For two months, the ship sailed across the sea all the way from London to head for the final destination at Virginia. During those two months, Pocahontas and her friends had not known that her father Powhatan had been suffering from some nightmares he had about losing his daughter and never seeing her again. He had hated Ratcliffe for taking her away and never allowing him or anyone else to see her before leaving for London. And this was all because of a terrible and dishonest lie he made up about Pocahontas. He had hoped that these bad dreams were just from the terrible feelings he had ever since Pocahontas was taken from the village and did not foretell anything. No matter how bad these dreams were to him, he wouldn't allow himself to think that for one moment that Pocahontas was gone for good. Somehow he had to hold on to the hope that one day, she will return and that John's plan for saving her had succeeded. Most of all, Powhatan needed to remain strong for his people, even through the toughest of times. He didn't want to give up too soon, but the weeks and months to him felt like years and he was unsure how much longer it would take before he lost hope.

That day, Powhatan stood atop the same high ledge where he remembered how his daughter used to come up here and peer over the lake all the way to the ocean. His heart had never felt this troubled in his life. Nearly every day, he had come up to this ledge to face the open sea in the hopes that the ship carrying his daughter would return soon. But so far, he saw nothing.

"I hope you'll return someday my daughter," Powhatan said sadly, leaning against his staff. "I'm not giving up on you." He stood there as if he were a lonely statue waiting for company.

As he stood mournfully atop the ledge, the gentle wind stirred in the trees as leaves of green, scarlet, and gold floated around his head. What was the meaning of this wind he felt amongst him? Usually when this happens, it means something is approaching their land. His eyes grew misty as he listened closely to the speaking wind still blowing. He was right about something approaching. When Powhatan faced the sea again, he thought his eyes were deceiving him when a large ship was sailing in this direction. Could this be what the wind was telling him? And could it be possible that his daughter was on that ship returning home after all those months of separation? The only way for him to find out was to reach that ship from where it was preparing to make its stop.

At the ship

Powhatan saw that the citizens of Jamestown gathered around where the ship stopped to welcome everyone home when they stepped on land. One by one, the passengers stepped off patiently while carrying some supplies from the ship. He did not see any familiar faces in the line of men, fearing he might have gotten his hopes up too soon. But his thoughts proved him wrong when he witnessed Meeko, Flit, and Percy step down happily soon followed by John Smith, Thomas, Nakoma, and unless his mind was playing tricks on him again, he saw walking behind Nakoma…POCAHONTAS!

"Pocahontas!" Powhatan shouted amongst the busy crowd loud enough to get her attention. "Pocahontas, over here!"

"Father!" Pocahontas pushed her way through the crowd to get to Powhatan.

Pocahontas felt tears in her eyes to feel herself running into his open arms wrapped them around her in a warm loving embrace. His daughter was the closest to his heart and he had almost lost hope of ever seeing her again. It was relieving to see that his bad dreams did not come true now that his daughter had finally returned safely to him. All this time he had wished that he could have traveled with John on the ship to London, but his people still needed him and he would have never forgiven himself if anything terrible were to happen without his appearance. Powhatan himself felt like crying, but allowed his daughter to let out her feelings first. He did not know what else she had been through during captivity and part of him didn't want to find out if the story was something not for him to hear.

"Oh Father, I thought I would never see you again," Pocahontas sobbed, holding onto her father tightly till her arms ached. "It's been months since I last saw you. And I couldn't bear the thought of never seeing my people again for many long years if it weren't for John helping me out of prison."

"Prison?" Powhatan was stunned at what she mentioned. "You were in prison?"

"Only for two days Father. It's kind of a long story, but I'm still happy to be back home with you and everyone else."

"Chief Powhatan, we made it back!" John called out, followed by Thomas, Nakoma, and the animal companions. "And I'm guessing you're wondering how we managed to succeed with helping to clear your daughter's name."

"And I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I thought I spotted your ship coming this way," said Powhatan, smiling proudly. "But you can tell me everything that has happened after we head back to the village. This night calls for a celebration."

They all followed the chief back home to the village without any more answers to give him. John did not want to ruin this moment by giving Powhatan every terrible detail of all that has happened to Pocahontas. He would only wait if he ever asked of it. John felt proud of himself and his friends who managed to help Pocahontas be free from the terrible tower. It would have proven impossible for him to do it all by himself without any backup. In fact, no one would have completed a dangerous mission all alone.

That night, the villagers held a celebration in honor of John's success and for Pocahontas' safe return home. John told them all that happened without seeing anyone overreact when he mentioned what Ratcliffe or King James had done. His scars were almost healed and so were Pocahontas's. It turned out to be a wonderful celebration with the cheering and the feast of wonderful foods all cooked up.

"Oh John, I don't know what more I could ask for," Pocahontas said, leaning against John's chest as they watched a few villagers dancing around the fire with instruments playing. "Everything I need is right here with my people and you mostly. Once again, thank you for everything."

"Your welcome," John threw his arm around her. "Perhaps we'll be better ready next time if someone other than Ratcliffe appears. Until then, I couldn't agree more that it feels good to be home again."

The End

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