Title: Heartless Fool of the East

Summary: Being Heartless isn't so far from being Wicked.

Rating: Teen for violent suggestions (I don't know)

Archive: Not any that I know of.

Author's Note: This is just something I thought off while eating some popcorn after posting chapter 16-which I need to do the page breaks for. Okay, did that. Now, this is just something I thought of as a possibility if Boq had given into the darker side of things. It's odd.


Boq brushed a dark strand of hair off of his shoulder. His fingers tangled in the last ends of the mahogany curl, and he brought it to his lips. Kissing the hair, he pulled the tiny body of the woman into his lap. Her head rolled onto his shoulder and pressed against his clavicle. Her lips brushed his earlobe as he pulled her legs across his own. His hands moved across her calves, thighs and torso, and the frail nightgown she wore did nothing to cover her body. Slender legs stretched out beneath his hands with the pale flesh visible because of the shortness of the cloth. Her small waist drew attention to the thinness of her body, and the curve of her hips added to her smallness, but gave the illusion of weight. He could see the outline of ribs through her skin and gown. His fingertips traced the line of her shoulders up her neck to her jaw line. He brushed his lips across her eyes.

"Oh, Nessarose…"

The dull light of the room cast shadows across her face. Boq used one arm to support her body as he laid her in the low marble. The white marble cast a dull glow around her in the moonlight. He laughed.

"How angelic, Nessa." He stroked her calf as he sat down on the edge of her…Bed. His hand stayed on her ankle. His other hand fingered the bottle next to him; it had been an hour which meant he only had a few more hours before she woke up. He smiled. A small drop of water hit her left foot. He dropped the bottle and tightened his fingers around a small knob at the base of the marble. One twitch would do it…Just one little movement of the fingers would do it. Boq leaned down and kissed Nessa's lips. Mmm…Peppermint and tea. He pulled the knob, and he watched as the marble bathtub began to fill with water. Nessa's body shook once at the sudden wetness before giving into her sleeping medicine.

He laid one rope across her waist. The two bags on either end pulled her small body to the bottom. Three bubbles drifted to the top of the water. He turned off the tap. Brushing one finger across the surface of the water, he laughed.

"Not too hot, and not too cold; perfect." He wiped his hands off on a light blue towel lying near the tub.

"Goodbye my dear Rose."

Another bubble floated to the top of the water.