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Danny continued to wonder aimlessly through the endless dark void. "SAM? TUCKER?" He called. Though it may be pointless, no harm in trying, right? Without solid ground, Danny couldn't figure out if there was gravity. And frankly, he didn't want to turn back into a human to see if there was any. "This is a never ending nightmare! If I don't get out of here soon… I'm going to be only the ghost who's afraid of the dark!"

Danny flew forwards and backwards, soon losing his sense of direction and the feeling if he was even moving. "C'mon guys…" He pleaded. "Hurry!"

Sam and Tucker were both heading down the endless hallways, staring at Tucker's PDA for any sign of spectral movement. "Tucker…" Sam whined. "We've been doing this for ages! We don't even know where Danny is!"

Tucker did not dare to look at Sam. When Danny is gone the rest of the day, they're usually used to it if it was Vlad or some other ghost in Amity. But they weren't in Amity and they have never dealt with a ghost like this before. "Come on, we can't give up! No matter what, Menshan has to appear. He has to."

When the stomach growls but your head is caught in a headache, everything becomes one big mess. Being caught in a world that leads to more portals, they were nauseous. Portal after portal, hallway after hallway, the maze never ended, no matter where they went or how randomly they moved. Plus, Tucker's PDA could only go so far without showing a blank part of the map. And for every second they didn't see either Menshan or Danny, the more they doubted if Danny even survived…

Menshan was having fun teasing the remaining intruders. "Even with my powers interrupted, I have memorized all of the portals by heart." The boy who was leading went through an entrance… They were a few rooms away from where Menshan resided. "A pathetic piece of outdated technology will not outsmart the Keeper of Space." He moved to the side and suddenly became miles apart from the minors.

"It has been so long since I have seen the other Keepers…" Menshan contemplated how they could have conquered Clockwork. "How can a bunch of children possess such powerful tokens from Clockwork?"

Menshan was not about to stall any longer. "If dearest Clockwork is still unharmed, I need to demand answers before he is. Let me see…. Two portals down." Menshan glided over to his right and entered the portal.

Tucker's PDA beeped rapidly; a large red dot flashed in the middle of his screen. "Oh, crud. Sam, we've got company!"

Sam shot her head up from the device and looked around. Nothing was apparent at first… until a chilling aura cast down upon them from behind. "I am tired of playing. You must tell me all you know if you are ever to see your ghost friend again."

Sam held back a shiver. She turned around to face the Keeper of Space. "Where's Danny?" Her attempt at being demanding was on the edge of failure.

Menshan smirked. "You are afraid, are you not?" Tucker turned around meekly. Menshan's smirk vanished. "If you are fearful of me, how did you face up to Clockwork?"

Sam and Tucker scooted back a bit. Tucker muttered. "W-we came to find you—"

"—So what? So you could control my powers as well?"

Control? Sam pouted. "Is that why you tried to scare us? You thought we forced Clockwork for these pendants?" Sam held her medallion in her palms.

Menshan was dumbfounded, confused. "Why would Clockwork trust a bunch of adolescences with such knowledge and power?"

Tucker explained nervously, "Clockwork mentioned that the universe was going to end soon, and wanted us to gather the rest of these "Keepers." He said you were the Keeper of Space, and he also said that you were his friend."

Menshan did not say a word for a long time. Then a smirk cracked on his face, and grew into a hearty laughter. "Forgive me! I have been so naïve! Please forgive my misunderstanding; it has been a long time since I last met Clockwork, and I did not expect for him to have messengers."

Sam and Tucker sighed. Tucker even sat down from all the stress and worry. Sam, on the other hand, was furious. "Where's Danny, and what did you do to him?!" Her demanding voice returned.

Menshan's laughter quieted. "Of course, the ghost child." Menshan handed Sam the pendant he was holding. He then moved his hand in a cutting motion, creating a large rip into space. Tucker and Sam only watched as he reached inside, jerked, and pulled out a terror-stricken Danny.


Danny's eyes squinted and blinked rapidly. The lights of the portals made him flinch. "It's too bright! Where am I? Am I dead?" He continued asking incoherent questions.

Menshan let go of the paranoid child, and Tucker and Sam ran up to help him. Tucker reassured Danny, telling him that he was back. "Dude, relax. Menshan's a good guy now… You're back with us."

Sam put Danny's pendant back on and gave him a long kiss in the cheek. Danny stopped his spazzing and relaxed. When Sam stopped, Danny blushed. "Thanks."

Danny turned back to Menshan, who was quietly waiting. "I'm sorry for all the trouble we caused you."

Menshan shook his head. "No, the trouble was all mine. I had misunderstood your motives, and I apologize. Though," Menshan took out the Infi-Map. "I am still curious as to why Clockwork would give you the coordinates to the Keepers."

