SPOILERS! Everything in this fic is after Phantom Planet, the final episode of Season 3.

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Keepers of Existence

A ghost stood in front of a large portal. With a wave of his staff, the portal swirled to life, becoming an image. A year ago to this day, the world was saved from colliding into an asteroid, thanks to the help of him, all the Ghost Zone's residents, and a brave young man.

Ever since then, Danny was not limited to just the city of Amity Park. Traveling with his friends - and now his family - as one through the Ghost Zone, they've captured many ghosts from international towns and countries.

He smiled. So far, everything was fine. Though there was a small bit of doubt left… He has only seen it once, but the possibility still lingered…

He waved his staff again, moving the image on the portal slowly into the future. The fate of the world was fine for a while… but then…

"No… not this…" His eyes widened in fear, his child form looking even more terrified. "The others… they need to know as well."

As he exited his lair, Clockwork never thought time would come to this. The elderly ghost has seen time, from the beginning to the infinite end, and he has seen every path, every dimension time could go through. Now, life has chosen a path he never wanted to happen. And he must seek the other Keepers for help.

He couldn't rely on the Observants forever. All they did was council and observe. No… he needed his fellow brethren… ghosts with as much power as he had… enough power to defeat more than ten Pariah Darks.

The Keepers are ghosts that prevent the universe from collapsing. Clockwork was the Keeper of Time. He is the reason why there's even a tomorrow. Bending through the space-time continuum, he can move forward and backward through history, being everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

He arrived at his destination, a wasteland of ice. The empty lands didn't fool him, for within the ice lived a great and intelligent nation of beasts. A large being with a crystallized arm came to greet him, and Clockwork returned the welcome. As he discussed his matters with Frostbite, he kept his thoughts on the three remaining Keepers.

William Powers, the Keeper of Choices. He decides whether or not one is allowed to have their free will. In seconds, he can take away one's spirit, forever making them into an auto-pilot zombie. He can also undo any ghost's abilities that can alter a human's choice, sometimes even Overshadowing.

Clockwork nodded a thank you as he took the Infi-map. Teleporting out, Clockwork opened the scroll.

Treah, Keeper of Life. Without her, all life would end on Earth and the Ghost Zone. She's also the Keeper of Obsessions. Treah knows all the reasons why each ghost exists and how they can be permanently defeated.

Clockwork touched three portals. He already knew where everyone was. Though as his finger left the parchment, the selected portals were veiled in a film of white. He kept the map and headed off.

Menshan, Keeper of Space. Being a close friend of Clockwork, Menshan can bend the space-time continuum, just like Clockwork. Only this time, he has the ability to distort space, connecting realms to his liking. He helped make the Infi-map, and he has memorized all recurring portals around the world.

According to Powers, Clockwork was not allowed to interfere with the other Keeper's business. The world was going to end, though he could not meddle about any longer. He would have to let a non-Keeper do it for him. Clockwork would have to leave the future of the universe in a non-Keeper's hands.

Though this is why Clockwork never wanted time to follow this path: The future is a blank slate. Even the almighty Clockwork doesn't know what the threat is, only that he knows there is one.

"Danny Phantom, savior of the world and all of the Ghost Zone," Clockwork spoke to himself, flying towards a portal leading to Amity Park. Danny was sure to be back at school by now. "the universe is now in your hands."

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