This story takes place when a young witch and her friend from our world decide to see if they can use a mental technique called astral projection to travel to anime worlds. Of course, being huge fans of the anime Yu Yu Hakusho, that is their first stop... but little do they know that something is going to go SERIOUSLY wrong...

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"Natalie, are you sure this is going to work? I mean, I would love to believe it as much as the next person, but the thought that anime realms really exist sounds a little farfetched, even to me..." Lisa looked at their darkened surroundings a little nervously. She had never used this technique before... in fact, had never taken part in ANY of her friends witchcraft related activities before. But this experience had been far too interesting and tempting to pass up.

She was a tall girl, almost six feet tall, and had sandy blonde hair that barely went past her shoulders. She had clear blue eyes, and although she weighed in at over 160 lbs, the weight was evenly distributed throughout her body. She wasn't fat, by any stretch of the imagination. The only qualm she had about her figure was that her big bones took away from the lean figure she had always wanted.

Her friend sighed, looking up from the mixture she was putting together for her friend. It was something filled with herbs and roots and a little water and oils to induce an altered state of consciousness. Lisa had no idea what was in it, but it didn't smell unpleasant, at least. It was only going to be for her, and not for Natalie herself, who said she didn't need it. Having astral projected many times before, she was able to employ the technique without having to resort to salves.

"For the last time, YES!! It will work... or at least it should. Stop being so nervous, already!! Trust me on this, nothing can happen to you when you astral project. I've done it hundreds of times before. We'll just drop in on the Yu Yu Hakusho realm, take a peek, and come back to our physical bodies. There's nothing to it. We can't be hurt, and we can't be detected... well, maybe by Kuwabara, but he's not likely to freak out over it. He'll just think we're ghosts. So long as we don't hang around him too much, we'll be fine. We cannot interact with the people in that world." She held up the wooden bowl with the now completed concoction inside it. "Now get over here and let me put this on you."

Trying to get over her nervousness, Lisa came forward and layed down on the queen sized matress that was laying on the floor of the room. She let her friend daub the strange mixture on her temples, the sides of her throat, the inside of her wrists and ankles, in the middle of her forehead, and then on her tongue. She tried not to make a face at the taste of the mixture, and made a mental note to not swallow it if she could help it. Then, following her friends instructions as she lay down on her back beside her, Lisa closed her eyes and cleared her mind of all thoughts, trying to relax.

A few moments passed, and then she felt her head start to swim, and she felt the almost alarming sensation that she was falling. She steeled herself against the sensation, having been prewarned about the strange things she would feel with this technique, and then, before she really knew what was happening, found herself floating in the top corner of the room, looking down at the two bodies of herself and Natalie.

She almost panicked at first, until the etherial form of her friend came into her line of sight. "Relax, Lisa. This is all perfectly normal. Just keep calm and trust me, okay? Your astral body will follow your mental commands. Just remember that you're in complete control."

She took in a deep mental breath and nodded. "Okay." She set herself down on the floor. She couldn't feel it beneath her feet, of course, but it did make her feel a little better... more secure and safe. "So... now what?"

Natalie took a hold of her hand and grinned at her friend. "Just what I said before... clear your mind of all thoughts and trust me. I'm gonna take us between dimensions to the doorway that leads to the Yu Yu Hakusho Universe!"

She nodded a little increduously, and before she could say a single word, her friend shot off, at completely inhuman speeds, taking Lisa along for the ride. The girl let out a small yelp as they shot out of the roof of the house and up into the sky. Their surroundings blurred and meshed, until there was no way to tell where they were. Lisa swallowed back her nervousness and allowed her friend to drag her along, trying to keep her doubts and worries out of her mind. Then she saw a bright light straight ahead and shut her astral eyes tightly as she and Natalie entered it.

When she opened her eyes once more, they were in a sea of white, broken only by countless doors, of every imaginable shape, size, design and form as far as the eye could see. Lisa turned around and was a little boggled at the expanse of doors. Some almost seemed to be flimsy, non corporeal, blinking in and out of existence, others were brick and looked far too heavy for either of the girls to open on their own. There were normal wooden ones as well, some with strange emblems or designs etched upon them. Others resembled swirling vortexes and she made a mental note to not get too close to these for fear of being sucked in. Natalie was still holding onto her hand and was now leading her through the maze of doors.

"This is... this is... Where ARE we??? I've never seen so many... um... doors before... at least... I think they're all doors..."

Natalie nodded. "They're doorways that lead to other dimensions, Lisa. It's a manifestation created by my own subconscious mind to allow me to differentiate one dimensional realm from the next. I should be able to tell which door leads to the Yu Yu Hakusho realm with no problem. Since that was my immediate intent, we should be close to it..." Then she stopped, a smile on her face. "Ah!! This has to be it!!"

