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Sirius eyed his godson in disbelief. "No."

"Ah huh," Hikaru dared to disagree while placing his sandaled foot on Lupin's thigh to prevent him from squirming away from the group while he was distracted.

"No," Sirius denied more firmly, desperately keeping his eyes locked on his godson so he wouldn't be tempted by the sight of a tied up, groaning werewolf. "Hokage-sama won't allow it."

Hikaru smirked smugly. "Wanna bet?"

Sirius took a deep breath to calm himself before he threw the boy over his knee. Or worse, Lupin. "Hikaru, no. I won't let you-"

The green eyed imp had the gall to cock his head to the side cutely and stick out his tongue at him in front of the entire damn train station. "You and what army?"

- - -

It was great to be back in Konoha again. There were no annoying wizards around, it was actually warm here, Sirius hadn't burned down his kitchen, he could go on missions-

"Don't touch that!"

-And Sirius and Remus were at it again.

"Can't you just let them out?" Kakashi asked tiredly as he slumped into his usual seat at the kitchen table. "What possessed you to lock them in a room together anyways?"

Hikaru shrugged, unconcerned with the supposed damage the two men were doing to each other upstairs. "My vacation is only so long. I'd rather they got over whatever's bothering them in the first few days rather than watch them dance around each other for the next few months. In other words, no I can't let them out. Besides it's not like I left them their wands, and Sirius has had minimal taijutsu and chakra training. He has just enough to put him on even ground when it comes to Remus's furry little problem. They'll both be fine."

"If you say so," the older shinobi sighed as he sniffed the air. "Did you make cinnamon rolls?"

"Hai," Hikaru said with a smile as he plated one of the icing covered rolls and set it on the table before him. "To make up for all their bickering. I prepared you some ready made meals to take along on any missions you have this week, they're sealed in the scrolls by the door."

"Arigato. So who's taking care of the restaurant while Sirius is otherwise occupied?" Kakashi asked as he bit into the gooey breakfast dessert that Hikaru had gotten him addicted to. Despite the fact that it was Sirius that taught the young boy to make them he couldn't make them as good as Hikaru could. He had nearly gone into withdrawal while his young friend was away.

"I already went by and baked most of the days items, and I left a couple Kage Bunshin to make up anything that Tai-kun can't make. While I was at it I went by the Tower and hired one of the older genin teams to help out for the next two days. Ichigo-san should have fun bossing them around for the day."

"Ah. You think two days will be enough?"

Hikaru smiled darkly. "It will have to be. Otherwise I'll step in."

Kakashi shuddered jokingly. "Scary. Where's Naruto?"

Hikaru laughed. "You slept in, it's ten thirty. Naruto's been up and about for ages, I finally gave in and took him to the park!"

The silver haired man paused and looked at the little brunette in front of him critically. "You're a Kage Bunshin aren't you?"

The Bunshin in question cocked his head to the side and smiled brilliantly. "Yep! Hikaru will be back in another hour to get ready for the meeting with the council though. Anything important you need to tell him before he gets back?"

"No," Kakashi chuckled as he pulled out the seat next to him. "You can stay and keep me company though."

- - -

"So in closing," the stuffy man finally said after twenty minutes of non-stop talking as he stood in front of the Council. "The Konoha-Iwa Accord is detrimental to Konoha's ongoing longevity-"

"Wait a minute!" Hikaru's head along with several others snapped up from where it had been lolling from boredom. "Are you a traitor or just fucking stupid?"

The Sandaime scowled. "Language Hikaru."

"Gomen," he apologized distractedly. "Breaking the Konoha-Iwa Accord would place the entire village in jeopardy. It's the only thing protecting us at the moment. Breaking it will bring the continent to the brink of war, and that's if Iwagakure doesn't declare outright war just to spite us. None of the Hidden Villages can afford the economical repercussions or loss of manpower at this point in time."

The civilian representative smiled condescendingly at him. "Little boy I think I know what I'm talking about a bit more than you."

Hikaru smiled coldly while several of the clan heads glared at the man's gall. "Oh really? So did you fight in the war?"

The man blustered. "No but-"

"I did."

The balding representative sneered at him from across the table. "I highly doubt that a child like you fought in the war. For that matter what are you even doing attending this meeting. Don't you have to go home to mommy now? It's past your bedtime isn't it child?"

Hikaru raised icy green eyes to stare down the man. "I should have known. You're the fool that was elected while I was away," he said coldly as he leaked killing intent into the air. "My name is Kazama Hikaru. My father was the one who solidified the Iwa Accord and my mother is dead. Would you care to join her?"

