Disclaimer: I do not own Brago, Sherry nor Zatch Bell, only the plot.

Brago and Sherry had just finished fighting another mamodo battle, and they won, of course. They were walking back to Sherry's estate, Brago ahead of Sherry because he was very thirsty. He spotted a pond next to the house and decided that it was alright to take a drink. While he was having relieving his thirst, Sherry ran up to him with a funny look on her face.

"DON'T DRINK THAT!" she yelled. Brago just looked at her.

"Why not?" Sherry hesitated, then began laughing when she saw how funny the situation was.

"What?" Brago growled. Sherry eventually stopped laughing, and smiled.

"Brago, that's the fish pond."

"So? I do not see any fish."

"My butler removed the fish to clean the pond. Anyway, baby fish were born."


"So, Brago, you just drank water that fish had sex in!"

This comes from a quote that my best friend told me 'Don't drink water, fish have sex in it." It may seem a little disgusting, but it is true. Keep drinking water, though. This is just a story that I whipped up in about a minute, so it may not seem that serious. Thanks for reading!