Lisa looked at the door her friend indicated and couldn't help it as she started to laugh. "Yup!! That's gotta be it!!" The door was average sized and looked like it was made out of some dark wood... but burned into it was the unmistakable image of Koenma in his infant form, complete with a pacifier. She couldn't think of a more appropriate image to tell them it was the dimensional door they were looking for.

Natalie reached forward with a grin and turned the golden doorknob. "Well, let's go then! Let's see with the Rekai Tentai are up to in this day and age!!" She flung the door open, grabbed her friend by the hand, and flew the both of them into the misty reaches beyond.

Lisa saw a bright flash of light, and then she and her friend were floating in the sky, high above a large city. The two of them descended at a fast pace, guided by Natalie.

"Wow!! We're really there!! Way cool!! But how do we...?"

Her question died in her throat an instant later when she felt a very strange sensation... almost as if an elastic connecting her with something suddenly went taut. Right on the heels of this, she felt a sudden and hard pull, as if whatever was on the other end of that elastic was charging right toward her. She cried out in shock and confusion as the ground rushed up to meet her and her friend. Natalie seemed to be in the same state of confusion as she let out a cry of alarm herself. The two girls landed face first down on the ground in an alleyway. The initial impact was absolutely painless, no doubt due to the blessing of being without a physical body, but then the girls saw a bright flash of blue light and suddenly felt as if their ribcages had seperated and they both cried out in pain. Then everything went black.


Natalie and Lisa both woke up moments later in the alleyway, both leaning against a brick wall. They looked around themselves a little groggily, wondering what had just happened.

Lisa shifted slightly and felt the rough stone of the bricks digging into her back, and felt a few pebbles on the pavement shift beneath her. She felt a sinking sensation in the pit of her stomach.

"Um... I thought... things weren't supposed to be felt... when we were astral..." She looked at her friend, who's face had gone white as she tentatively felt the ground and the wall with her hands. "Natalie? What's going on...?"

"We're... here physically..." she said, her eyes blank in shock. "We... were somehow transported to another dimension..."

Lisa's eyes went enormous in horror. "WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE'RE HERE PHYSICALLY?! AND TRASPORTED?! HOW THE FUCK IS THAT POSSIBLE?!" she screamed.

Natalie quickly clamped a hand over her friends mouth. "Shut UP!!! Do you want someone to OVERHEAR us, you idiot?!" Then she shakily got to her feet and looked around. "I... don't know how we got here physically. I've astral projected hundreds of times before and nothing like this has ever happened to me. Things like this are supposed to be absolutely impossible, so don't ask me how it happened, but it did."

Lisa was on her feet in an instant and shaking her friend. "You got us here, now get us back HOME!!!!"

The shorter girl shook her head, her long dark brown hair falling over her shoulders with the movement. "I don't know if I CAN, Lisa. Like I said, nothing like this has ever happened before. How can I get us back if I don't even know how we got here in the first place?"

The blonde girl looked like she was on the verge of hyperventallating. "What do we do? Oh my God, we can't be stuck here... We just CAN'T!!!"

Natalie took in several deep breaths and tried to think. "Okay... well... the first thing we should do is be absolutely sure that we know where we are." She started for the mouth of the alleyway, her friend right on her heels. When they got there, they saw several signs, all written in Japanese, some with English translations. When they saw a few people who looked just a little younger than they were walking around in school uniforms, that was all the confirmation that they needed.

"We're... in Japan..." Lisa breathed.

Her friend nodded. "Yeah. I think it's safe to say that since the location's right and those uniforms look familiar, that we ARE in the Yu Yu Hakusho universe." Then her eyes widened and she swore. "SHIT!! Lis' I just thought of something and it makes our problem a whole lot worse!!"

She loked at her. "What is it?" she asked, her expression and tone of voice saying she wasn't really sure if she really wanted to know.

Natalie gulped. "Koenma. He always keeps a close watch on Earth, and so chances are, if he doesn't already know we're here, then he'd going to know soon. And that means, he's probably going to be able to detect the power I have in me and send THEM to find out what's going on and who we are!"

Lisa blinked. "Them?" Then she went white. "You mean..."

She nodded. "The Rekai Tentai. Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei. We know pretty much everything about them, and with Hiei and his jagen eye... if he were to look into one of our minds and find that out for himself..."

Lisa freaked.

"AAAHHHHH!!!! What are we going to do?! He'll KILL us!!! Especially if he finds out that we know about Yukina!!!!"

Natalie nodded. "We have to get moving. That's the only option we have right now. Hopefully... we can evade them long enough for me to figure out how to get us back home."

She gulped. "And if you can't figure out how to get us home again?"

She let out a shaky sigh. "I... don't know. I guess... we'll have to figure that one out when we get there."

The blonde girl sighed along side her friend. "Well... we'll need money."

Natalie nodded. "That at least should be easy enough. Just leave it to me."

Shrugging and looking around herself more than a little apprehensively, Lisa followed her friend. She kept expecting to see one of the four Spirit Detectives at any given moment.

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