"Jack, wait for me before going into the Ghost Zone. I'm still talking with Mr. Lancer… No… Okay. Bye." Maddie turned off her Fenton Phones and turned back to Danny's teacher. "I'm sorry, please continue."

"Mrs. Fenton, I understand that Danny has acquired certain ghost friends over the years, is that correct?"

Maddie nodded. "Danny made sure that we knew which ghosts not to attack."

Mr. Lancer walked over to his desk and produced a tape from one of the drawers. "A ghost came by earlier today, but it left after a second. We managed to get three full seconds of the ghost before it disappeared."

Maddie and Mr. Lancer walked over to a nearby television and popped in the video. Maddie studied the portal that appeared and the fuzzy outline of the appearing ghost. It had a staff, and the ghost hit it, causing it to vanish.

"Hold on…" Maddie played back the scene and paused it when the ghost appeared. "I think… I think this one is called "Clockwork." Danny never took us to see him, though, so I can't be sure…" Maddie contemplated the matter. "I'll just have to check the files back at the lab. Is this all?"

Mr. Lancer shook his head. "I've prepared Danny's homework, and I would like to see him after school tomorrow." Mr. Lancer gave Danny's homework and backpack to Maddie.

Maddie gave a thankful smile. "I'm sorry for Danny's behavior again. We'll try to do better in the future." Finally, Maddie left the room.

While driving the Fenton AV, Maddie turned on her Fenton Phones. "Jack, open up the Ghost File "Clockwork" under Danny's friends. I want to know what he does when I get back home… yes, I'll pick up fudge on the way."

Clockwork was pacing back and forth at his lair. The Observants were again prodding him about meddling in. "The Keeper of Choice will not like what you have done."

"William agreed not to interfere with my choices." Clockwork's elderly eyes pierced into their eye heads.

"If we didn't know any better we'd say that you are the cause of this "universal" devastation."

"Your observations are defective; I do not cause the future: I manage it. I only interfere when I think its best for time, not what's best for me."

"Then why don't you fix this dilemma?"

"Then I would have to go back to the asteroid and let it hit Earth. Do you want the Ghost Zone to be destroyed?" The Observants didn't respond. "I didn't think so."

"So… dearest Clockwork has seen the end of the universe…"

Danny nodded. "He said that he doesn't know what the cause is. He needs the other Keepers to help destroy whatever is causing the world to end."

Menshan closed his eyes and furrowed his 'brows. "I have seen a pattern recently… Can this be connected?" Menshan started down the hallway. "Follow me. I believe I may have a hint of what the threat is."

Danny looked at his friends, and followed the Keeper. Many portals continued to flash colors. "How do you know which portals lead where?"

Menshan answered without stopping. "These portals are a part of me. The concept is similar to ghost clones; you know where they are and what happens to them, because they originally come from you." Menshan entered a green portal.

Danny and co. entered before the portal changed. "Then what is the pattern that you're talking about?"

"I have a model of all of the existing portals around the universe. There are millions of portals out in space, and yet they are all light-years apart. Recently, I have been noticing that some are disappearing."

Menshan entered another portal, only this one was different; it was gray, and it wasn't glowing or flickering. They followed suit. Inside was a single room with no other portals. It was dark, but there were shiny dots floating in the room.

Menshan's eyes greeted them. "Welcome to the Universe. Outsiders' eyes have not seen this room, until now. We Keepers use this map to keep track of the universe. The dots floating around us are current existing portals in the universe." Menshan's hand started to glow. "There are portals that have been erased." Red dots appeared before them. They were all placed in random areas. "They have been deleted based on universal ghost traffic. Others…" Menshan's hand glowed again, producing a series of green dots. "… Have been destroyed by force." Menshan's eyes flew up to a certain point in the map, where green dots formed a line. "There is a recent activity in space that are causing my portals to be deleted, one at a time."

Danny flew up to Menshan's position. "And these are all light-years apart, you said?"

"Yes. Ten portals vanished in a few month's time."

Tucker scanned the room. "And it's just in one line? There's no other pattern from any other direction?"

"No… These portals are all from the same attacker. Plus," Menshan's hand glowed a final time. Existing white lights now turned blue near the green ones. "These portals were all severely damaged. Whatever is coming is at least one light-year long."

Sam asked, "Where do you think it's going?"

Menshan's eyes went down the map. "By my calculations, here is where your Earth planet is." Menshan pointed around a single area. "The threat is going at a steady pace. Unless it increases its velocity, the threat will reach your Earth in 5 month's time."

5 months... that's not that long. Danny needs to hurry.

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