Dean's side, near purring at his comfortable heat. Dean slid his hand across Sam's round little belly. "You three exhaust me." Fondness stole the sting from the comment.

Sam smacked Dean's chest playfully. "You love us; we're cute."

The older man grumbled good-naturedly before dropping a quick kiss to Sam's upturned lips. Sam quickly upped the heat by licking Dean's lush bottom lip, begging entrance. Once it was granted he wasted no time in running his tongue over every scorching, wet surface. Groaning, Dean leaved up until he was leaning over Sam's supine body as they kissed, one hand still resting on his stomach, the other tangled in Sam's wavy locks. Dean shuddered when Sam's swollen red lips drew his earlobe into that moist heat. His hand slid down to grip Sam's bony hip bone. He turned his head to recapture Sam's mouth and lost himself in the languid slide of their tongues. But just as suddenly as it had begun, it was over. And Sam kissed the tip of his nose before flopping on his side and fit his back against Dean's chest.

"Goodnight," he said pleasantly as if they hadn't just been making out.

Dean blinked down at him, stunned. "Goodnight? That was one hell of a goodnight kiss."

Sam glanced over his shoulder. "You said you were exhausted, didn't you? He turned back but not before Dean saw the mischievous glint in his eye.

Dean settled down and wrapped an arm around Sam's waist, his arousal still very obvious. "You're a fucking tease," he whispered, softly nipping at the back of his neck. "And I will get you back for this."

Sam just grinned and snuggled deeper into the strong arms.