"Hokage-sama!" The man whimpered as he stood frozen with fear, finally realizing who he had insulted. "Y-you can't allow this!"

The Hokage turned dispassionate eyes on the man. "Allow what exactly?" He asked nonchalantly. "You insulted his father's honour by claiming that the Iwa Accord was detrimental to Konoha's existence. You insulted Kazama-sama by claiming that one such as him could not have fought in the war, despite the fact that it was with his aid that Konoha won many battles while you were safely behind village walls. No I do believe you should reap what you've sown with your foolish words!"

"Come now Sarutobi," Danzo interrupted. "You said it yourself, the man's not a fighter. How was he to know who Kazama-san was?"

"Yeah, about that," Hikaru said with narrowed eyes. "How is it a man with absolutely no knowledge of shinobi managed to be elected to represent the civilian's?"

"So paranoid," Danzo murmured quietly. "I hardly think there's any relevance."

"Sure there's not," Hikaru snarled viciously. "Warmonger."

Many of the Council gasped quietly at his audacity while others merely agreed in their heads.

"Those are harsh accusations Kazama-sama," Koharu said tightly while frowning disapprovingly at the boy.

Hikaru smiled coldly, making her shiver the old woman. "Doesn't make them any less true."

"Enough!" Sarutobi shouted suddenly. "Clearly we are not in the proper frame of mind for this meeting. We shall reconvene in twenty four hours to finish."

The representative looked lost. "But what about the proposal?" He whined to those closest to him.

The Sandaime glared at him. "Quite frankly, you can take your proposal and shove it!" He snarled. "I have never heard such a poorly thought out scheme in my entire tenure as Hokage! Even Academy students realize the importance of the Konoha-Iwa Accord! Get out!"

The man fled in terror while Hikaru waited quietly in his seat as the others filed out of the room and the ANBU ensured they were alone. Once they were, the Sandaime sighed heavily. "Was that truly necessary Hikaru?"

The boy stared at him defiantly. "It was. There was a reason my father got rid of the Council. You give us far too much power Hokage-sama."

"Yet you benefit from this power," the old man pointed out. "It helps protect Naruto."

Hikaru narrowed his eyes in disgust. "And yet were it not for the Council he would not need that protection!"

The Hokage winced. "True."

"You need to name a successor Ojii. Tsunade-sama, Jiraiya-ojisan, hell you could bring back Orochimaru and I wouldn't complain, at least he likes me enough that I could ensure my brother's survival!"

"Hikaru, I assure you I have no intention of dying just yet!" The man huffed. "No need to go to such extremes."

"It's not extreme at all," he sighed. "You refuse to disband the Council. You refuse to name a successor. What's gonna happen when you die? You going to let Danzo step in? I love you Ojiisan but if you let that bastard gain more power I will leave Konoha and take my brother with me. I wouldn't be the only one either."

Sarutobi sighed. "I'll think on it Hikaru. Go home now."

Hikaru scowled but let his hands flash through the necessary seals for Shunshin.

The Hokage groaned aloud before turning to his hidden guards. "It's a sad day when a Kage gets better advice from a boy not even twelve years of age than he does his own advisors. When I'm dead and gone remember that the young are often more logical and loyal than fifty grown men."

"Hai Hokage-sama," the ANBU present all chorused as they chuckled softly at their leaders antics.

- - -

Hikaru stared in disbelief at the five year old scowling up at him. "You've gotta be kidding me," he said as he turned to look at Itachi blankly.

Itachi stared back emotionlessly. "It's true."

"Let me get this straight. Your mom actually went to the trouble of hiring us to baby-sit your brother so you'd spend time with him?"


"Oh, that's cold."

Sasuke kicked him in the shin. "Don' talk 'bout me like I'm not here."

"Itai!" Hikaru yelped. "Why you little brat! Get back here!" He yelled at the boy as he took off running.

"He's got good aim for his age. Forceful too."

"Shut up!" Hikaru scowled. "Your little brother makes Naruto on a sugar binge seem like an angel."

"Hn," Itachi grunted as Kakashi walked in the door holding a squirming Sasuke by the back of his shirt collar.

"Yo!" The Jounin waved to the two of them with his book. "This belong to either of you?"


"Put me down!" Sasuke screeched loudly as he swung wildly in the man's grip.

Kakashi paused as if seriously considering the request. "Okay," he agreed before dropping the child suddenly on the nearest chair.

"Hey!" The boy protested as he bounced lightly on the armchair as he landed.

