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Chapter 1

"You can't possibly be thinking of leaving the boy here Albus? I've watched them all day they're not fit to care for him, they are entirely too insipid. Anything unordinary is practically evil to them. With the level of accidental magic he is already performing it would be far too dangerous for him here."

"Now, now Severus. They're his only living family, they wouldn't lay a hand on him. The wards will ensure his safety from wizards wishing him harm and he'll grow up as a normal child would, without the fame he would encounter daily in our world." The two men walked quickly in the cold night air. Albus turned to the dark wizard with a sly grin. "However I'm so glad that you seem to have overcome your hatred of all things Potter."

Snape turned to the headmaster with a scowl, "James Potter is dead Albus, the boy has lost his father, mother, and godfather all in one night. My feelings of hatred shouldn't be passed to one so young and incapable of defending himself. Besides he's just a child and it seems his father won't be able to teach him how to be an arrogant Gryffindor prat." He turned to look at the row of identical uninspired houses as they stopped walking. "Back to the matter at hand. I must protest you leaving the boy here, wards or not. Lily would have fought you tooth and nail if she found out you even considered placing the child here. She made it clear to everyone just how little love there was between them. Everyone from Gryffindor to Slytherin knew how much they disliked each other." He looked the Headmaster in the eye. "You should know by now that blood doesn't necessarily mean love or even like Albus. Far too many muggleborns have disproved that theory."

"Severus, my boy, you worry far too much. There is nowhere else. Would you have me leave him to be raised by a wizarding family? To become a, how was it you phrased it? An arrogant Gryffindor prat? Or even worse, to be raised by a deatheater? Arabella Figg is living just down the street. She'll be watching to make sure that nothing untoward happens to Harry." The Headmaster said all this while placing a sleeping toddler's bassinet on the doorstep they had stopped in front of.

"And if something does happen?" Severus pushed.

Sighing Dumbledore turned to the young spy. "I give you my word that if that happens I will take him back to Hogwarts and find a proper family to raise him. Nothing will happen to the child. Now come Severus we should leave before the street awakens."

Snape frowned at the raven haired boy lying on the step's before hurrying after his employer. "I hope you're right Albus. For all our sake's."

The serene calm of Privet Drive was broken by an enraged yell from the Dursley's residence in the early morning hours. Thankfully it was ignored as the residents of the street were quite used to the Dursley's odd behavior, and almost daily rants of how the freaks were to blame for every odd thing that happened.

"Petunia, what is the meaning of this? I go to get the paper off the doorstep like every day and find this, this, abnormality of your sister's on the step's. Now I knew when I married you that your family wasn't quite normal but this is too much. Getting themselves blown up really. How inconsiderate of them. And how dare those freaks use their freaky powers on our home. Contact whoever this Bumblebore is and have him take it back," Vernon Dursley demanded, blustering around the kitchen.

"I can't," Petunia wailed waving the letter in disgust. "He's left no way to contact him and I don't know how to get into that digenally or whatever it's called to use one of their blasted birds. Were stuck with the brat."

Vernon looked purple with rage. "Well then I suppose we've no choice but to put it in an orphanage."

"Wait Vernon this letter says that he's famous or some rot like that. It says that he's important to their world. Maybe they're watching us." Petunia looked around fearfully.

"This just won't do. How dare they just leave the little freak on our doorstep and assume that we'd take it in as our own." The overweight male paused as though in thought. "Wait Pet doesn't the letter say that it has to stay with blood relatives or some shit like that? Didn't you say that you had relatives living in Japan or whereabouts? Couldn't you contact them?"

"You're right," Petunia sighed in relief as she realized what her husband had. "They seemed very family oriented when we met. Our uncle died years ago but his son still kept in touch with Lily. He'd probably jump at the chance to take it and he knows all about Lily's abnormality so he wouldn't be surprised. But it will take some time before he received the letter. What will we do with it until then?"

"Keep the freak in the cupboard under the stairs. I won't have it infecting my Dudder's. Use Dudley's outgrown clothes for it but keep it away from me and my boy." With that Vernon walked out of the house to leave for work.

Petunia turned to look at the one year old baby that had stared silently at her from it's bassinet on the kitchen table through the entire talk. She shivered as she saw it's bright green eyes looking at her in reproach and hurried to write the letter.

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