L sat, staring blankly at the computer screen, twitching slightly. He was having a little trouble staying on his chair, because it kept rolling whenever he twitched. It didn't help with the way he was sitting. Strange, he had never realized how difficult this was before.

Raito smiled. 'What are you working on?'

L's black-rimmed eyes darted around the room. He started rocking, making the chair move even more. 'I'm working on...' but L's mind couldn't focus. Already he had forgotten what Raito's question had been, and was back on his need for sugar.

Raito smiled. 'Why don't you get yourself a cup of tea?'

L instantly ran into the kitchen. He waited until the water was hot, and put the teabag in. Then, in a hopeful rush, thought that maybe, just maybe, Raito had put some sugar in the sugar bole. Unfortunately, the handcuff didn't let him reach the cupboard with the sugar. He glanced around halfheartedly. But, amazingly, his gaze fell on a sugar bag.

L ran to it, almost spilling the powdered gold. He filled his tea to the point when it couldn't disintegrate it anymore, and put a handful into his mouth. But, not everything was right in munchkin land. It was...