"Hey Kashi!" Hikaru chirped, ignoring Sasuke in favour of greeting his friend. "How'd your mission go?"

"Good. It was quick, we didn't run into any resistance. How'd your meeting go?"

He scowled lightly at the mention of the meeting. "I nearly killed that damn civilian representative. And Danzo," he added as an afterthought.

"Language," Itachi admonished the older boy as he motioned to Sasuke.

Hikaru grimaced. "Sorry. Enough about the old farts. C'mon, I'll make you something to eat. What about you kid? You hungry?"

Sasuke eyed him suspiciously. "Hai."

"Well come on then. We'll get some food into you and then we can go to the park with Naruto."

Sasuke scowled at the mention of the blond. "Why does he have to come too?"

Hikaru stopped to stare at him for a moment, eyes filled with hidden amusement. "Because he's my brother and I promised him I'd take him anyways."

The younger boy looked at him as though he was a pink elephant. "Itachi never takes me to the park," he said quietly as though fearing it was a trick.

Hikaru turned to his partner with a questioning look before facing the boy once again. "Well he is this time. That's a promise and I never break my promises."

"Yeah right," he muttered.

"Sasuke," Itachi admonished quietly as Hikaru led the way to the kitchen. "Taicho never breaks his promises if he can help it."



Hikaru rolled his eyes. No wonder Uchiha-san had hired them to spend time with Sasuke if this was how the two normally interacted. Talk about dysfunctional.


Uchiha Mikoto laughed as her youngest child bounced by her side as he described his day with his brother and team-mate. "I take it you enjoyed yourself then Sasuke-chan?"

"Hai!" The young boy gushed. "Hikaru-sama is the greatest!"

His mother hid her amusement. "Oh really? What brought about this change of opinion? I thought you didn't like Kazama-sama."

"Kaa-san!" Sasuke whined. "That's cause I didn't know 'im before. He's the coolest. Did you know Hikaru-sama never breaks a promise? He took us to the park and pushed me on the swings and everything. Before that he made sushi just for me 'cause I don't like ramen."

"Really?" She asked again as they entered the Uchiha complex.


"Does that mean that you and Naruto-san are also on better terms now?" She asked, only to be taken aback by her son's sudden glare.

"As if!" Sasuke snarled as best as he could. "That dobe doesn't deserve a brother like Hikaru-sama."

"Sasuke!" Mikoto gasped.

"He's such a brat, but Hikaru-sama still gives him everything he asks for. Hikaru-sama's the bestest big brother in the world and he deserves a little brother just as great as he is!"

"Sasuke dear-"

"That's why I've decided that I'm going to do everything I can to prove to Hikaru-sama that I'm a better younger brother than the dobe could ever be! I won't stop until Hikaru-sama accepts me as his otouto!"


"Kaa-san?" Sasuke tugged on his mother's skirts. "Why is father laying on the ground?"

'Oh dear,' thought Mikoto. 'Fugaku won't take losing two sons to Kazama-sama's charms lightly.'


Hikaru pouted as Itachi chuckled beside him. "Shut up already! It's not that funny."

"I find it terribly amusing. Looks like you've got another fan."

"He's your little brother!" Hikaru whispered furiously as he hid from Sasuke's searching eyes. "Can't you do something about this?"


"What brought this on anyways?" He asked as he moved farther into the foliage he was using to hid from the young boy.

"Apparently you're a better big brother than I am."


"He's decided that I'm a lousy big brother and Naruto is an equally bad younger brother. Therefore he's decided to make you his aniki."

Hikaru stared at him dumbstruck. "You're joking right?"



Itachi snorted.

"Your dad's gonna kill me."

"He has been looking particularly grave as of late."

Hikaru turned to glare at his friend. "This is all your fault you know."

Itachi raised an eyebrow in disbelief. "How is it my fault?"

"If you had just spent more time with the gaki this never would have happened. Why aren't you more upset about this. The kid's practically declared you a loser. Why-"

"Aren't I trying to win him over?" Itachi asked dryly.


"We've never been close."

"That's no excuse!"

"By the time he was born I was already well on my way to becoming a shinobi. Had he been born a five year old genius we may have been close. As it is there is too much separating us now."

Hikaru stared at his friend as though he had been replaced with an alien. "…you planned this didn't you? Just so you'd have more free time."

Itachi smirked before jumping from the tree he was seated in. "Hn."

The green eyed boy chased after him with a growl. "Hey get back here! I know that was Uchiha for 'you're just figuring this out now?' Itachi! I'm gonna hurt you for this. Better yet I'll let Naruto do it you traitor!"